[eBE] ThomasRed, The Belgian Party, and Made in .Be

Day 1,200, 13:56 Published in Belgium Serbia by Azor Ahai Reborn
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[eBE] ThomasRed, The Belgian Party, and Made in .Be

Dear fellow citizens,

While i should be happy and pride of my success in this game, some people would like to see me ashamed ! Especially in these days, where i'm running to become President for a 8th time, a eWorld record with smrtan and garabeda !

Ashamed to have been President for the first time after less than 2.5 months in eRepublik, ashamed to have been the first Belgian President of the UNL, ashamed to have won the presidential elections three times in a row...

That is the past : i'm not someone who will brag about my acomplishments, because i know, i remember, where i came from !

Tomorow, you will have to vote for the new President of Belgium...

My opponent told that i'm a visa-player, that none in the eWorld could have accomplished what i did without buying any gold ! But this is the case, how awesome it could be, it's the truth...

And that's why i would like, today, to honour my friends, who started to play 2 years ago with only one goal : defend the belgians interests !

While my opponent Shadowukcs had fun in a foreign country, the United Kingdom, the Belgians were part of the United Netherlands community. The short story : Spain had politically took over our country, our President decided to save it by merging with the Netherlands. But back in these times, they were only few belgians, and most of them were flemish. The Belgians, and the walloons, were flooded in the United Netherlands, a country where nothing was done to welcome the new belgians citizens. When i started playing this game, speaking french was forbidden ! And the rights of our people were flouted ! The Belgians regions were abandoned, without any Q5 hospitals, and we had no representatives in the government ! But some people heard of this situation, and i was part of them. We joined the game, and we created the BelgianParty and Made in .Be, la fondation de la liberté ! During this time, where was shadowukcs, the one who criticized me to have been too successfull ?

You all know what happened after, or you can read this article here :
A Belgian Story...

We won the elections, we lead governments, we changed the Constitution, we built Hospitals in Belgium, and we never stopped to fought hard for the rights of the Belgians ! That was the true spirit of the BelgianParty !

Where do we came from you may ask ? You can find it by logging in on the UNL forums in french if you didn't have read yet the article i linked previously :

Many of us have stopped playing this game, but i don't forget any of them. 95% of you have no ideas of who where these guys, who fought hard to defend the belgians' rights, so i have the pleasure today to present you :

Gazy, Slivever, Tobiasse, Ranulf Bad, Benzai, vitef, bicky (the first Belgian Party president), SanchoMill, Mayga, Lord Nashyx, Shaisensei, Ecthelion16, polux2704, vanouze, nicoe, OmiKell, allylili, Ren Vanecx, Tiboo, matmatah69, seba4913, ghostaa, citron_vert, VortexLeBelge, Martins87, CBXsinya, Juldew, Redstim, Pongo112, airbistro1er, Axel Air, Wyfrel, Sentenza84, Powerslave81, Elnino1, Delbouille, Titinelson, Wildrover, HighCost, redseb, philrscl, Kravenn, Murena, Blackshark, ego_zero.

Some of them are still alive, i may have also forgot few names, but today more than never, i would like to thanks them publicly for what they did for the Belgians, what they did for the BelgianParty, what they did for Made in .Be, and what they did for me !

You will recognize some of these players, maybe you will learn some names that you had never heard before, but gentlemens, these guys are part of our country and of our History !

I won't never be ashamed of my accomplishments in this game because i am what i am thanks to them !

Today, i run under the banner of the Belgiums for Belgians Party, but i still fight for the same ideals i always had, the ones who made me register on this game !

I forgive the jealousy of my opponent shadowukcs, who is right now calculating how much gold i had to buy to be able to have been so successfull... "20 gold for an export licence, 20 gold for a Battle Hero medal, 60 gold for a CH medal, 380 gold for this company, etc..." (sigh) I don't know what is his goal in this drama, maybe bringing fun as he promised ? The answer he is looking after is here : i have been so successfull because of the people, of the BP, and of the fondation of the liberté ! And this article was to honoured them !

Each election is for me a new start, i could maybe say modestly that this is perhaps the key of success !

Proud Candidate to the Belgium Presidency !

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