[eBE] ThomasRed for President !

Day 1,198, 12:36 Published in Belgium Serbia by Azor Ahai Reborn
To my international readers : this article is about my candidacy for eBelgium Presidency. Please stay subscribed and vote it up !

[eBE] ThomasRed for President !

Dear fellow citizens of eBelgium,

It's for me a great honor and a huge pleasure to announce that I will run again for the Presidency ! The Belgium for Belgians party have chosen me as it candidate, and I will face others CP candidates in few days, when you will have the power to decide what do you want for eBelgium...

Me, I know what I want for eBelgium ! It is exactly for this reason that I decided to run ! Our country is at a crucial moment of its existence, dealing with two huge challenges : the war crisis with eFrance, and the training wars with the Netherlands. I do believe that I could be an asset for eBelgium in these matters and that I'm the man that eBelgium needs to lead this nation.

The war crisis with France is an important issue we faced. The French CP has his share of the responsibility like the french army has or the french congress but I also believe that this issue has not been dealt with in the best way by the Belgians representatives. As special advisor of the President, I could oversee most of the diplomatic talks we had and the actions we took. I aknowledge that Shadowukcs has been very unlucky to have to handle these things directly after the impeachment of our President LeValeureuxLiegeois. He didn't asked for it, and while his program was to bring fun to eBelgium, he had to deal with situations he didn't expected, or wasn't able to forsee, even if it’s part of a President’s life. That's why I stood by his side, to help him finding a solution, tried to support him. I've hold several meetings with French representatives, and I established a trust relation with some of them, which is the start of any agreement. France is our neighbour, and have been a true friend for months and a good ally in the past, not so long ago. We should’nt forget everything and we should try to rebuilt a new strong relation with them. Our CP shadow has told that he wasn't prepared for these kinds of situation, that he couldn't handle it as he wanted, and that he wasn't used to be the small one that the big ones want to kick, but the contrary... That's why, with my experience of seven presidencies of small nations behind me, I modestly want to bring my contribution at the higher level once again !

But at the same time, I also believe Shadowukcs when he said he didn’t have the time to realize his plans for eBelgium, to help us bringing fun into our country, and that's why he decided to run again... His plans for eBelgium are not bad at all ! And I do think it could help our community to become more active, and to attract more members, which is essential for our country... When I read him saying that you cannot simultaneously promote fun and write funny articles when 2/3 rd of your country is wiped off the map, I told to myself : of course you can't ! And I started thinking about a solution which could be great for our country : do the Belgians have to choose between different candidates, as for example Shadow or me ? Yes... But does that mean they have to lose one of them ? No ! And does the one who wants to write "funny articles" and help revitalize our country have to be President ? Maybe not ! I offer my service to take care of the country and of the Foreign Affairs, which is one of my speciality, but why not offering Shadowukcs to become the new Minister of Home Affairs ? The Belgians don't have to choose between having more fun or being wiped ! And with this solution, Shadow won't have to worry about international relations and war crisis... The offer is on the table ! eBelgium deserve the best!

Back on topics, I also want to run because the next month will be crucial for the establishment of training wars with the Netherlands. As some of you may know, Sammy Tanghe started some talks with the President of eNL about the possibility of TWs between our countries... It could be a great solution for our us : free wars and NE bonuses ! But the main obstacle we will have to win is trust ! Our relations with the Netherlands have not always been very peaceful, and we have seen in the past months a few war proposals, even if we succeed to keep peace between us. As former UNL President (the Union between Belgium and the Netherlands), I feel ready to give my energy to make this plan a reality and to build strong relations with our neighbours, based on trust ! With the help of the Congress, these TWs could become a reality in few days ! That being said, there is also others options on the table, options that desserve to be study... In these steps that will have to be follow, i would like to include a Congress Representative, to be sure that the President and the Congress of eBelgium are working together, for a bigger consistency.

I know what to do for these issues, but I also have some ideas that I would like to realize for eBelgium, some others important goals. The military is a big part of the game, and even the main part of it. With the french war, we have been able to see that our military was not so bad organised, even if it lacked experience in these kind of situations, but we mainly saw that the biggest problem it had was its funding and the supplies system. To be part of the Army should have advantages, daily advantages, and our country should take care of its soldiers, helping them to rank up and to gain more strenght, in order to be able to defend our country when it is needed. That's why having a Natural enemy is an objective, offering us free wars but also more daily strength for our citizens, and that's why I want our army to be able to supplies EVERY active soldiers, for EVERY wars, with guns for the next month !

On an other matter, there is also something I would like to improve... It's communication and information ! It's something essential to keep our community active, but we face a big lack in this domain ! The Belgium.Info newspaper have not published any articles since LvL get impeached, and the Congress newspaper have still not starting to publish weekly articles with congress' news. If I'm elected, I promise that it will be one of my objective to achieve : weekly articles for government and congress news ! Information for all is the key of activity and involvement !

I do hope that my candidacy will be welcomed by all, even if I already received some threats about a "politics parties war" if the BfB was presenting a candidate. It seems that if our party present someone, it means that we will win, and for this reason, we should concluded pre-electoral deal, to not let the citizens the chance to vote for the candidate they choose, but for the one our party presidents chooses. I do not fear a constructive opposition, which is always helpful for the nation, and I don't want to launch a polemic about this, but I think that I'm a valuable candidate and that my candidacy should gain some respect. I also want to add that with the receded congress we have this month, it's time for unity now more than ever ! Whoever wins the election, please give him your support to help him lead our country in the best way ! The BfB is ready to work in any government to help build a stronger Belgium !

To conclude, I invite every Belgian citizens (from every political parties) who would like to become more active and to be part of a government to contact me, with their skills, and the job they would like to perform. The different governments spots require some experience and skills, but don’t be afraid to come forward, you could be chose as State Secretary to learn the job at the side of a Minister...

The 5th March, vote for ThomasRed and write History !

(and let me already thanks every one of you who gave me his confidence to be their candidate and for the support received : even after seven presidencies, many terms of congress members, it’s always something who help you to work harder !)

L’Union fait la force ! Eendracht maakt macht ! Einigkeit macht stark ! United we stand, divided we fall!

Candidate for eBelgium Presidency

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