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[eBE Gov] New month, new team ready to server eBelgium

Day 2,118, 04:15 Published in Belgium Belgium by

Greetings citizens of eBelgium,

My name is Maresal Lengas and it is a real pleasure for me to come here, in from of all of you, and to bring many thanks for our election. Our main job will be to serve eBelgium with the maximum respect and seriousness in order to fulfill our goals.

The government team for the upcoming month is composed of:

CP: Maresal Lengas
vCP, coCP, Prime Minister and cousellor: MaryamQ
Counsellor : JdlF
MoFA: Kaad (TBD)
vMoFA: Sheredyn Artiles (TBD) and Mr. Wonka (RB)
sMoFA/trainee: Jens Leupe (BLP)
MoD: BelgiumGeneral (ATO)
vMoD: Nova.Navid (UU) and Critically (RB)
sMoD/trainee: treymata (TBD)
vMoF: BrunoCND (PANDA)
MoHA: ErnestHemingway (UU)
vMoHA: JdlF (ATO) and boer jan (RB)
MoE: JdlF (ATO)
vMoE: Elynea (TBD)
sMoE/trainee: amanilos (BLP)
MoNS: Zangetsu-Osan (UU) (immigration area)
vMoNS: Olv007 (UU) (multi hunting area)
sMoNS/trainee: Azotium (TBD) (multi hunting area)
MoFun: El1teBE (RB)
vMoFun: HK416 (TBD)
sMoFun/trainee: amanilos (BLP)
Ministry of Baby boom (MoBB): Comatosia (TBD), JdlF (ATO), Woxczbg (PANDA)

Many will say that is a big team, but I will assure you that no one will stay useless here. Everyone will have to do something and will be used for what he was elected.

As for now:

For the moment I'm preparing my team for the priorities. This NE with eUK is our main problem right now. We will try to bring the peace in order to maintain our friendship with eUnited Kingdom.

Always and forever,
With respect,
Maresal Lengas



Minino. Day 2,118, 04:54

Good luck.


tommot Day 2,118, 06:04

"sMoFun/trainee: Azotium (TBD) (multi hunting area)"

I am a little confused on this one???

General Varus
General Varus Day 2,118, 06:14

a little error, was suposed to be sMoNS 🙂 I'll modify

tommot Day 2,118, 06:36

I thought it was that, i just want to make sure i have the correct information for the wiki-pages(which i will do tomorrow).

General Varus
General Varus Day 2,118, 06:47

Great news tommot 🙂 Thank you for correction then 🙂

Ely.nea Day 2,118, 06:52

voted good luck. Thanks to give several places for new players ^_*

Empror AnoiRoS
Empror AnoiRoS Day 2,118, 09:29

good luck ^^ Voted o7

Persian Punisher
Persian Punisher Day 2,118, 09:34

Best wish for eBelgium Gov and Citizen of this Great country on this term
Good Luck guys o/

(Iranian CP )

Kaad Day 2,118, 09:41

Have a nice term as CP 😉

Freedom in 30 days 😃

General Varus
General Varus Day 2,118, 09:47

Good said about freedom 🙂

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 2,118, 12:42

Good luck 🙂

e Vladimir
e Vladimir Day 2,118, 14:41

Good luck and congrats... o7

Jeiry Day 2,118, 16:23

Good luck.

It is actually a (too) big team. And weird to have names in a government team that are nowadays not even belgian citizens.

Thedillpickl Day 2,118, 22:16


Beaverss Tribute to Raskol
Beaverss Tribute to Raskol Day 2,119, 02:25

Work well, all (really lots 😛)

Chihiroh Day 2,119, 07:22


HK416 Day 2,119, 09:12

I will do my best, good luck to the other ministries o/

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