[eBE DED] A new hope

Day 2,680, 09:49 Published in Belgium Belgium by Jofroi

Dear slaves of eBelgium,

I am glad to announce you all that from now on and for an undetermined period of time I will be leading our glorious country for its greatest glory.

As you may (or not) be aware of, I will do what I planned to do in my previous mandates as Country President but did not succeed in doing so because there were too many people who bothered to annoy me.

Therefore I will do nothing during the incoming months, except for the monthly corruption fee of 50 gold that I will send to the state to keep the elites quiet.

My evil predecessor (I am sure that everyone has forgotten his name since you heard mine) has made a proposal to be voted in congress. In my great mercy I have decided to let this proposal pass such that his acts could be reminded for a couple of days.

I will make, as my last move from this unlimited mandate, a new proposal that will cancel this law in a couple of days.

Due to the high charge of inactivity I will also send to myself soon 30.000 CC that I will officially put in the bank manager sheets (but only to make you believe that I did not use it for a greater purpose).

I would also like to propose a bug fix in the current eBelgian constitution. Indeed it is currently mentioned that any congress member in game is allowed to vote on the forum. This is an utter nonsense as it would be much more logical to only allow people able to vote in the game instead of a bunch of useless bureaucrats that must discuss for days before taking any decision.

My predecessor had already understood that but he has not acted strong enough and was too weak because he opened topics for debates (even if it was after the launch of the vote and that there were no other possibilities).

I will not quit my current American military unit because they are paying very well but be assured that they should not have too much impact on my behavior.

I would like to thank all of you for the confidence you have given me as Democratically Entrusted Dictator and I promise that I will not regret it.

Happy regards,
Democratically Entrusted Dictator