[eBE] 10 months of immigration in eBelgium...

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To my international and belgians readers : this article is about the immigration in eBelgium for the past ten months, please vote it up and stay subscribe !

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[eBE] 10 months of immigration in eBelgium...

As you may have seen on www.erepbelgium.com, the Immigration subforum have been moved from the Congress private part to the Congress public part, making it available to read and comment to every members of our community. While I was going through it, i found a link to the eBelgium Immigration Sheet, a document kept updated by our Immigration officer. I thought it was the occasion to have a look back on our immigration and on the policies which manage it.

First thing first, here is the forum law adopted by the eBelgian Congress to manage our immigration ingame (law voted on 5th june 2013 with an amendment voted on 29th of july 2013) :

"All immigration requests shall be reviewed by an Immigration Officer, to be appointed by vote of Congress, and the Minister of National Security, to be appointed by the current President of eBelgium. The Immigration Officer shall be appointed for a term of three months and may serve for an unlimited number of consecutive terms.

A thread shall be opened in the immigration subforum for each request. Congress members may comment about these requests and vouch for any potential citizens who are known to them.

Within 48 hours, sooner if they feel they have sufficient information, the IO and MoNS will post their advice to accept or reject the request. If the advice is to reject, a reason will be given.

According to game mechanics, Congress members may accept any request. However, on the 24th of each month, the IO shall make a report, published by the government, showing who made requests, the advice of the IO and MoNS, and, if the citizenship was given, who gave it and from what party. This report should not include further comment, positive or negative, about these cases.

The Immigration officer named by the Congress is Tensa Zangetsu san and that is how he is working :

"1) The Minister of National Security.
It is normal in order to make the country safe. MoNS and the IO will work together for the safety of eBelgium.

2) The Congress
I will wonsider the advice of the congress. I send questions to people who apply for the citizenship. When I have the answers, I post those ones, and I start a vote, during 24h. It is just in order to give me an idea of who should be accepted for the congressmen of eBelgium.

When I'll have these advices, I will post my decision. It will be put before the name of the applicant. All will be noted in the Immigration sheet, which can be seen by the applicant.

For PTO threats, a "!" will be added after the status (in general, it will be [Accepted without approval]!) in order to be clear. In the immigration sheet, it will be written in red color.

Click here to access the eBelgian Immigration sheet.

The datas collected start at day 2318, so we can have a look back on 10 months of eBelgian immigration.

During this period, there have been a total of 134 requests. 62 requests have been accepted without approval and 38 of them have been tagged as pto threats. 39 have been accepted, 32 have been rejected, and one is currently pending.

The first information is that 61% (!) of our immigrants entered the country "illegaly". It is a huge number.

Here is the name of the congressmen who decided to accept immigrants without taking into account the belgian immigration procedure, in a chronological order :

Texas Cowboy X (3 times), nick nolte 2, Princess Rapunzel BE, ChristijanXD (2 times), Vladut georgel (2 times), Joep Hoep (2 times), Vincent Pain (2 times), Barabum (2 times), Marko Klis (2 times), Jdlf, Partigiano Giovanni, Aries Sun, Lioncoeur (2 times), Moses Liberator (2 times), Bolepleco, CRO PIKUTIK, ikikere, Sbyrn, Luigi BC, S V A R O G, SX80, FilipuBajsic (4 times), InterimoSRB (2 times), Kanselier (4 times), Santiago Junior, Martin Silni, poglavnik86 (2 times), Mickey B E, gunner69 (2 times), Director9, caperg, ZdravkoSRB, CendaBG, Aleksandar Dox Markovic, Sarmadzija, Teddy beer eBE, Olv007, specijalac88, Galileo 193, dzamaSrbin, Zumbiran, Amon, Kikinda.

It is interesting to note that several congressmembers who decided to accept citizens "illegaly" were actually "illegal" immigrants themselves, as we can see with the list of the 62 "illegal" immigrants :

Srbyn (serbian cs), Mislilac (thailand cs), bolepleco (serbian cs), RoyalBendas (croatian cs), InterimoSRB (swedish cs), Thanatos the Magnificent, Partigiano Giovanni (nigerian cs), LeoOoNidaSBiH (BiH cs), CRO PIKUTIK (dead citizen), Tony Clifford (swiss cs), Cynthia Romero (venezuelan cs), Vesk0P (bulgarian cs), Herr Hofer (croatian cs), Kutluk Mustafa Kajgani (dead citizen), AlanFordSRB (serbian cs), S V A R O G (montenegro cs), Ivan je Car 2 (estonian cs), mijatov92 (serbian cs), InterimoSRB (twice, swedish cs), crosoldier2013 (irish cs), FilipuBajsic, Malcolm Bricklin (banned), dejob (serbian cs), bnesa (serbian cs), specijalac88, Aleksandar Dox Markovic (serbian cs), Heisenberg BB, MisziPL (polish cs), e Poglavnik (croatian cs), Martin Silni, Sarmadzija (banned), Kikinda, Vividor Oportunista (dead citizen), Christijan I. of Finland, B B R S (banned), CendaBG, ZdravkoSRB (serbian cs), I love Plato (serbian cs), gunner69, Pilgrim17, Umberto90, xPhone (latvian cs), jieben22, CroKiller92, MaartenW, dzamaSrbin, GospodarVremenaKale, VojvodaRadomirPutnik (serbian cs), Galileo 193, Profesor Ludak, croco_zg, djole1122, Igoreckkkk (ukrainian cs), A d o n a i (chilean cs), Christijan I. of Finland (twice), Zumbiran, Plazmaca, Jovana111, Suomii, deus otiosus, Dragoljub Mihajlovic 1941 (russian cs), fardeen saiyyed.

Some observations : 3 of them are dead, 3 others are banned for multies, 24 are not eBelgians anymore (43% of the alive "illegal" immigrants), 26 are still alive and eBelgian. With such numbers it is hard to believe that the immigration in eBelgium is a success.

Almost none of these players are active on the forum, almost none have published articles in eBelgium. Many of them are silent citizens. On a personal level, I do not recognize a lot of names in this list. What are the motivations of these players to join eBE ? Influence politics, journalism (low activity), economy (no bonuses), possibility to held an important political position, retirement, help the military, etc... ?

What about the 39 accepted requests ?

HK416 (portuguese cs), xXxRonxXx (venezuelan cs), Soliso (dead citizen), MephistoHeineken (south african cs), Elynea, MisziPL (polish cs), Galeon Belgie (dead citizen), SIRIUS, Trito Fisher (irish cs), Alexandross, makases, Pablo Emilio Escobar Gavilia (account deleted), Galeon Belgie (dead citizen), Ayleo, cap. drake (italian cs), WhisperingSea (dead citizen), darkinou, Critically (dead citizen), Helviro (dead citizen), Ernest Bogdansson, Hygge, Gyantse (polish cs), Viridi, szenko1 (hungarian cs), Captain Outisz, Mr. Wonka, HK416 (portuguese cs), Chris1983 (norway cs), Biskwit, TroyTrojansCoach (canadian cs), Thanatos the Magnificent, SNIPER 55, Bekaccc (banned), Narlindir (croatian cs), Murat Monstrum, Cika Nikola96, Nova.Navid, Shmuel97 (iranian cs), Swilll.

Compared to the precedent list, there is more citizens who are known for their military/politic/journalistic activities in eBelgium. 18 on 39 (46😵 are still alive and eBelgian (the number could be higher without the belgians dead citizen).

So how can we explain the choice that some Congressmembers do by accepting in the country citizens which request have not been officialy accepted first by our Immigration officer ? Does the law is not fair ? Does the way we handle our immigration is not correct ? Does the threats of "illegal" immigration are non-existents ? Does the illegal immigrants have an hidden agenda in eBE ? Is this excuses to close immigration for the "elite" to keep the power in eBE ?

61% of "illegal" immigrants in eBelgium, 30% of them who are also accepting new "illegal" immigrants in eBE : even a blind would see that there is a problem. The fact that the next presidential elections will oppose a player who believe into the immigration policy and an other player who doesnt believe that the review of the citizenship requests by an immigration officer after inputs from Congressmembers on the forum is a good occasion to hold a debate about it and to solve a major issue in eBelgian politics. Immigration in eBE is not working, what are your solutions ?

Feel free to start the debate here with your comments, and to continue it on the national forum www.erepbelgium.com !


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[eBE] 10 months of immigration in eBelgium...
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