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[EA] You're a Success. So be Successful.

Day 1,903, 09:23 Published in USA USA by EnterAwesome

Hello Once Again Readers,

Me showing off my book of Successes

I just wanted to reflect on success as a whole and what it means to be successful.

How to be successful can be a difficult thing to explain... especially en masse. The notion that success is relative is perplexing... but something that I hold to be true.

A college professor stands in front of her pupils and preaches a curriculum. She states that in order to be successful one must get educated, invest in yourself, and strive for a better job. The epitome of the triangular hierarchy in modern corporations today.

A wise and loving mother bends down to kiss her offspring. The child rejoices but his facial expression changes to a moot. “Mom am I loser?” “No! Of course not honey! Just be yourself and you'll always be successful.”. Success being defined as individuality is certainly plausible.

RGR follows his goals despite how much Failure. To try is to succeed (as the old proverb pronounces)... so RGR is succeeding year and year even though he is failing. Wait.. what? Attempting, just to try in pursuit of perseverance is an hand-me-down definition of success.

Let me tell you... everyone will tell you how to be successful and most likely no one will be correct. Only you will know when you're successful... personally I judge my success on my happiness. When I am happy, I am succeeding and the opposite holds true.

So whatever it may be, I hope all of you succeed in your endeavors, domestic (eRep) and foreign (RL).

As Always,



n0s3 Day 1,903, 09:50

< 3 EnterAwesome!

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,903, 10:02

lol I don't think much of my 15 year old brothers opinion... so a 14 year olds even less so...

John Killah
John Killah Day 1,903, 10:09

And funnily enough, nobody else cares about a 26 year old basement dweller who thinks he's the most important person ever's opinion.

Take the hint, P*** Off.

emdoublegee Day 1,903, 10:18

Wow RGR, finally someone says even remotely nice about you saying you are succeeding in your own special way and you troll them?

/me banishes the troll back to his parents basement to devour more hot pockets and Mr. Pibb (cause his mom won't get him the real stuff)

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,903, 11:20

JK< you take the hint and GET OUT OF OUR COUNTRY.... you are not a real American, so therefore leave it to the real Americans, right JK?

and stop adding to my age. You are about three years over.....

Actually my basement is pretty nice. It's finished and has lots of cool stuff in it. 😉

Paul Proteus
Paul Proteus Day 1,903, 11:52


Nice article EA

MazzyCat Day 1,903, 12:03

< 3 Love the article EA! Success is certainly varied and hard to measure.


potato134 Day 1,903, 12:25

nice article RGR is a basement troll 🙂

EnterAwesome Day 1,903, 13:11

Sorry if this offended you RGR, your effort is one to be admired. I just used you as an example of success... but no ill will meant.

Pfeiffer. Day 1,903, 13:14

Speak of the failure and he shall appear.

John Killah
John Killah Day 1,903, 13:17

Actually, it's debatable whether you're an American Ajay ... I thought Americans were tolerant of others views, not bigoted like you? :3

Good article by the way EA, I like it :3

little baby
little baby Day 1,903, 16:28

Nice article

joshua tucker
joshua tucker Day 1,904, 07:14

Good article EA/Exploration!

-you are not a real American, so therefore leave it to the real Americans, right JK?
Two face much bro? you literally just put up an article where you were begging non-natives to come to eMerica -.-

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