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[EA] Opinion: Who the Hell is This Guy?

Day 1,956, 08:39 Published in Canada Canada by CptKaydee

The eRepublik Apocalypse is coming…

Click Here for some music! (The Dan Band - Total Eclipse of the Heart)

Aeriala has already returned and within in 2-3 days he’s already throwing fist at former Presidents and the Canadian people. He was written two Canadian articles since his return and none of them are positively written towards the past governments or us, the people.

So, who does this guy think he is? Well let’s take a look into his past in form of a timeline starting with his first presidency.

January 2011 - Aeriala lost the presidential race to Julius Caligula (formely Wes Lewis) who was impeach soon after winning the election for stealing the treasury’s funds. Aeriala was made CP because he was 2nd in the polls. (Click Here)

In this 27 day term, Aeriala barely communicated with the people and did the minimum amount of work a President does (think of Rolo’s previous term).

February 2011 - Aeriala finished third in the polls continually throwing fists at his oppositions over the course of the next month. Although Kronos Q communicated with the public and supported public opinion Aeriala called his term a failure as he sat in the VP seat. (Click Here)

June 2011 - Aeriala finished 3rd in the polls, again. Not to hold any cabinet seat he spent his time throwing fists, as usual. (Click Here)

August 2011 - Although Aeriala didn’t run this month, he held the position as Supreme Commander of Terra. Wally Cleaver the winner of the election when MIA during his term making Treian our President. Treian started the expansion of eCanada into Asian creating our Asian Empire. USA loaned us Alaska for this mission. Aeriala began his bid for President attacking the plan that brought us resources. Claiming Terra was against although they accept the war with open arms. The Asian Empire gave us Alaska and Japan resources and a position on the map to attack new countries.

September 2011 - Aeriala wins his first election. He first order of duty was to drop Alaska and slowly eliminate our Asian Empire going into a war with the UK. He became the first President to take London. He got rid of the Asian Empire for one reason, so he could take London, only for it to be returned in less than 24 hours. (Click Here)

October 2011 - Aeriala leaves Canada for USA.

I didn’t know where to put this, but here are logs of Aeriala’s homophobic comments.

After Jacobi’s article “Rather Rolo than Aeriala, but Prefer Addy on September 5” . Aeriala posted a comment that got himself a FP point and it was quickly removed.

Click on the image to enlarge it

But that’s not the end. Aeriala had to say something on IRC.

22:00 Jacobi Aeriala, I will when you get elected to something without me having to send you votes
22:00 aeriala i want it in my face i'm aSKING
22:01 aeriala or is hidding behind your paper all you know?
22:01 aeriala bring it debate me now
22:01 Jacobi strange concept. Hiding behind a public publication and posting in open door congress.
22:02 Jacobi Do you think there is some confusion that my paper is mine?
22:02 Jacobi As President will you make an Opener Door Congress?
22:02 aeriala i'm asking why you won't talk here and ow
22:02 Jacobi because I don't feel like it
22:02 aeriala now
22:02 *** orizetti left #eCan
22:02 *** krzan joined #eCan
22:03 aeriala scared little bitch
22:04 aeriala i never back down from saying what i mean, i do it again
22:04 Jacobi Consider yourself warned.
22:04 Jacobi Users may not harass other users in ways including, but not limited to: Purposefully annoying, offending, or intimidating another user or group
22:05 Jacobi I have declined your request for a debate. Drop it.
22:05 aeriala i'm warned and stop, unless you grow the balls to ealk
22:05 *** ehab joined #eCan

Extracted From the Comments

In case you dont feel like reading the comments (I don't know why you wouldn't, its the best part.)

P.S. Aeriala is a dude.

Best regards,


CptKaydee Day 1,956, 08:40

[EA] Opinion: Who the Hell is This Guy?

Rican Day 1,956, 08:47

voted !

Kaptain Kidd
Kaptain Kidd Day 1,956, 08:58

HaHaHa, January 2011 was a shitstorm. The country was broke and I managed to make out a budget and fulfill it. We managed to fulfill landswap deals that had been previously arranged even though we could no longer afford them and forgien relations took most of my time appeasing allies because there was no money to fund MPPs except for two, we had to pick wisely. I even managed to arrange a training was with our lifelong enemy the UK to try to increase spending to restart our economy.

As for February yes I was VP and I did have a problem with it, Kronos Q was afk almost the entire month and I was left dealing with everything myself. I'm glad you thought February was a good month because I was actually running all the day to day operations. Your troll may sound good, but it's actually very squewed since you didn't know what was actually going on. Hater's gonna hate.

CptKaydee Day 1,956, 09:12

Not at all what I remember, you never made the budget, stop taking credit for your Minister of Finance's work. All you did was choose the MPPs. I remember it cleary. Your ego has surpassed Rolo, congratulations.

Oh and as February VP, you did nothing, I was in that Cabinet. All you did was point out every screw up and did nothing to resolve the problem.

CptKaydee Day 1,956, 09:12

Comment deleted

crisfire Day 1,956, 09:40

Dont let the newbs be tricked by this dick, good stuff Toad!

but you forgot something

let them know Aeriala is a dude

CptKaydee Day 1,956, 10:37

added to the article, lol

Kaptain Kidd
Kaptain Kidd Day 1,956, 10:30

Let's not forget also we knew Wes Lewis would steal the treasury, it wasn't even a question. The trolls here elected him anyway because they thought it would be funny. Seriously you have nothing to say Toad you part of the group that keeps eCanada suppressed because it gives you something to talk about.

CptKaydee Day 1,956, 10:36

I'm a part of eCanada that keeps it suppressed? Name one thing that I did to contribute to the downfall of Canada. That's right Aeriala you top everyone in Canada for screw ups and you may be largely responsible for our so called "downfall".

klop123 Day 1,956, 10:35


Muglack Day 1,956, 10:40

You forgot the rage move to the UK where in Ryldian style he proclaimed that he wouldn't rest until he saw eCanada burn after failing to make the ballot in March of 2011.

Or his two subsequent returns to eCanada in his current role of Savior only to be laughed right back to the eUS. Each time pretending he didn't want to get on the ballot anyway he just wanted to "make a point". A point by the way that he never elaborated on or explained.

You could also include that during his term as the elected President he managed to get himself banned from both the forums and IRC for the way he treated people.

Quim B. Muffins
Quim B. Muffins Day 1,956, 10:47

Dude looks like a lady.

Kaptain Kidd
Kaptain Kidd Day 1,956, 10:49

August 2011 - Wally Cleaver has been elected twice as CP of eCanada, he has never run the country he collected the medal and disappeared immediately. I was the first one to suggest his impeachment, people like Muglack and Toad said no it's fine, Rolo wasted an impeachment proposal and Canada had no CP for over 2 weeks because of the trolls failure to act. Anyone notice a behavioural pattern here yet?

CptKaydee Day 1,956, 10:54

"August 2011 - Wally Cleaver has been elected twice as CP of eCanada, he has never run the country he collected the medal and disappeared immediately."

Didn't know you could be elected twice in one month?

"I was the first one to suggest his impeachment, people like Muglack and Toad said no it's fine, Rolo wasted an impeachment proposal and Canada had no CP for over 2 weeks because of the trolls failure to act."

Quick fact, I hate Wally and I supported his impeachment because I originally voted for Treian. Aeriala was also not the first to suggest the impeachment. (That ego is catching up to Funky).

"Anyone notice a behavioural pattern here yet?"

Yeah I do, when you don't get on the ballot again are you going to run back to USA?

Jude Connors
Jude Connors Day 1,956, 11:01


Blood Hearon
Blood Hearon Day 1,956, 12:19

Best article I've read in a while nice one toad

Technician Day 1,956, 14:15

You know I really do not care,

1) Gave up on politics in the game years ago
2) This is nothing compared to the BS in the eUSA

Yuri Kaczynski
Yuri Kaczynski Day 1,956, 15:01

What goes on down there? I've heard horror stories about Ajay Bruno (or whatever his name is) and PTOs, but not many specifics.

CptKaydee Day 1,956, 16:27

I was there for 2 months, better community, crappy politics. They think they have it bad but everything is under control. Tech has his own ideas for America that he shares with very few people there. Plus people lost respect for him due to his opinions.

Jason  Welsh
Jason Welsh Day 1,957, 19:45

pretty much what Toad said, except I haven't talked to Tech in a while so I wouldn't know

David Eastcorner
David Eastcorner Day 1,956, 17:06

Glad you brought this to light for everybody Toad. Also glad I'm not the only one who won't give Aeriala credit.

Captain Salty Kushskins
Captain Salty Kushskins Day 1,956, 17:26

this guy's a bigger jerk than captain kushskins

weezo1 Day 1,957, 07:25

That can't be real!!!

Technician Day 1,956, 17:58

Toad22, I care less what "people" or players think.

Eslabon Perdido
Eslabon Perdido Day 1,956, 19:05

eR+ *** CUA loading + CHIstoso + COT? + Canada + China + eRepublik

Addy Lawrence
Addy Lawrence Day 1,957, 08:35

Don't feed the trolls.

Guagature Day 1,957, 15:44

What tha? Aeriala is a dude 😮

Uncorporated Day 1,957, 16:25

Who keeps approving his citizenship?

MCMXCIlI Day 1,957, 17:19

Daniel Parker's to blame this time -_______-

Uncorporated Day 1,957, 20:20


MCMXCIlI Day 1,958, 00:54

lol He's been grave digging all the old threads in Congress board... quite the annoying bugger 😛

Jason  Welsh
Jason Welsh Day 1,957, 19:46

Where's the popcorn?

Ashkera Day 1,957, 20:48


Code-Y Day 1,957, 22:12

This article looks unfriendly.

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