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[EA] I challenge you to fun.

Day 1,820, 14:57 Published in USA USA by EnterAwesome

Hello Once Again readers,

War is everywhere in eRep!

Have you ever wondered if this game is "winnable"? Could an alliance or even a single country hold all territories with enough power to maintain them under control? I'm sure everyone would say "No, that is impossible". It is impossible for numerous reasons especially with an old game like eRepublik. Unfortunately, I am going to have to save that article explaining why for another day, but for now let us assume that the chances of a single country or alliance can hold all territories without trouble are slim to none.

So no one can win this game. We will continue to fight each other until day infinity and countries will still be warring each other. Why? For fun? I think it has something to do with the behind-the-scenes deal. People like to feel important and hold prestigious positions and they get that exact chance in eRepublik. Right there is where I think many players get hooked into playing this game.

Certainly wars give some excitement, gives the eUSA cabinet something to do, and 2 clickers enjoy them probably the most. I also feel that eRepublik isn't a war game as much as I used to think it was... it is more political and "internal". In between the muck and the mire I believe that this game can become more war driven as I have heard it was in the past.

I am challenging you, eUSA, to demand a war. Not just a war, a fun war. Let us attack some age old eRepublik enemies, let us attack one of the strongest nations in the game, let us have fun. I'd rather have us attack directly too, not with MPPs. 🙂 Afraid of the repercussions? This is just a game. And I'm just a noob, but lets make eRep history.

I'm Ready to fight

I'd also like to announce I'll be running for the Fed Party President position in January 2013. I'll be releasing more and more and more as the time comes.

Stay Awesome,
As Always ,

Writer for eUS Department for Education
Airforce SCO
Current Deputy Secretary of Media
Retentions, Fed Party
emdoublegee for PP Campaign, AMP



HannyaTR Day 1,820, 15:01

supported hard.
lets fight with all.

Waruda Day 1,820, 15:06

The Holy Empire of Pakistan figured out just after V1's launch that winning the game is impossible. /v/aki's are generally understood to have left due to the mechanic switches from Beta to V1.

I say we unite and confederate North America.

Dial Hoang
Dial Hoang Day 1,820, 15:50

WAR WITH POLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BeachBunny Day 1,820, 19:24


Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,821, 05:24


Don't attack Canada!~ lawl s2

fingerguns Day 1,821, 05:55

cerb is war

war is coming

cerb is coming

chazp Day 1,821, 11:57


ujku76 Day 1,821, 12:56


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