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[EA] Be informed, be pro, be successful.

Day 1,822, 12:23 Published in USA USA by EnterAwesome

Hello Once again Readers,


You may have noticed that I changed my name. I was EnterAwesome and although I loved my name I love Exploration more. So please just accept the change now! 🙂 And thank you so much for 100 subscribers, I am so blessed.

First I want to official announce and talk about my running for Fed PP during the month of January into February.

I have some things I am doing to prepare for PP.

,~* - Become more available

Only doing DoE in government jobs, PP will be my #1 priority
I won't have any school work to distract me
I will do whatever it takes to answer to demands of the party

,~* - Become more educated

Mentor from Previous and current PP members
Learn how EZC works and its current issues
Learn as much about the feds, their members, weaknesses and strength as much as possible

From this core and more I will be crafting a campaign program to convince you I will be the right candidate along with an appropriate action plan to back up my winded breath. It is a ways away (play on words) from the Jan PP elections, and this is just a official announcement. Look forward to hearing more.

How to be a pro noob

I've been having a blast doing numerous government jobs in eRep. I might be moving up or even taking control of an entire department next month, it isn't up to me! I can only give my all and hope people notice me. In fact, why have I moved up so fast? There are many articles telling you how to move up, what to do, how to get involved.

I followed none of them.

My desire to help without wanting anything else in return, I feel, started my advancement in the meta game of eRepublik. Putting myself out there and doing work was only half my battle. Being okay with me and accepting the decisions I made has been and will continue to be my most hardest effort thus far. Getting involved in an MU and Party is a good way to start putting yourself out there. I recommend the Feds or AMP. As far as MU goes, Airforce all the way baby, apply here.

Help me help you

Exploration's Mentor Program
If you're really interested in this game becoming more then just eRepublik. If you're interested in becoming apart of the meta game I will be mentoring new citizens with advice, resources, and friendship on how to do so. I'll also help with any other problems such as name recognition, help you accomplish what you need help with, and anything. Honestly, if you need help with anything apply, I will send you to the right person. I'll help you get started in IRC, what is IRC? Ask me. Apply. Get involved.
Most Important Part - Other writers and government organizations are encouraged to copy/paste the following:

Don't want to read article after article? Read about Military Unit after MU? For one-stop information and advice with anything pertaining to eRepublik and its meta game apply here ->

As Always,
Stay Awesome,


fingerguns Day 1,822, 12:24

love you

A E N E A S Day 1,822, 12:58

^ true love xD

emdoublegee Day 1,822, 16:12


Greene12 Day 1,822, 17:00

this will be fun to follow

jmurrib21 Day 1,822, 22:57

Voted; good luck and you are still awesome.

l Donkey Kong l
l Donkey Kong l Day 1,823, 03:07

Donkey Kong say good luck in campaign. Hopes hard work pays off.

Whatever "work" is... Donkey Kong has never heard of it. Generally speaking with most food, Donkey Kong eats a little at a time, then washes it down with mango juice.

Donkey Kong isn't sure if work tastes good with mango juice. But when you eat your work, you make sure you stop before you are full, rest and let stomach digest. You try to eat til you are full, you become obese. Obese gorilla is sad thing to see.

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