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[e戦略] eRoC v CoT day 1893

Day 1,893, 02:23 Published in Japan South Korea by the tormented one

Two days ago, after the easy victory in Jeollanam-do, eUS advanced further to take Jeollabuk-do. Their forces were met with very little resistance.

However, yesterday, eRoC along with eChina and their mercenaries launched a coordinated counter attack against the eUS initiative and halting their advances. Not long after eUS begin the NE battle, the eRoC started a RW in Jeollanam and Eastern Taiwan to divert their attention.

"Coincidentally", our bestest god, Plato just happened to run out of money in his bank account and start another new old offer to raise money.

As a result, eUS has to abandon their NE battle to focus on the RWs. At the end, they managed to hold on in the RWs but eRoC now has the initiative to start the NE battle today.

Shortly after the new day, eRoC began an attack on Jeollanbuk-do. With the advantages on time zone and the Plato factor, they are currently winning the battle.

Overall, we are not surprise by these moves, as we have mentioned a number of time, eRoC has been deliberately losing the previous battle to conserve their strength, and in the previous war between the two sides, they are able to defeat eUS in East Taiwan and Hawaii. However, whether they have to strength to continue this wave of attack, especially after Plato's coffer is filled with their money and stop the promotion is still to be seen.

Map for day 1892



Natsu Natsumee
Natsu Natsumee Day 1,893, 02:42

go eRoC

Principe Alessandro
Principe Alessandro Day 1,893, 03:12

It will only last for some days. EDEN countries tank like mad in few battles but soon the war of attrition will deplete their resources.

Juana Sycaeus
Juana Sycaeus Day 1,893, 03:27

USA is losing the war, even the best tactic can't change that!
Players in RoC are preparing to pay hundreds of thousands of Euro to buy victories.

Robert E.Lee 1861
Robert E.Lee 1861 Day 1,893, 05:26

This Plato package but China help too give a chance to RoC but just for a short time....

Wildrunner Day 1,893, 09:52

Chinese tanks

h idenshi
h idenshi Day 1,893, 11:01

Credit Card Warriors Unite!

ahava3233 Day 1,893, 12:18

Credit Card Warriors Unite! x2

Guderian117 Day 1,893, 20:42

前兩天,在全羅南道輕鬆的勝利後,eUS先一步攻擊全羅北道。他們的部隊遭到的阻力很小, 但是,昨天,eRoC與eChina及其僱傭軍展開了協調反擊並制止他們前進。eUS開始後不久NE的戰鬥,eRoC開始了RW在全羅南道和東歐台灣轉移他們的注意力。 “不約而同”,我們BESTEST的神,柏拉圖正好的錢用完了,在他的銀行賬戶,並開始另一個新老要約 因此,eUS 來籌集資金。不得不放棄他們的NE的的戰鬥專注於RWS的。最後,他們成功地舉行,在聖淘沙名勝世界,但現在有主動eRoC今天開始NE的戰鬥。 ,eRoC後不久,新的一天開始了攻擊Jeollanbuk做。時區和柏拉圖因素上的優勢,他們目前正在贏得這場戰鬥。 總體而言,我們是不會感到驚訝的這些舉動,我們已經提到了一些時間,eRoC故意失去了之前的戰鬥中,以保護自己的實力,在雙方之間的戰爭,他們能夠擊敗EUS在東台和夏威夷。但是,他們是否有力量,繼續這波攻擊中,特別是在柏拉圖的圍堰填充用自己的錢和停止推廣還有待觀察。地圖為每天1892

Natsu Natsumee
Natsu Natsumee Day 1,894, 00:20

@Guderian117, can you guys take Japan back?^^

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