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Dublin was conquered by Ireland in the war versus United Kingdom

Day 992, 19:06 Published in United Kingdom Ireland by Dylanb9216
England I am disappoint

You managed to lose Dublin, just 3 days after taking it, even though Ireland had no US MPP due to a bug

I think the IDF and It’s Bro’s will be paying the Norwegian regions you stole a visit very soon 😉

Words can’t describe the sheer mountain of fail that is the UK, so I’ll just leave with some tasty population figures

Ireland: 1275

Total = 1275

United Kingdom: 7210
Slovenia: 5118
Germany: 9588
France: 11782
Brazil: 19299
Serbia: 28713
Turkey: 9977

Total = 91,687

Your future Master,


Mikhail Alexander
Mikhail Alexander Day 992, 19:07


5n4keyes Day 992, 19:07

KOSOVA Batoa Day 992, 19:08

typical british fail, looks like they have alot of friends backing them up as well...

Bristel Akina
Bristel Akina Day 992, 19:09

George Norfolk, I am disappoint.

KarlKorne Day 992, 19:09

Shame, We have nearly a massive amount less, And they cry hack because the Irish are the ones you dont mess with in the end. Should have just left NI and Dublin alone UK,

Signed Karl Korne
Your Future King.

Dylanb9216 Day 992, 19:10


Donovan Thomas
Donovan Thomas Day 992, 19:15

Yay eIreland... Boo eUK lmao

helia14 Day 992, 19:16

i am next ireland king! cus its our land, not irishes!

a gal from england!!!

Tomazim Day 992, 19:18

Comment deleted

supabeasty Day 992, 19:19

AWESOME JOB! Show the UK whos BOSS


5n4keyes Day 992, 19:20

Hey few more votes and this has more than the UK DoD orders 😶

Tomazim Day 992, 19:20

eUK has DoD orders?

Aeros Day 992, 19:22

Don't make me write an article Tomazim.

I'll f'ing do it : P

Bristel Akina
Bristel Akina Day 992, 19:23

Tomazim, apparently you aren't even aware of your own government... but I like the fact that denying it makes the pain lessen for you.

Dylanb9216 Day 992, 19:25

>I'm pretty sure that us taking over your entire top5 media with good trolling beats a few amerifags getting 20 votes in our media.


I'm from North Dublin IRL.

fight2deth Day 992, 19:27


Sean Power
Sean Power Day 992, 19:34

I think maybe without the picture ppl just ignored their Government. Lesson..... control their minds with pretty pictures!

Also.... 5 citizens at the end of the battle from eUK (well like 3 from turkey).... that was dissapointing 🙁

Anheuser Day 992, 19:38


Tomazim Day 992, 19:38

"Bristel" We literally don't have DoD, MoD, etc.

FadedHolySoldier Day 992, 19:39

Successful trolls of eRep?

Robert the Fox McDonald
Robert the Fox McDonald Day 992, 19:43

i have one thing to say....the same thing that the irish have been saying for years.... BRITS OUT!

John Bartlett
John Bartlett Day 992, 19:47

you guys are fail trolls xD

Glove Day 992, 19:49


gagah Day 992, 19:56


KOSOVA Batoa Day 992, 20:08

[21:41] =-= YOU (Mizu) have been booted from #euk by fapfire (😉 (GeorgeNorfolk))<----butthurt
[21:41] [INFO] You are banned from this channel.

Jon Barack Bluejacket
Jon Barack Bluejacket Day 992, 20:40

I think this comes under the heading of "oops".

Oh, well, at least the UK was able to keep Dublin for three days, even if it was 91k vs. 1k.

James Woosh
James Woosh Day 992, 20:44

So you guys have a bug. Phoenix was hacked.
Clearly a fair fight >_>

Bishop M
Bishop M Day 992, 21:02


Milan Milankovic
Milan Milankovic Day 992, 21:26

3/4 of Phoenix hacked and americans are exploiting bugs.
Typical american bravery.
Congrats heroes!

KarlKorne Day 992, 21:27

Amazing, Anytime a group whips the crap out of phoenix. Its a bug...OMG bug bug bug....Maybe we in ireland should try that few times to make ourselves more like UK and cry...

Get some pride and learn to fight harder UK. Ireland massively outnumbered crushed your ranks.

Jon Barack Bluejacket
Jon Barack Bluejacket Day 992, 21:28


Hack or not, I still saw orders going out on the UK military forum.

My guess is if I can see your military orders, your soldiers can, too.

The fact is you had 6 allies, Ireland had NONE.

The only difference between tonight and 3 days ago is that your owners/allies were free to help you then, but today, they were distracted by hacks.

If the UK can't win a battle by itself against a country as small as Ireland, whose fault is that?

Here's the smallest violin in the world, and it's playing JUST FOR YOU!


Enjoy, the sounds of FAIL.

btw, convey my best to Lord Dishmcds, the Duke of Dublin (now in exile).

Yours in friendship,


Sean Power
Sean Power Day 992, 21:46

- news just in-

eUK claims 91,000 penix citizens hacked.
eIreland breathes in the essence of denial

Milan Milankovic
Milan Milankovic Day 992, 21:48

Polish multies and hackers is the only way you can win. Face it! You had Polish babysit for you when Russians attacked.
Enjoy your "victory" while you can, heroes.

Donovan Thomas
Donovan Thomas Day 992, 22:51

Where is Dishy?

I got the sads... he haz no lulz for me...

Diakun Day 992, 23:30

theres apparently only 500 active uk players anyway

Milan Milankovic
Milan Milankovic Day 992, 23:42

Well, 1 polish player has as many as the whole uk has active players.
Poland vs Lithuania screen shot: <a href=""></a>

Diakun Day 992, 23:56


Sean Power
Sean Power Day 993, 00:46

Milan.... you do realize there were no polish citizens anywhere near the battlefield right? I'm guessing this polish thing is something you like to drop randomly into conversations... it's abit forced.

Stick with the your fellow drones spouting off about eUSA and eCanada coming to help us while your allies were so sparse when it mattered you could count the citizens fighting for you on one slightly deformed hand (6 incase you were wondering... I guess you weren't there either huh 😛 )

Don Coscarelli
Don Coscarelli Day 993, 01:06

Ah yes, my golds well spent! Well done all!

Rawdon Day 993, 02:24

Bloody hell America claiming victory at 3am BST, Well done!

What's Dublin really worth...

Steve Steinbeck
Steve Steinbeck Day 993, 02:40

It's sad how this is probably Ireland's biggest ever success. Congratulations, you won back an original region, taking advantage of Phoenix hacks.

It'll be funny when the admins get round to undoing the global mess and Dublin is restored to UK without a fight.

Crazy Hair Inc
Crazy Hair Inc Day 993, 02:59

It's sad how this is probably Ireland's biggest ever success. Congratulations, you won back an original region, taking advantage of Phoenix hacks. x2

Joachim von Bremen
Joachim von Bremen Day 993, 03:12


I stopped reading after the first word, good job.

John Gormley
John Gormley Day 993, 04:18

Irish by birth, eIrish by the grace of God!

Dylanb9216 Day 993, 05:40

How is it sad? I'd like to see the UK defeat an enemy which outnumbers it 90 to 1.

Nathan Slater
Nathan Slater Day 993, 07:05

Well Done Ireland ;P

Sir Mic
Sir Mic Day 993, 08:16

You wouldent have wrote this if you knew the full story.

We were to busy protecting our money (from hackers).
But of cource eIreland dident have to protect there money as they have none 😛

CelticTiger211 Day 993, 09:20

Great day for Eire!
Wish I didn't have work the next day though missed the victory hour 🙁

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