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[dPM] Final Words

Day 1,904, 18:32 Published in Australia Canada by Molly Jo

Some Final Thoughts
I figured before my month as Deputy Prime Minister is officially over, I'd write one last article. First off I want to thank Xavier again for allowing me the opportunity, I got to observe many things, and learn just how much goes on behind the scenes in a eNations government. I also want to thank him for the Graphic at the top of this article, but in all seriousness its been a pleasure to work with XG.

To the Protesters/Haters/Trolls what ever you want to call them, well honestly you don't care what I have to say so why say much of anything to you, lol. But I will leave with this, if you are going to rage about stuff, at least have the whole story.

For Example:

I Founded the Australian Revolutionary Party. One of many things wrong with Iceteks article.

Larni was not an active cabinet member, she was there to give advice to either myself or Louise should XG not be around and either of us have a question. So really the snide remarks about XG being corrupt in that are stupid.

To Clarify
In my previous article I suggested "3. The Department of Finance should be run by senators, they are in charge of the budget anyway."

To clarify i didn't mean to pick one Senator to do the task, I meant a committee of senators, or perhaps the senate as a whole works on running Finance, while of course working with the Prime Minister or Deputy Prime Minister.

Good Luck to who ever wins the Election, you have a tough situation brought on you by the actions of Chile, Indo, some rogue senators, an alliance that didn't mediate, mediators that betrayed us, and the sheer crappyness of this games economy. Worst of all that is, not matter what you do, someone is going to find a reason to hate you for it, 🙁.

to all my readers,
Soon to be former Deputy Prime Minster, Molly Jo.


Vyrin the First
Vyrin the First Day 1,904, 18:35

❤ to you too - you're awesome.

Gordon Lightning
Gordon Lightning Day 1,904, 18:52

Good work MJ

scottty the NUKE
scottty the NUKE Day 1,904, 19:01

Just ignore Icetek and he will stop biting...
Regardless, good article and thanks for the effort you put in \o

Tim_Holtz Day 1,904, 19:25

excellent article its a shame some people just dont get it

BugsBunnyz Day 1,904, 21:06

I'm sure you did a awesome job Molly 🙂

lancer450 Day 1,904, 21:44


BOUD1CCA Day 1,905, 00:34

Excellent Molly, you are inspirational \o/

Mickskitz Day 1,905, 15:48

Good work MJ!

Icetek Day 1,906, 00:50

they cant ignore me because they know there is truth to it. durrrrrr

Majester Day 1,906, 09:36

Its been good. Hope it prepared you for the big chair one day soon.

witherd1 Day 1,906, 13:26

Just ignore Icetek and he will stop biting...
Regardless, good article and thanks for the effort you put in \o x2

RobinGoodfellow Day 1,906, 14:25

Good work Molly!

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