[DoE] We the People

Day 1,918, 13:08 Published in USA USA by Department of Citizen Affairs

The same set of questions was asked of each party representative. In choosing representatives, I simply took anyone from the “leadership” of the party. Then I took quotes from other people about the party.


For my article on We The People, I chose to interview Mazzy Cat, a former PP of the party.

1. Why did you join this Party?

Originally, I joined as part of an ATO effort. I decided to stay, because for the first time in erep.. I felt at HOME in a party.

2. What does this party do for the eUSA as a whole?

We offer a party with a different viewpoint, and we put the peoples voice first and foremost.

3. What are the main principles that guide your party?

It all goes back to the voice of the people..

4. What does this party do for its members?

We bring the voting to them.. (although this is new and not perfected) We elect our congress members. We have game nights. Keep communications above par. We are building a help program.

5. What does this party do to get players (especially newer ones) involved?

I try to actively talk to our eBabies that show an active interest in the game. I don't know if you are aware but we had a rather young player make it into congress this term.

What do others say about WTP?

"WTP is less of a party and more of a social experiment; A test run for what a more diverse future could look like."- Hale26