[DoE] VMA-214 The Black Sheep

Day 1,929, 06:49 Published in USA USA by Department of Citizen Affairs

VMA-214 The Black Sheep

“We don’t run with the herd anymore...”

The Black Sheep, Commanded by Roper 70, are an independent American MU. The Black Sheep are a non-political MU, and pride themselves on being different from the rest, not “running with the herd, as they say. The Black Sheep have a solid balance of members, and hit decently hard in divisions 2, 3, and 4.

Here are some little statistics to give you a quick look into what The Black Sheep are like:

D1 Soldiers*: 1
D2 Soldiers*: 15
D3 Soldiers*: 31
D4 Soldiers*: 21
Average Level**: 30

*This is all members, NOT just the “official” members
**This is the Median value (remember elementary school math?), so that the random joiners do not mess up the results TOO badly

The Black Sheep(’s?) Avatar:

Roper 70, the CO of the Black Sheep, wearing the Black Sheep Uniform

Here’s a look at some of the best fighters from The Black Sheep:
Top 3 Fighters by level: Norbengo, Unna343, Firo Prochainezo
Top 3 Fighters by Military Rank: Unna343, Norbengo, Scottischbum

The Black Sheep also drop around 305 Million Damage weekly, making it the 13th Ranked MU in weekly Damage in the United States.