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[DoE] Military Module-- Presidential View!

Day 2,221, 13:17 Published in USA USA by Department of Citizen Affairs

Today the Department of Education presents the first portion of a two-part article series on the military module by Vanek26 (edited for current publication by Tanishq).

Guide to: the War Module

eRepublik’s war module, as currently constituted, is a conglomeration of years of changes and other areas of no change, resulting in some rather bizarre results, loopholes, and tactics. The game’s wiki (as well as the knowledgebank and any other admin-maintained area) is woefully out of date, so try not to consult those sources. Instead, I’ll attempt to explain how it operates, looking at it from the viewpoint of a Country President account. The Country President’s account is where the mechanics of war are mostly clustered.

Wars are initiated from the Country Administration page. Here, a Country President has several options for various laws, as well as the ability to select a Campaign of the Day. For our purposes here (discussing the war module), we will ignore a few of these options and only discuss the parts that are underlined. Black is most pertinent to the topic, though red underlined parts are essential to success.

Let’s focus on the Declare War, Airstrike, and Natural Enemy options for today. We’ll discuss Mutual Protection Pacts, Peace Proposals, Resistance Wars, and the Campaign of the Day in the next article.

Note: All laws take 24 hours to pass, and only one of each kind can be proposed at the same time.

Declare War, while an obsolete mechanic in today’s eWorld, still functions (to the best of my knowledge). I say to the best of my knowledge because it has not been used by any country in years. “Why,” you say? It costs gold to declare war--lots of gold. In addition, the law takes 24 hours and requires a 2/3 majority to pass.

So, what do people use instead? Natural Enemy.

Natural Enemy (NE) is a mechanic the admins introduced a few years ago to spice up the game, but basically it has just eradicated one mechanic and made this the standard. What makes Natural Enemy so appealing is that it costs nothing to declare, it provides a 10% damage boost, and (of course) it allows you the first attack. The downside is that you cannot change Natural Enemy for 7 (basically 😎 days, and peace proposals cannot be sent while it is active. What this means is that a war started by the Natural Enemy mechanic cannot end for around 10 days after being declared, if both sides maintain regions--7 days of having the NE, a day to change it while the NE is still in effect, and then 2 days for peace proposals. Like declare war, Natural Enemy proposals take 24 hours to pass and require 2/3 approval.

Finally, Airstrike is an expensive module periodically opened by the admins that allows countries to attack anywhere the world (not just bordering nations). An Airstrike is funded by a country’s citizens, rather than solely by the government. When donations are enabled, citizens can donate food and money to the Airstrike Fund. The amount of food required for an Airstrike follows the formula: Health Units Required = (Country Citizenship Population + All Allies Population) *50. Basically, the more Mutual Protection Pacts (MPPs) you have, the more food it will cost your country to complete an airstrike. To get an airstrike at a cheaper price, a country may choose not to renew an MPP to drop the cost. The other component to Airstrike donations is money (which is far easier to obtain than food). The formula is this: Currency Required = (1.000.000 Currency + 100.000 Currency for each region owned that is not original) * ( 1 + (25 * Number of distinct Food Resources Owned) / 100 )).

There are a few caveats to think about when proposing an Airstrike: while they can be used any time, they only can be made when the admin runs a special contest or other promotion. Secondly, when it becomes possible to launch an airstrike, and if the admin donation window is still open, you can build another one to use later. However, the country has to wait 14 days between Airstrikes. Thirdly, the law can only be used on countries you do NOT border. If you want to fight someone on your border(s), NE them.

The Airstrike tactic is very expensive and risky, and many don’t believe it is worth the cost. Basically what happens is a battle (with MPPs on both sides) is opened after the law is passed at the discretion of the CP, same as a regular war. The difference, however, is that there are no NE bonuses. If the attacker wins the first battle, they gain the region and the war proceeds much the same as any other. Therefore, it’s common for both sides to declare NEs on each other right after the first battle ends so that they can get it for the next battle. (Natural Enemy bonus points come into effect whenever the law is passed). If the attacker loses, however, the war ends and they will have wasted lots of food and money.

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