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[DoE] IES: What is it?

Day 2,472, 06:50 Published in USA USA by Department of Citizen Affairs

The Following is a short piece on what the IES does.

What is this “IES?”
By Hawkie

Congress established IES, the Immigration Enforcement Service, in order to screen applicants for citizenship in an effort to assist in combating political-takeover efforts, assisting anti-takeover efforts, and document the entrance of legal and illegal immigrants. In order to attain citizenship in the eUnited States, the only way to do it legally and legitimately is through immigration according to these regulations set forth by Congress:

Rather than apply directly in game, applications are run through a form offsite: This may seem tedious or unnecessary, but it allows applicants to put more information than they would be able to in the in-game app, and allows us to guide the information they give with targeted questions.

After an application is filled out, IES Agent(s) do a background check and determine whether the applicant is a suitable candidate based on a variety of characteristics. They notarize any important information, and then list the application as approved or denied, publicly available to everyone on this list: This list also shows which applications are still pending so that applicants can check their own status.

In the case that an applicant disagrees with the decision, they are free to appeal it to the Director or their Deputy and the application will be looked over again and perhaps more information collected in order to check that the decision was rendered legitimately.

While IES serves primarily as a service to Congress to assist in determining who qualifies for citizenship, it also operates as a watchdog when it comes to representatives that choose to break the regulations set forth.

In the case that a Congressperson grants citizenship to an applicant not approved by IES, there is an automatic censure which varies based on number and date of infraction, removing their access to Congressional boards immediately. This censure may be lifted upon a majority vote of Congress, but typically is not even on first violations.

Currently, IES is run by the IES Director appointed by a congressional vote, currently The Original Hawkie, and their chosen deputy, currently Wild Owl, and the agents who volunteer and then are appointed by the Director.

If you have any questions about IES, feel free to message any of the above or check out #IES on IRC, which also contains links to both the application and the status list.



Code-Y Day 2,472, 06:52


Kaminarinote Day 2,472, 06:54

The IES? Yeah, I'm for it.

Alexander Atem
Alexander Atem Day 2,472, 17:35

IES needs to accept me back! 😃 plz 😃

Alexander Atem
Alexander Atem Day 2,472, 17:36

other then that..Nice Article 😃

Genrik Day 2,528, 03:32

Many words! No one answers me!

mapuches Day 2,613, 11:54


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