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[DoE] Guide to: Understanding Bonuses

Day 2,143, 18:19 Published in USA USA by Department of Citizen Affairs

This article, by Wild Owl and Tanishq, explains what bonuses are and why they're important.

Economic Bonuses. A lot of us have heard this word being thrown around. Why should the ordinary player care about economic bonuses, and how are they helpful to a country?

This article aims to explain economic bonuses to newer players and their political, economic and military ramifications on a country.

All regions in eRepublik are given a single economic resource bonus, which gives a 20% boost in employee productivity to the nation possessing them.

Food bonuses: Grain, Deer, Fish, Cattle, Fruits
Weapons Bonuses: Iron, Aluminum, Saltpeter, Oil, Rubber

A country may possess a maximum of 5 different resources. Therefore, a country that possesses regions with all 5 possible resources receive a 20% bonus in each category of food or weapon production (resulting in a total economic bonus of 100%). This country's possession of all food and weapons bonuses is then called a "full bonus" or "100/100 bonus" country. It must be noted that having multiple regions with the same economic bonus resource will not give you an extra boost in productivity. Furthermore, regions must be connected to a nation’s capital to be eligible to contribute to the resource bonuses.

The following table gives an accurate summation of the products produced in companies varying with the economic bonuses:

Note: Companies in full bonuses countries require twice as many raw materials as those in 0 bonus countries.

The Current eUS Bonus situation:

At the time of this article's publication, the USA holds a 20/60 bonus. We possess oil to give us a boost in our weapons production. (While we also possess regions with cattle and fruit to boost our food production, there is no direct transport route from these regions to the Capital, so these potential bonuses aren't in effect.)

Because we recently lost many of our regions, our economy is not as strong as it used to be. We do not possess the cherished full bonuses that commune holders look for to provide maximum production for their companies. Maximum bonuses mean more weapons and more food produced per worker, and hence, more damage on the battlefield for the country holding it. It also brings in more tax money for the government coffers.

Countries will full bonuses are often the target of hostile groups attempting to gain entry for their own progress and benefits instead of the country’s. China, a full bonus nation, maintains an extremely strict citizenship policy for prospective applicants to the country with quotas per country. Brazil, a nation which has enjoyed full bonuses in the past, was targeted by a hostile MU attempting to take over. It is for these reasons that the eUSA chose to employ a successful low bonus strategy in the past (60/60) as we dealt with a PTO threat in our country.

Nations that are wiped from the map and hence possess no economic bonuses are severely disadvantaged in terms of economic growth. Their income tax evaporates, the cost of finished products goes up and the populace suffers. Full bonus nations on the other hands, enjoy huge benefits but often unwittingly end up being targets of PTO groups. By adopting the middle course, eUSA was able to control its political situation to a large extent and maintain a moderate source of income for the country.

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Here's to restoring a healthy economic bonus!

Oblige Day 2,143, 18:29


Mike Ontry
Mike Ontry Day 2,143, 18:30

Salvator3 Day 2,143, 18:37

Great article 🙂

Just a note however, Brazil doesn't have full bonuses at the moment, they actually don't have any regions!

Tanishq Day 2,143, 19:04

Comment deleted

Tanishq Day 2,143, 19:11

Haha, forgot to change that. It's fixed now; thanks for pointing that out!

Salvator3 Day 2,143, 19:21

Don't worry, happens to me all the time when you start writing an article a few days before it's published, then the whole world changes!

Alexander Atem
Alexander Atem Day 2,143, 18:39

Voted! \o/

Bucephalus92 Day 2,143, 18:40

voted \o/

Weapon Frayer
Weapon Frayer Day 2,143, 18:42


Israel Stevens
Israel Stevens Day 2,143, 19:06

Good article!!

Sir David of Denton
Sir David of Denton Day 2,143, 20:26

Great article I've been on here two years and knew none of that

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 2,143, 20:40

"PTO" threat

yeah okay

so much for education... indoctrination you mean

Emily DG
Emily DG Day 2,143, 20:42


Thee Koncerned Citizen
Thee Koncerned Citizen Day 2,144, 01:27

s1708 v25

Tormannosaurus Rex
Tormannosaurus Rex Day 2,144, 06:15

It's true, Plan Cut Off Your Nose To Spite Your Face has been a resounding success: none of the people ruling over our five regions happen to be named Ronald Gipper Reagan.

Tormannosaurus Rex
Tormannosaurus Rex Day 2,144, 06:39

Er, sorry, I meant WOOOOO USA! USA! USA!

Tenshibo Day 2,144, 07:10


Grant van der Merwe
Grant van der Merwe Day 2,144, 09:26

Great article; thanks for writing this up -- I was really wondering what all the bonuses were about and why they mattered. Great to get some insight into the bigger picture.

wmasters84 Day 2,144, 09:30


Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,144, 10:55


Chalco Hills
Chalco Hills Day 2,144, 17:07

"We do not possess the cherished full bonuses that commune holders look for to provide maximum production for their companies."

Telling choice of words.

Viarizi Day 2,145, 00:36

You guys do know that the low bonus strategy never worked against the AFA numbers, right?

yeeeep Day 2,145, 03:26

low bonus strategy .... you are kidding, right?

Thern alpha
Thern alpha Day 2,145, 07:07


Pawardjow Day 2,145, 09:38


JoinMEnow Day 2,145, 15:25

Comment deleted

Paul Tale
Paul Tale Day 2,145, 16:00

Good article.

BIHkontinent Day 2,146, 09:28

good good

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