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[DoE] Guide to Guerilla Fights!

Day 2,461, 09:55 Published in USA USA by Department of Citizen Affairs

How to Guerrilla Fight
By: Code-Y

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Guerrilla fights are the best way to deal insane amounts of damage while consuming the least amount of health! No matter what, win or loss, you'll always do more damage with guerrilla fights, the only difference is, it's a bit more time consuming. This is a 100% fact and if you want to maximize your damage output, you should guerrilla fight as often as possible.

Before the recent update I wasn't really too interested in guerrilla fighting so I didn't fight, I just guerrilla danced (Definition found below).

Now the update makes this strategy useless, because if we lose, we do 100% of our health lost in Q7 Damage + 50% of the opponents health lost. This means that if you do 10k with 1 Q7 hit and lose a guerrilla fight with 0 health and take all your opponents health, then you do 100k dmg + 50k dmg, so 150k! This shows even if you lose guerrilla fights, they're still a worthwhile investment as long as you do damage!

Also if you win, you do 100% of your opponents health lost instead of 50%, a nice little incentive to win 😁!

Now for the moment you've all been waiting for! How do you fucking win these things?

Before you even fight!

It's very simple, first off, always go into battle with a fully loaded clip! That means you need 3 grenades all the time! Your weapon must always have full ammo and you have to have back up weapons (Sniper and Crossbow are best)! I cannot stress this enough because if you fall into a moving loop (Definition found below) and you have less health, then you're fucked! I also suggest a storm rifle as your primary weapon of choice because it has the biggest usable range (350 - 800) it's good to go, and it also has the most ammo and a good amount of damage! Also in terms of total damage per game, it wins by far. (8 dmg/turn and 5 hits before reload is needed. The only weapon close to this damage output is the crossbow which does 7 dmg/turn due to the fact you have to reload it every turn).

Strategy Guide

Now that you know the necessities of going into a guerrilla fight, I'll tell you how to win! First off, this requires a lot of practice and common sense. I'm not going to walk you through every step but here are some general tips

Shoot First & keep shooting!
If you spawn, no matter what you'll be between the ranges of 300 and 750, if you have that storm rifle, you better fucking shoot! No matter what, first turn with a storm rifle, you should shoot! If your enemy has a weapon better suited for the range, aka a sniper at 700 or a uzi and 300, you still shoot until you start missing. The second you start missing you should move to a more appropriate range and continue.

Reserve your grenades
Grenades should only be used when you know you can make your opponent miss! This means unless your opponent is at a bad range and taking shots, you shouldn't use your grenade. Grenades lower your opponents shot chance by 30%, if you used this when your opponent has an 80% chance, then boom, 50%, he's not likely to hit you! But if you use it after your opponent has 90% and done 3-4 shots in a row that hit, then it's a waste. (The more shots you land in a row, the less likely you are to miss). And above all else, no matter what, never use your last grenade until the last turn or the 2nd last turn. That's the game changing grenade and should be reserved.

In times of hardship, think ahead.
Sometimes, you'll find an opponent who's just smarter than you. Every time you throw a grenade he moves, every hit you make, he blocks. In these situations you have to start thinking, this guys pretty good, now what will he not expect? If for instance you've been lured into 300 range with a storm rifle and you see him with an uzi, you DO NOT want to throw your grenade, instead, in this situtation, he's going to anticipate you moving backwards, this is where you pull the mind fuck and move forwards. This is good because uzi's have terrible close range, as a matter of fact they have an incredibly tiny range and if you move out of the range, you're very unlikely to get hit, this also puts you at a better oppurtunity because if the opponent doesn't move, then you pull out your crossbow and shoot 'em at 80 range! Basically, this tip is saying don't think there's only 1 option, you always have more than 1 option, so utilize it!

Free Reload?
If you're in a losing situation where every health counts and you and your opponent are both using the same weapon, a strategy to get a free reload with out risking health loss is before you reload, move closer to your enemy, (Farther sometimes works, but it's less reliable for Uzis/snipers/rifles because they have good long range percentages). This method will make your opponent have to move back to get back into a good range and while they're moving back you reload! If your opponent doesn't move back, then either way you're better off because your opponent is way more likely to miss and you can use your grenades to mess with 'em!

Deal Damage!
No matter what, you should never accept defeat. You should always focus on doing damage! Even if you lose, remember, you do damage based on how much health your opponent loses, so trust me, you want to damage your opponent as much as possible! You never know, they might go on a losing streak and you could win 🙂!

Don't get too mad!
They say save the best for last. One thing you should know going into a guerrilla fight is it's all random. No matter what, you never get a guaranteed miss, there is no 100% way to always win. Never be too cocky because that guy with 20 wins and 30 losses might be learning, and never be too pessimistic because that guy with 300 wins and 120 losses may not be paying attention! Above all else, you're going to miss those 90% shots, your opponent will somtimes make that 30% shot 4 times in a row! It happens and it's best to keep a cool head and wipe off your losses, trust me, I'm a professional ^_~.


Guerrilla Dance: An obsolete method that is no longer viable in the game where 2 opponents move back and forth to maximize damage without taking away health from each other. It's no longer viable because the influence is now calculated differently.

Moving Loop: Where neither fighter is at a good distance to shoot and so they both move at the same time, and continue to do so. This can go on for an endless amount of time if the fighters move the exact same distance and the person with less health typically has to break this loop by changing weapons or taking the bad shot.



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At present the guerilla fight is a big shit...

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Very Nice

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32 armour? Max I ever got was 24.

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you forgot to say how expensive is to fight full in guerila

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