[DoE] Guide to: Food Factories

Day 1,989, 21:40 Published in USA USA by Department of Citizen Affairs

This article brought to you by Wild Owl explains the dynamics of health, food and how to get the most out of your gold by investing in food companies.

Companies. Practically every one of us would like to own a large amount of them, and to be able to churn out profits to support ourselves on eRepublik. Alas, Plato in his infinite wisdom has made the economic module a dead one which runs mainly on the amount of gold that a player can invest into the game. Profits on companies are negligible, and a return on investment often takes months. Simply put, a newer player would be better off investing in training grounds and investing in himself militarily than he would be if he tried invested in himself economically. However, while most MUs in the USA are able to provide their soldiers with weapons, food is generally produced by the players themselves, so it is advisable to have the infrastructure to be able to complete your food fights daily.

Every ingame function in eRepublik needs health. Whether its working for your employer, training, working in your own companies or fighting - you need health. The game allows you to replenish 10 health every 6 minutes, which adds up to 2400 health in a day. As food is the only way to regain health, a newer player should invest wisely to be able to get the most of out his ingame experience initially.

As we start up on eRepublik, the admins gift us with a q1 food factory - which cannot be downgraded or sold - and enough q1 Raw Material companies to run it. It is best to upgrade your initial food factory, as well as at least one more, to q2, to be able to complete your daily order - a bare minimum for an active player - daily. While investing in higher Q level food companies does give better food quality, which gives more health per product and requires lesser storage per the amount of health stored, q2 factories give more bang for their buck and are more effective- and importantly- cheaper for the newer player. It takes around 11 gold - assuming that you upgrade your Companies during a discount - to upgrade a q1 factory to Q2. It takes another 21 to make a company from scratch to Q2. For an investment of 32 gold, a player can fulfill his basic needs with regards to health and become largely self sufficient enough to complete his DO( a total health of 1280 per day, given our current economic bonuses). Compared with the cost of investing in a q1 to q3 food - a common error among newer players- which costs 39 gold during gold discounts -and gives only 960 health, the idea of promoting q2 food factories is definitely a good one. Furthermore, Q3,Q4 and Q6 companies are generally shunned because the health that they provide often doesn’t divide cleanly with the 10 health/6 minute rule.

Higher food factories do exist, and are generally sought out by commune holders, as well as players looking to optimise their storage space, however, for a non gold buying newbie, Q2 food companies are the way to go. Generally, it is advisable to expand from the bare minimum of completing your Daily Order to be able to produce around 2400 health a day so that you can fight your full set of food fights daily. This translates into more damage for the USA and her allies, and makes us more visible on the battlefields, as well as improving a player’s rank and damage.

To those players who buy food from the market, and want to save storage space, it is advisable to invest in Q5 food instead of Q7. In terms of health, two Q5 food is equal to one Q7 (20 health), and the cost is a lot cheaper.

Food Raw Materials (FRMs):

Generally, a food product needs as much FRMs as the amount of health that it gives to the player. For a player fighting full fights, that is 2400 FRMs daily. With regards to FRMs, it is best to invest in Q3 (Fisheries) and Q5 (Hunting Lodges), as they generally give the best return on investments compared to the other raw materials. With the gol😨CC rate being around 1:200, Fruit Orchards, Grain Farms and Cattle Farms are no longer a good investment, costing more and giving lesser products per gold invested.

The Verdict:

Q2 food factories are generally cheaper, and cost less, and are therefore, ideal for the newer, non gold buying player. This probably explains why Q7 food is generally overpriced - Q7 food factories tend to be rarer as people can replenish their energy using cheaper factories. Government programs, and Military Units, generally prefer Q5s as they’re easier to store - more health per storage space and a comparatively low cost compared to Q7s- and they can afford the extra bucks to upgrade companies to that level. To sum it up, there is no right or wrong way with regards to health as long as a player is able to do his full set of food fights daily. While non gold buyers will prefer the cheaper way, others may find the expensive to produce higher Q food more to their liking.