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[DoE] Gold, Gold, Gold

Day 1,999, 01:23 Published in Australia Australia by Aus Ministry of Culture

*Note: This is an article written by a previous MoE.

Gold To Hold Onto

There can be utmost enjoyment in collecting Gold, surpassed only by the spending of it!

Ahh yes - glorious Gold. That which truly makes the eRepublik go round.

There are many temptations that will present themselves along the way. Resist them! Careful investment of your Gold will make all of the difference through your eRepublik journey.

Earning Gold

Each player begins with 0 Gold and must earn it from Achievements and increasing their Player Level. It is possible to reach lvl 20 and accrue 19 Gold within your first day in eRepublik!

Achievements will each reward 5 Gold with the exception of “Battle Hero” for Divisions 1-3.

There are also events like the Gold Mine held from time to time where players have a chance to be awarded with extra Gold.

Now we know you’ve been eyeing off the companies section and contemplating capitalism but really, you must resist! Here’s why:

Meet the Super Soldier achievement

This Achievement is awarded to you every time you gain a further 250 Strength Points.

If you choose to invest your Gold into upgrading your Training Centres, you will gain gain greater amounts of strength per day, sooner maximise your earning potential and recover your investment quicker. The more strength you earn, the more Gold you make. The more Gold you make...well you get the idea! 🙂

When to Spend

Ah the best part ~ but like everything good, it’s worth waiting for. You should wait for these:

There are often promotional events like these popping up from time to time. If you can wait, you can save big on upgrades!

Other promotions like special weapons for Gold and others will appear along the way too. Watch out for these bars on the home screen!

Gold may also be traded on the Monetary Market in exchange for AUD making it incredibly versatile but even more important to hold onto and use wisely!

For more information (and LIVE-ish!) click here to chat with one of us in the #aushelp channel on IRC! 🙂

Written by Cendaan and published by Education helperer Callumh123.

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Callumh123 Day 2,000, 05:34

An article I released and it has not received a single comment? OUTRAGEOUS!

Mickskitz Day 2,000, 18:08

Is there any value in getting the 90% training pack over the 50% training pack, as the initial cost is much greater

Callumh123 Day 2,001, 00:47

That's true, it would all depend on the level of your various TG's and if you know you're going to train with that consistently everyday. Otherwise I would go with the 50%.

akcadag45 Day 2,049, 17:35


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