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[DoE] Flight Training

Day 1,976, 17:36 Published in USA USA by Department of Citizen Affairs

Flight Training is not your standard MU. Created on day 1706 by order Isreal Stevens and given life by Synesi. It exists to help new players learn the fundamental basics of fighting in a eUnited States MU. I could go on and on about the many aspects of Flight Training, but I believe that a quote from Synesi himself sums it up perfectly.

"Flight Training is the best training program that this country has to offer. We have officers who will knock your socks off and a program that will quickly get you up to speed in both eRepublik and the military community as a whole. We are always looking for feedback from the troops so that we can continually improve our program. We exist to help the new players, and it is a responsibility that we view as an opportunity. We have a passion for helping new players and it is a key factor of our success. We'll feed you, we'll arm you, we'll make sure that you have a kick-ass experience while playing eRepublik." -Synesi, Former CO of Flight Training

If you are new - Flight Training just might be the perfect MU for you. Flight Training


Kooguy Day 1,976, 17:57


biaxident Day 1,977, 15:13

humm flight training used to be bootcamp?

Synesi Day 1,977, 17:15

Yep, Flight Training replaced Bootcamp.

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