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[DoE] First Days in eRepublik

Day 2,060, 13:03 Published in USA USA by Department of Citizen Affairs

Your first few days in eRepublik can be tough. A lot of citizens find themselves trapped with no money, food or weapons and no one to guide them and eventually end up quitting.

Luckily for eAmericans the Department of Education is here to walk you through those days, and before you know it, we'll get you supplied, integrated, and ready to fight for the greatest eNation in the world.

The first thing you should do is get a job. You can find one in the job market from the huge plethora of jobs available. After you get hooked up with a job, you can work for the salary you just gained.

For those of you who follow the Welcome Message, the USAF MU for beginners, Flight Training, also has commune jobs available, in which you work for a nominal amount of CC in return for food and weapons.

The next step is to go train at the training grounds. Remember to only use your free training ground, it isn’t economically wise to use gold to train until you have higher level training grounds. Simply click on train and you will be able to become a stronger soldier as you continue your journey on eRepublik. Next, you should take your reward for working and training for the day. You should do these 3 steps everyday.

After that, go to your profile and upload an avatar on your profile page. All of these steps will give you XP points. You can also do missions at your own pace (don't break your bank or your health trying to finish them all) to get more XP.

You can and should work and train everyday: working everyday rewards the Hard Worker medal and your daily wage, and training makes your life worth living by building up your ability to mow down countless TWO fools.

Also, it is strongly recommended to save up on the gold that you get as you level up for training grounds upgrades. Levelling up becomes significantly harder as your journey on eRepublik progresses, and this ~20 or so easy gold (1 gold per level), should not be wasted away.

Health is a number on your left sidebar, under your name and avatar. Working and training in every training ground consumes 10 health per click. You can gain health by eating food. All new players start up with one Q1 food company and the necessary FRM companies required to run it.The department of Interior, as well as several political parties, run programs to supplement the food needs for newer players in our country.

If you look on your own profile, you'll see you get two locations put on the side of your profile: your current location, and your citizenship. You can change your location by clicking that change link next to it, and paying a variable amount of CC, depending on where you want to move.

What your location allows you to do:
- Fight for the location country and her allies in a normal battle
- Fight for the location country only in a resistance battle
- Apply at a job in the location country

With eUSA wiped out, several military units require movement of their soldiers for completion of their daily orders. In most cases, this is completely funded by the MU, saving the moving costs cost for our soldiers.

Unlike your location, citizenship is free to change - but it requires a country's congress to approve your request. Citizenship allows you to participate in a country's political process, including voting and running for office. With eUSA facing stronger and larger enemies, it is strongly recommended for newer players to stay in the country and helping us fight off our enemies.

We hope that you find this article from the DoE helpful in your eRepublik journey. As always, if you have any questions or any topics that you’d like the DoE to cover, please do mention them in the comments section. Also, any new player that seeks a DoE mentor can request one here.


First reserved for education of the newbies!

DMV3 Day 2,061, 14:05

Good work, one thing we should add is that fighting to should be limited early on to encourage new citizens to build up strength and level slowly.

Touche Awaay
Touche Awaay Day 2,060, 13:12

2nd for fag

biaxident Day 2,060, 13:17

nice work. most importantly newbies should find experienced players to direct their questions. ask your ministers of education, defense, VP.... they are there for you to ask questions:)

FormulaUno Day 2,061, 09:52

Inaccurate, using the 5 gold you start with to train in the climbing center and the free grounds is the best strategy. You'll earn more strength and more gold than using the free grounds only. The other 2 training are money sinks and never pay back what they cost to use.

Overall good article, though

VuXman Day 2,062, 05:19

Lol at your level and at your strength xD

FormulaUno Day 2,061, 09:57

Also your location country lets you choose who you'll support in a RW, you're not required to fight for the location country, you can also fight against them (ie. Move to Hungary and you can fight for USA in Wyoming)

John Greywolf
John Greywolf Day 2,061, 20:31


Alpha Zette
Alpha Zette Day 2,062, 06:59


Tanishq Day 2,079, 19:36


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