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[DoE] Explaining Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

Day 2,465, 04:22 Published in USA USA by Department of Citizen Affairs

Before we start this article I would like to share about the DoE's Question of the Day available at DoE's Website. It is open for all the eUS Citizens. Just answer the question and get 50 Q5 Foods everyday.

What is IRC?

We are gonna see about one of the main aspects of the game which is Internet Relay Chat (IRC). It is one of the primary ways to find immediate help, get to know your fellow citizens, become more involved in the US community and progress to leadership positions is by joining various communities on irc. Simply saying, its just like chat rooms where you can chat with everyone in a single place. We are gonna explain about basic things you need to know about IRC if you haven’t heard about it before.

One of the easy ways to access IRC is through Mibbit which doesn’t need you to download anything as you can use it through any web browsers.

* Go to:

* Select ‘Rizon [webirc]’ in the drop-down box near the ‘Connect’ and enter the nick you prefer. You can enter the names of the Channels you wish to join. Let us make you join the main channel of USA and the channel of DoE which is #usa and #eUSA-DoE respectively.

* Click the connect button and the client will start the process of connecting you to the IRC Server. And then you will be in the channels you have mention where you can chat with others.

IRC Clients
There are lots of other IRC Clients which you can use in your web browser or as an application from your desktop.

Here are some of the famous clients used in eRepublik.

* - It is a browser based IRC Client somewhat same as Mibbit.

* KiwiIRC - This is a browser based IRC Client too and is easy to use.

* X-Chat - It is a powerful IRC client for Linux and Windows with several features that other clients leave out. It has a 30 day trial period before asking for a $20 "donation”.

* X-Chat 2 - It has almost all the features of X-Chat. This is user made and is free for life-time.

* ChatZilla - It will work as a Addon for Firefox and is free too.

* mIRC - It is a common and free IRC client. It gives you a 90 day trial before asking you to register. You don't have to register, but it'll bug you every time you start it up about registering.

* HexChat - HexChat is an IRC client based on XChat, but unlike XChat it’s completely free for both Windows and Unix-like systems.

They are all easy to set up for basic stuffs and they provide you with instructions on how to set up. Most of the channels used for eRepublik is based and uses Rizon Server.

The server name to be used in clients will be The ports can be 6660 to 6670 and 7000.

Basic commands in IRC

Most of the people in the various channels can help you out basic commands in IRC. Anyway, we will see some of the basic commands here and you can always use this page to know about all commands anytime.

Joining a Channel

Joining a channel is so simple that you have to just type a simple command.

Command - /join #ChannelName” or “/j #ChannelName

Example - /join #eUSA-DoE

Changing your Nickname

Changing nickname is sometimes useful when people wants to go away for some mins or to indicate that they are away from keyboard. Its like changing the nick from “Cholan” to “Cholan|AFK”. You don’t need to log into the client everytime to change your nickname because there is command just to change your nick from wherever you want.

Command - /nick NewNickName

Example - /nick Cholan|AFK

Query or PM a person

If you need to speak someone in private, you can use the query option which creates something like a new room with just you and the opposite person.

Command - /query PersonNick

Example - /query MollyEmma

Registering your NickName

Registering your name will be helpful to prevent someone using your nickname, to access channels which needs registered nicknames and to show to others that its really you. And only registered users can use the additional privileges given to them in the channel.

Before performing commands which involves passwords and email, its better to do it in a private space like Rizon Server tab or use a query command to query yourself. Its just not to make sure someone else doesn’t come to know about the password you are using by mistake when you use these commands.

Command -

Use an email which you use as a code will be sent to you for verification purposes. The name you are using while you perform these commands will be registered to the password and email.

Step 1 - /msg nickserv register <password> <email>

Step 2 - /msg nickserv confirm <ConfirmationCode>
The confirmationCode will be sent to the email you provided.

And thats it, the nickname has been registered and you can use the password to identify yourselves every time.

The command for identifying is /ns identify password

Using GHOST Command

Ghost command can be used when you come to know that someone else is the nickname you have registered. This command kills the nickname so that you can use it.

Command - /ns ghost username password

After using the command, the nickname will be killed, you can again use the register nick and identify.

Grouping Nicknames

So you have a registered nickname but you may use ‘Nickname|AFK’ sometimes too if you are away from keyboard. Those nicknames won’t be registered and may sometimes result in problems. So Group command can be used to register multiple nicknames under a single password and email.

Command -
First change your nick to the nickname you are going group.
Then type
/ns group originalusername password

You can get the list of nicknames registered by using the command /ns glist

These are some of the basic commands frequently used in IRC. You can know more commands by asking out the other members or in this page

So now you know the basic stuffs in IRC. Thats not enough, because you need to know the important channels used in eUSA Community. Mostly all Departments, Military Units and Parties have separate one or more channels just for them. Some people also have separate private room just for them with their friends being in it.

Here is a good guide I found useful if you wish to create a channel for something.

Some of the widely used channels of eUSA.

#usa - Official public channel of eUSA
#usa-chat - eUnited States public channel

Government Channels
#IES - Immigration Enforcement Subcommittee channel for citizenship requests
#us-state - Official Channel of eUS State Department
#eUSA-DoE - Official Channel of eUS Department of Education
#interior - Official Channel of eUS Department of Interior
#USAF - Official Channel of United States Armed Forces
#voting - Channel used by the Department of Homeland Security on election days to prevent PTO

Party Channels
#fedPartyChat - Official Channel of Federalist Party.
#AMP - Official Channel of American Military Party.
#uswpchat - Official Channel of United States Workers Party
#wtp - Official Channel of We The People Party
#blacksheep - Official Channel of The Black Sheep Party

If you want to share some channels useful for the members, you can post it as a comment in this article.

If you have any query regarding the game, the events or anything, you can always post it to ERICA and you will be contacted regarding it through an in-game message by a DoE Staff.



[DoE] Explaining Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

The Mike
The Mike Day 2,465, 04:30


Tiamati Day 2,465, 04:45

With the reintroduction of in-game chat this IRC centric article is essentially "external advertising"

The Mike
The Mike Day 2,465, 11:13

The ingame chat is yet to offer the creation of rooms for different purposes (:

Tiamati Day 2,465, 16:46

The initial version of chatrooms in v1 (java-based) permitted users to buy their own chatrooms; perhaps Plato will address this concern in future updates.

Tanishq Day 2,465, 05:40


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