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[DoE] eRepublik Elections!

Day 2,390, 22:37 Published in USA USA by Department of Citizen Affairs

Explaining eRepublik Elections

There are totally four elections each month which includes Country President, Party President, Congress and Captain.

Election Date
Country President - 5th of each month.
Party President - 15th of each month.
Congress - 25th of each month.
Captain - 15th of each month.

Voting in Elections


There will be a banner at the top of of your homepage that states it is Election Day, so you can click that button to vote. You can also go to the voting page by selecting 'Elections' in the 'Community' tab.

At the end of each election, there will be a 6 hour period in which the the game moderators and staff to verify the integrity of the votes and then the official results are released.

Country Presidency Elections

^[This will be available on selecting 'Country President' category in 'Elections Page']

As stated above the Country Presidency Election takes place by 5th of each month. Candidates for this election are those who are proposed and supported by the Parties. Usually parties undergo primaries or discussion to select which candidate to support for each election. Up to five candidates can run in this election, with the largest parties taking part of the election.

The candidate with the majority votes wins the election and becomes the Country President of the nation. If the Country President is impeached, the runner up of the election becomes the next Country President.

[This will be available in your party page]

Party Presidency Elections

^[This will be in your Party Page]

Each citizen, who is a member of a party, can vote for their chosen candidate for the party presidency. In order to participate in the party presidency elections, access your party page and click on the 'Run for Presidency' button.. The party presidency elections take place in the 15th of each month. You can submit your candidate from the 25th of each month until the 14th. Remember being Party President is a important thing and so running for it is a serious thing and so its better to learn all the things around, discuss with other party members and complete the process required for each parties before running for the Party President Elections.

Top parties in eUSA usually have a process of selecting the official candidates for the elections to avoid people voting for a PTOer or a member who is not suitable to take over as Party President.

If the Party President resigns, the person with the highest XP in that party becomes the new Party President.

Congressional Elections

^[This will be available when you select 'Congress Elections' category in 'Elections' Page]

Each citizen can vote for any party. Only the top 5 parties in the 25th of each month are able to be elected into congress.

^[This will be available in your Party Page]

^[Second step on submitting your candidacy for Congress Elections]

You can submit your candidacy from the 16th of each month until the 24th. The party president can change the order of the list in the 24th of each month.

The number of Congress members in a country depends the on the number of regions it has on the 23rd of the month. If a country has no regions then they wont be having any Congress members.

1 Region - 10 Congress Members
2 Regions - 20 Congress Members
3 Regions - 30 Congress Members
4 Regions - 40 Congress Members
More than 4 regions - 40 Congress Members
More than 40 regions - 40 Congress Members + 1 New seat for each region above 40.

Captain Elections

Every unit member can become a candidate for the captain elections in their regiment. You can submit yourself as a candidate on the 14th of each month in your Military Unit page. The captain elections take place in the 15th of each month along with Party President Elections. The members of the regiment which you are a candidate for will be able to vote for their chosen captain in their Military Unit page.

If you have any query regarding the game, the events or anything, you can always post it to ERICA and you will be contacted regarding it through an in-game message.

Website: Free information!
Visit our official website here!

Erica, created to be the place for everything related to DoE. You can post a queries, suggestions or job application to her.

Events and Programs taking place in eUSA will be updated to her so that she can share it with everyone. Do you run or represent an event or a program which is useful for eUSA members, then do submit it to her so that she can share it too.

You can always access ERICA at



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