[DoE] All about Weapons

Day 1,996, 13:36 Published in USA USA by Department of Citizen Affairs

This article by Wild Owl aims to inform the average reader about weapons, their dynamics, profitability and effectiveness.

Weapons Dynamics and Quality:

eRepublik allows citizens to go into battle unarmed (q0) or with weapons, ranging in quality from q1-q7. The different quality of weapons along with their durability (the amount of times that they can be used) is given below:
Q1: 1 Durability, 20% Firepower
Q2: 2 Durability, 40% Firepower
Q3: 3 Durability, 60% Firepower
Q4: 4 Durability, 80% Firepower
Q5: 5 Durability, 100% Firepower
Q6: 6 Durability, 120% Firepower
Q7: 10 Durability, 200% Firepower

As can be seen, Q7 weapons are the most durable and efficient and provide the most damage per cost invested. If you intend to use weapons, it is best to go with Q7s.

Weapons Companies:

While several citizens own lower q factories in weapons, the huge cost to attain a q7 factory even with gold discounts means that most players are unable to acquire them. As with food companies, the returns are minimal - to make up your return on investment, you have to wait more than a year for a Q7 factory.

However, there are citizens who own lower Q factories (Q1s being the most common, mostly because of the missions for new players at the start), which are useful in rocket building for their owners. However,these should only be considered if you can sustain yourself with regards to food and have a decent level of training grounds.

You get a bazooka (and an energy bar) for successfully completing your Daily Order in your Military Unit. Alternatively, bazooka bits are often collected as drops in battles, with some being more common than others. It takes 5 bits to complete a bazooka: the scope,the rocket, the projectile, the trigger kit and the stock.

A bazooka has 3 hits, of 10k damage each. This is often crucial in lower divisions fights, and bazookas are often used as a deadly weapon in division 1 and 2 where the average strength tends to be lower and hits tend to be below 10k. They are normally saved up in conjunction with energy bars and used for BH purposes by many players in these divisions.

In the upper divisions, bazookas aren’t that effective as many players tend to have hits above 10k but they are still a useful weapon to have if you’re looking for 1 hit kills.


As has been discussed earlier, the best type of weapons to fight with for eRepublik citizens, are Q7s. However, this created a massive amount of supply of the lower Q weapons, with no real demand. That has been fixed to a considerable extent with the introduction of rockets.

A rocket is formed of a set number of weapons ranging from Q1 to Q6. A player in Div 1-3 can make 2 rockets per day.Div 4-5 get 1 rocket per day. Generally, the amount of damage - and the cost required - per rocket is proportional to the Rocket level as seen below.

Level 1 Rocket: 50,000 damage.
Level 2 Rocket: 250,000 damage.
Level 3 Rocket: 500,000 damage
Level 4 Rocket: 1 mill damage
Level 5 Rocket: 2.5 mill damage

Larger level rockets only “unlock” for players, who progress to higher divisions. Only division 1 rockets are accessible for the newer players in division 1.


Big Bombs (5 mill damage per hit) and small bombs (damage varies per division of player) are given out to players as rewards for specific missions which eRepublik runs from time to time. While not a permanent ingame feature, they spice up battles - a 5 mill drop right in the closing stages can swing a battle in your favour.

As you can see there are many ways to do damage in eRepublik. Some players like to use theirs as soon as they have them while others like to save up rewards and weapons to use on a big battle. Whichever way you prefer is fine, the key point is to have fun with the game.