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[DoE] Ain't Sayin' You're a Gold Digger...

Day 1,979, 15:12 Published in USA USA by Department of Citizen Affairs

Gold. Rather valuable ingame. If you plan on becoming big and strong... You need gold. The two big questions are - How to get gold without buying? How to best spend your gold to maximize efficiency? So let’s get some answers!

Since you started playing eRepublik you might have noticed that you get medals from a variety of things, and these medals come with gold. Some are easy to obtain, and others are far more difficult.

This shows all the medals and how to achieve them. That’s something to be proud of!


♦Hard Worker - Work 30 days and you get this medal..

♦Congress Member - Be elected into congress and you receive this.

♦Country President - Be elected Country President and you receive this rare medal.

♦Media Mogul - 1000 subscribers for your newspaper gets you this medal.

♦Battle Hero - Have the most damage in your division in a battle, and you are a Battle Hero.
D1 - 2 gold
D2 - 3 gold
D3 - 4 gold
D4 - 5 gold

♦Campaign Hero - Have the most damage overall in an entire war, and you are a Campaign Hero.

♦Resistance Hero - Support a Resistance War and win. All 10 supporters receive this medal.

♦Super Soldier - Earn 250 Strength points to win this medal.

♦Society Builder - Invite 10 people to the game, and have them reach level 10.

♦Mercenary - Defeat 25 enemies for 50 different countries and this can be yours.

♦Top Fighter - Be a top 100 fighter for 30 days and receive this very prestigious medal.

♦True Patriot - Do damage for your country in increasing amounts for this beloved medal.

♦Freedom Fighter - This medal is awarded for helping the liberation of regions by fighting in Resistance Wars.

I’d like to focus on the Society Builder for a moment. Not only do you receive a medal for your 10 people, but you also receive 10% of all the Gold they will receive in eRepublik from achievements and purchases! So inviting people is very much a worthwhile investment.

Now - you’ve all this gold from recruiting people, working, training, fighting, etc.. What do you do with the money? You hold onto that gold. Do not spend it on missions. Gold is best spent on your Training Grounds during a sale.

Look for this bar across the top of your homepage. Can’t miss it really!

You can also use gold to upgrade companies. Now a company upgrade isn’t a decision to make lightly. You have to decide WHY you want the companies upgraded. It wouldn’t hurt to work with a profit tool. I advise speaking to your mentor, Party leadership, and MU leadership to be sure this is what you want to do. Upgrade sales for companies are also pretty frequent - so if you choose this path. Make sure you keep an eye out for these to save your precious gold!

You of course have the option to buy gold. And yes - there are sales for this as well! Pretty much everything on eRep that you can buy with gold has a sale. YAY! Make sure and wait for these sales. You’ll save a lot of gold! The more gold you save, the faster and stronger you’ll grow! And that’s good for everyone.

Work hard, ebabies! ♥


Israel Stevens
Israel Stevens Day 1,979, 15:18

Save that gold!

AlexMCS182 Day 1,979, 15:19

*foxrawr* ♥

MazzyCat Day 1,979, 15:21

Meow 🙂 ♥

Shoi12 Day 1,979, 15:21

/me purrs

Kooguy Day 1,979, 15:31


George Armstrong Custer
George Armstrong Custer Day 1,979, 15:59

"sure-- move the cat!"

Dogpyle Day 1,979, 16:30

I like gold.

biaxident Day 1,979, 16:34

vote. always ask an oldie when you are spending gold

Bucephalus92 Day 1,979, 16:44

Directions unclear, got gold stuck in box.

Dr. Badd
Dr. Badd Day 1,979, 18:29

Gold is the way to go...

bigcdizzle Day 1,979, 18:30

But she ain't messin with no broke nigga...

Strength and Honour

Dell Fargus
Dell Fargus Day 1,979, 18:46

Always wait for the sales before spending gold.

Captain Salty Kushskins
Captain Salty Kushskins Day 1,979, 19:05

Yup, NEVER upgrade companies or training centers unless a sale is running. They run in cycles and shouldn't need to wait more than a month for it to come around again.

Don't waste gold on things like energy bars, and may god have mercy on you if you spend 0.5 gold on 10 energy.

Convert gold to currency on the monetary market as needed. Save the rest to upgrade when you can. Don't spend more than 0.19 gold per day on training unless you're rich like Israel Stevens.

Cubby Day 1,979, 19:07

This article is a great start but falls short in explaining where to spend Gold. Follow up with part 2!

MazzyCat Day 1,979, 20:22

Good point - Wanna help write one? 😉

Viceraz Day 1,979, 20:29

Does storage ever go on sale?

MazzyCat Day 1,979, 20:46

nope 🙁

MaestroAkel Day 1,980, 11:56

yess... i mean i've expanded my storage when it at 50% sale on erepublik anniversary, never saw them again. Still waiting for the anniversary though...

MazzyCat Day 1,980, 12:57

Did it? I wish they'd have another. I personally could use one of those! lol

Nyx Lynx
Nyx Lynx Day 1,979, 21:53

You also forgot to mention that you can beg, borrow or steal gold ;P

btw I love your articles, very easy to read, comprehensive and concise.

MazzyCat Day 1,979, 22:10

awww! TY ♥

Tyrannocopters Day 1,979, 23:38

All Knowing DoI, should I upgrade my Weapons Factory to Q2?

MaestroAkel Day 1,980, 12:02

you would wanna upgrade food factory to q2 first.... so you would be self sufficient but id recommend you upgrade all your training grounds and buy a training contract to train with less gold and make profitable investment

nuno258 Day 1,980, 00:59


Rex Ormunde
Rex Ormunde Day 1,980, 01:08

The only thing I might add to this article is some advice on finding people to invite into eRepublik that doesn't involve spamming. I'm not sure if there's anything in the ToS against link exchanges, but I know 90% of those wont work anyway because eRep breaks frames. @.@ That, and I'd feel uneasy giving eRep 'ghost' traffic that might put a strain on their systems without actually joining the game.

Rex Ormunde
Rex Ormunde Day 1,980, 01:08

Also. Voted. x3

Power Strip
Power Strip Day 1,980, 10:18

How often does a sale come for adding energy centers?

MaestroAkel Day 1,980, 11:59

that would be great but after you upgrade the TG first and sign up a training contract -50% or -90%

naturaIMystic Day 1,980, 12:09


GeneralCarter Day 2,009, 16:40

Comment deleted

GeneralCarter Day 2,009, 16:40

good stuff I didn't know about sales!

TheRomanWarrior Day 2,091, 20:03

Haha awesome stuff! I wish I had read this earlier 😛

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