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[DoD Orders] (Day 2073) Bosnia and Herzegovina and South Dalmatia

Day 2,072, 20:36 Published in USA USA by Department of Citizen Orders


My Fellow Americans,

Please vote for these articles daily, a simple act which makes these orders easier for new players to find and follow.

if the eUS is winning a battle by 55-60%, please save your damage for another mini or another battle where needed. Do not waste damage over hitting the wall!

MU Captains and Commanders please set your orders to Northern Territory.

If you are (MOBILES ONLY this is a RW) fight for East Srpska Republic in Bosnia and Herzegovina!

If you are (MOBILES ONLY this is a RW) fight for Croatia in South Dalmatia!


Paul Proteus
President of the United States of America

Secretary of Defense

Deputy Secretary of Defense

Sarah Killah
Deputy Secretary of Defense

Deputy Secretary of Defense

Chairman of the National Security Council

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rainy sunday
rainy sunday Day 2,072, 21:57


dmjohnston Day 2,072, 21:59

Voted for the sexiest of the DSoD's, DMJ.

Ilies Daniel
Ilies Daniel Day 2,072, 22:00

samdoo can do!

Magnanimous Day 2,072, 22:33


Yuko Oshima
Yuko Oshima Day 2,072, 22:35

NT has finished o7

samdoo Day 2,072, 22:38

Just updated, Iran just opened up anther battle in NT.

Yuko Oshima
Yuko Oshima Day 2,072, 22:40


Sandukaani Day 2,072, 23:05

★★★Aim High★★★

Geronimo100 Day 2,072, 23:49

✯ ✯ ✯ GO ROGUE! ✯ ✯ ✯

Binda33 Day 2,073, 02:38

Don't fight for Indo. They are holding Aus land and need to get their greedy butts out!

Henry the 8th
Henry the 8th Day 2,073, 02:51

What happened to ST6 always fighting for eAus? ....

Lemon Vodka
Lemon Vodka Day 2,073, 02:54


TTi09 Day 2,073, 03:10


Sir_c0nstant Day 2,073, 03:12

sigh sad day when USA fights to keep a country enslaved

dbuck2001 Day 2,073, 05:25

Fighting in NY is close, help out. Or send food and/or weapons

The Mike
The Mike Day 2,073, 09:08

Courage and Honour o/\/\

DrowningMan Day 2,073, 09:30


HeapSeppo Day 2,073, 09:31

Sad day to see that eUSA just put themselves infront of our allies. Mexico got a shot at congress and we're not even ordering people to fight there. Do you guys even care about the game anymore or are you seriously just sitting there Hue'ing 24/7?

samdoo Day 2,073, 11:11

Seppo most players and MU`s care about having an up to date DO and completing it. Your MU can only set DO`s in your country or with a MPP your country has. So the RW in mexico can not be set as a DO by American MUs. These orders are partially set due to this unfair game mechanic. (the current MU competition is a way around this. you can become a true Merc MU if you get top 50).

Another point I`d like to point out is due to USA not having regions, new players have been unable to joined american MU communes.(or work for Americans), As well Belgium has been proposed as Natural Enemy, has showed up in Poland`s feed giving us a chance to fight Poland without being NE and possibly get a chance to stay on the map. (even if it is only for 3 days) as well causing wining NY to be a morale booster.

The mexico RW is important but the only way for an american MU to tell you that is on IRC. erep does have current in-game limitations of course.(even in the most up to date and used module)

HeapSeppo Day 2,073, 11:16

I really hope this is a troll. Yes we can't put DO there, that does not mean that our mobiles shouldn't go there. Them having a congress is more important than us having 1 region for a small portion of time just so noobs "can join our communes".

samdoo Day 2,073, 11:37

Seppo the DoD orders are pretty much for Noobs if you are in a mobile division you should be checking IRC for orders. making it national news where the mobiles is going.. helps our mobiles how? ( kinda like the last bit of strategy in erep. )Mobiles are held to a bit higher of a standard for intelligence than the average player. I hope you understand this.

HeapSeppo Day 2,073, 12:12

Comment deleted

HeapSeppo Day 2,073, 12:56

And yet our mobiles fight in NY? Guess something was lost on the way. 🙂

Again, read the article, I suppose you've missed these parts:

"If you are (mobile, in the USA or an allied nation) fight for USA in New York!"

"If you are (mobile, in the USA or an allied nation) fight for Indonesia in Northern Territory!"

Also, the NSC prio on IRC is NY and Indo, last prio for Mexico and yet none is fighting there.

HeapSeppo Day 2,073, 12:49

Comment deleted

Heikanu Day 2,073, 10:32


Israel Stevens
Israel Stevens Day 2,073, 15:10


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