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[DoD] National Strike - Sunday - 12:00 eRep

Day 1,865, 11:58 Published in Ireland Ireland by Irish Department of Defence

Its the holiday season, a time for the community to just sit back and enjoy life - but if you are on eRepublik, why not join these community-friendly National Strikes on the 30th?

Thank you.

Date: Sunday, 30/12/12
Time: 12:00 eRepublik Time - 20:00 Irish Time - 21:00 Croatian Time
Location: #IrishArmy
Equipment: 7 Q7 Tanks
Extra notes: Please shout this article in your military units and parties; Please be on time!

Irish Department of Defence,
Marinko Margarin
Mr. Jack X


EtzeL the Hun
EtzeL the Hun Day 1,865, 12:08

voted and subs first

send something : (

Sleep is for the weak
Sleep is for the weak Day 1,865, 16:03


Sean ODoyle Day 1,865, 17:26

Comment deleted

Stenka Razin
Stenka Razin Day 1,866, 23:50

ooohh i thought that was another strike, rl one. against the financials crysis. workers should not pay the cost...follow the irish teachers union!

MR. HANK SCORPIO Day 1,866, 00:46

What your language Sean jeez

Nice article, voted & shouted, best of luck with the strike hope you get a good turnout o7

Leo Demidov
Leo Demidov Day 1,866, 04:28


ArgE3535 Day 1,866, 14:41


Vict0r v0n Do0m
Vict0r v0n Do0m Day 1,866, 15:41


Lord Jopie
Lord Jopie Day 1,867, 05:15


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