[DMJ4POTUS] Gotta feel it, body takes control

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The day of reckoning approaches.

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I hope a lot of you were able to tune in to the eNPR Debate last night, and if not, you can still listen to it here!

I was sad that I had to cut out early, but sometimes the unexpected takes priority. This month has been full of the unexpected, but we, as a nation, have pulled through and made things happen notwithstanding. With a month under my belt, I’m ready to take the next step forward and continue the plans I’ve put in place for improving our country.

My new Secretary of Interior for next month, Civil Anarchy, and I have been talking over the last few days, hashing out the details of our plan of attack on fixing what is being presented as our weak link in the chain. I’ve admitted openly that the DoI has not performed at the level I hoped for going into this month, but we can’t foresee the future, we can’t predict challenges, and we can’t always prevent them. However, we can do what’s necessary to correct it. That will be accomplished by the Save eRepublik Initiative (SeRI).

Next month, the DoI will have a constant media presence. There will always be an active article from the Department, meaning articles will be published at least every other day. This has been a major missing component from the Department with the vital need for players to remain informed of the programs available.

As part of my effort to unify the political parties in our nation, we’ll also be ensuring that information about all party welfare programs are more accessible, through Interior and Media Department publications. So many excellent programs already exist in our parties, created and operated by outstanding members of our community. New players need to be kept aware of them to allow them to get the most out of their early days.

Meals on Wheels (MoW), Moving Cost Program (MCP), and Bank Up 2 Strength Up (BU2SU) have all been available and active this month, but sometimes more assistance was needed to ensure they provided their benefits expeditiously. The bolstering of our existing programs is Step 1 in SeRI.

The Intra-Party Communication Council that I mentioned last night on eNPR is Step 2. The multi-partisan schism that exists in our nation literally tears us apart and allows new players and old to slip through the cracks. We can do better. We can work together with a common goal of helping new players and accomplishing goals as a nation. As we’ve seen the results of improved communication between the NSC and Private MUs this last month, I know that we can see comparable results in the political landscape if we increase the discussion in this manner.

Civil just published his magnum opus where you can see the rest of the SeRI plan and the reasoning behind it. I don’t want to steal his thunder but I will tell you that it really is different than what we’ve done recently, and different from what my opponent is putting forward. It’s going to revitalize our nation across the board and the biggest benefit is that there is no limit to the amount of people that can be involved. It provides maximum involvability (not a word, just invented it, I’m POTUS, I can do that) for our citizens.

My team and I stand ready to continue to lead our eNation to greatness. Stand with us and we will accomplish it together. DMJ4POTUS, #4MoreWeeks