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We all know they’re the ones doing the real work.

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It’s become very apparent to me this month that the members of a cabinet really make or break a term. The people I chose to work with me this month have done an outstanding job, even with the issues we ran into. A lot of them have been dealing with increases strains on their RL time, so some changes are needed for the month ahead. But let’s start with a few that are staying the same.

Chief of Staff - Wild Owl

It’s hard to argue with results. There was a long time where Wild Owl didn’t like me much. We’ve been working together for a few months now and it’s been a great relationship. I trust and rely on him at every turn and I know he’ll do a great job continuing to whip my cabinet into shape.

He’s a great guy, he drives fast, and he’s a necessary addiiton to any cabinet.

Vice President - Tyler Bubblar

It’s actually kind of funny that Tyler also didn’t always like mer very much. Or at least I didn’t like him. Times change and I consider him one of the most reliable people in the eUS.

Foreign Affairs has been a major talking point for my administration thus far. I’ve made it a priority to repair some damaged relationships and continue to grow new ones. Throw into the fire at the last minute after the election, this pony has done outstanding work and will continue to do so.

Secretary of State - Derphoof

This is certainly another case of “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.” I look forward to seeing what else Derpy can conjure up for us in our foreign relations.

This month saw the first payments coming out from the new DoD Strength Enhancement Program, continued reliable damage output from our official military. That’s in no small part thanks to this team.

Secretary of Defense - Disco Musolini

USAF Operations Commander - rainy sunday

The DoD is certainly a department that calls for stability, especially when it’s working properly. I look forward to more great things to come from them.

Media was a big deal for me. I wanted to ensure that my Media Department provided useful, pertinent, and educational WHPRs to the people the eUS, and boy have they delivered! The whole team has done an outstanding job this month. Next month we’ll be making more attempts to get the Daily Press Releases up to par and making them a useful, important part of our daily tasks. Who better to continue this work than this outstanding pair?

Secretary of Media - Dave Gulya

Deputy Secretary of Media - Jude Conners
I was thoroughly pleased with the work they, and the rest of the WHPR crew did (SColbert included) this month and want to see more of it in the weeks ahead.

Unfortunately, not everyone can stay where they are, and here’s the point where we make some changes.

Director, National Security Council - The Mike

Communications Director, National Security Council - john nwp

The Mike has been involved with NSC for as long as I’ve been involved in government in the eUS. He’s a reliable force there and I can’t wait to see what he can do with the reigns. john will be coming back as our communications guy, and hopefully with his health restored, we’ll see continued discussion between the PMU leaders and our government leadership as situations develop and the eUS is called on for assistance.

Interior is a big focus for my opponent, and this month has been rough, absolutely. Trickstir wasn’t available and Jayxm has been scrambling to take over and fix things as needed. Next month we’re seeking a clean start with the work Trickstir has been able to do in cleaning up the tracking on funds and programs. For that, I wanted an idea man, and I found the perfect one.

Secretary of Interior - Civil Anarchy

Deputy Secretary of Interior - Trickstir

CA is already working on bringing back eNPR (yay!) and has other plans in the works for this month in Interior. He’ll be talking about them soon and I look forward to your responses about them.

Delyruin worked really hard this month, despite some RL concerns. Ultimately though, I have to look elsewhere for next month to give him some much needed time off. I’ve found that person.

Secretary of Education - Code-Y

Deputy Secretary of Education - Cholan II

Code-Y has already done some great informative writing on topics like Guerilla Fighting and already has ideas for more changes this month with assistance from uber-Educator Cholan.

After a strong month in Homeland Security, Greeling’s Greeling is needed elsewhere, but the man I’ve found for the job is well prepared and ready to forge ahead and slap the PTO around for a month.

Secretary of Homeland Security - Thomas Killah

He’s the got the experience and dedication to get the job done, and I have every faith that he will do outstanding work in this department.

As if this cabinet could get any better...

Secretary of Treasury - Kemal Ergenekon

I convinced the man to stay on my team. With the new housing industry, his expertise is invaluable to our nation.

A Lot of Animals - Tom Hanks

I really think I’ve assembled the dream team this month. I look forward to the opportunity to prove that to you as a nation. I humbly ask for your support, eAmerica.