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[DIO Nyx] Absent sarcasm

Day 2,245, 06:20 Published in Pakistan Serbia by Nyx Lynx
"Aovelhanegra: @everyone,( except jakal )

I dont think its right thing to screw just one, please someoen tell him to bring his whole " randi khana party, including your so called queen of nyx or whatever her name is" in the show. i dont give a damn f..k about a single person doing some bullshit alone.

lets analyse everything , not just the congress issues."

Somebody called me? Here I am! -stretches- The Queen Empress/ The Goddess Empress Dio is back baby. Careful what you wish for cos you just might get it, get it?

Now since I am here, go sit in your corner, be a good boy and drink your tall glass of STFU :>

Some pleb who got trolled on IRC is still butthurt over me. Hey it happens, you are not alone. I've ignored some people's a55es long, long time ago and they still write and obsess about me.

Ahem moving on... I take full responsibility for bad administration as Mehmood was ill and I, being a citizen of ePakistan, who cares about ePakistan had no balls to volunteer. Personally, lack of balls is ok since I am a girl. But what about you?

Amends : If you read the Cabinet article, I got to put ME in the MEDIA. You all want activity, you useless royal highnesses? You got it! Any other demands? Any other commands whilst you all sit on your a55es and do JACKSHIT?

I know this mentality very well. Go read my previous articles. If someone is your CP, doesn't mean he/she is your slave. Mehmood had malaria and typhoid fever. Rather than wishing him a speedy recovery and helping out, look at you shameless bunch acting like coyotes.

How many of you GREAT TALKERS sent him a message and asked him if he needed any help? How many of you went to him and said, "hey Mehmood, What's up? Do you need any help with your term?" "How can we work together to build a greater ePakistan?" "Mehmood I have some plans and here they are... Can you look into it and give me resources and help me achieve it?" "Mehmood, need help with the cabinet? I am interested in this module, can I be in the department?"

How many of you did that? The ones who do that are winners, the rest are just complaining whiny b1tches. I am used to this sort. yawwnsome party politics.

You all need medals, red carpet, private invitation to do shyte on erepublik? You want to "analyze things"? Really? But I am beyond your comprehensibility babe. You will never understand me sweetz. I am way too complex for your delicate little brainzzz 😞

Analyze my term please 😃 Stars were discovered in it. That was my achievement. A reason for me to have a large cabinet with loads of people was to discover these stars. Analyze that jackass. What did you think? You got a chance now to bring me down? LOL@ ur face 😃

Mehmood is a decent guy. I know you all will attack him 🙂 This is so predictable. I can write all your future 😕 Uh Oh but now you will have to go through my sword before doing that. I am not going to let you attack Mehmood. Dioists have decided to support him 100%. Oh about your 20% of the term is over, so many days are over blah this blah that... The work that I do in 1 day > The work you do in 100 days. So scoot and move over.

You want administration? We will SHOW you administration. Mehmood, I have faith in you. I have seen a glint of sparkle in you. That is enough for me to say you are good. You just lack one thing. "SUPPORT". But now you got it. And it is not any hillbilly, hick multi-making loser support. It is THE DIOIST SUPPORT. That is QUALITY. You need something? You just tell us 🙂

I am sorry I didn't volunteer earlier. I was going through some things in RL. But now let us show these couch potatoes how we play the game.


The good thing about it was it made Max write an article lol. In the logs there was so much pent-up tension lol.

When The DarkKnight was telling TheJakal, "I want you to hate me, I want you to hate me with a passion" I half expected that in the next minute, The DarkKnight would pounce on TheJakal and force a long passionate kiss on his lips :>

Then there was the "adopt me" part. I don't even want to comment on that and go all Miss Freud hehe 😃

Apart from that The DarkKnight is just The BarkKnight. I used to like him before but now not sure. I saw the logs. It just reeks of disdain. He thinks he can use people. He wants support for his own motives. I used to like him for his proactivity. Problem is, I always support creative people. Credit cards you can shove it.

The problem with "buying" supporters is that they will secretly resent you for exactly that. Materialistic stuff is ephemeral. Bring your personality. So far the personality I am seeing is Bratkid. But you are a lost cause. I don't know why you are commenting so much in ePak media when you have already left the place? Not getting any attention in Croatia, methinks...

The batkid makes me think of Miley Cyrus or Justin Beiber 😒

And yes, I saw your wonderful hitlah video. I remembered your bullsh1t about you respecting women. lol hypocrite. For those jerks who go around calling women b1tches and wh0res and mean it, have deeper issues. I have seen this on erep. They are misogynists who get a kick out of harassing women. Look at your own moral compass. Yeah history points to ar5ewipe probably. I am not a feminist, but I believe in equality. Secure men can handle that.

Anyway I don't think batkid is a misogynist, he is just an attention seeker. I know you feel sort of affected by my words. Trust me I am going very, very easy on you. After that yt shyte, I would have ripped you apart. Someday I want to be a writer. Satire is one of my style lol. Don't be my lab rat, Ratman 😃

And you give so much ammo you have no idea. After reading those logs, I can glance into your soul. I can form theories in my head and almost say what you are going through in real. But hey, its ok. You probably have people troubling you with high expectations. Don't worry about that.

They don't have any right to put you through such pressure. Keep calm and work on your life. Your RL. Do it for yourself. Not for others. Enjoy while you are working on it. Even if you fail in some things, its ok because you will always have another chance. It is never too late, too high or too much. Do it at your own pace.


I'm sad about his ban. He is hvriend 🙁 I hope he comes back. He truly liked ePakistan. He also had an innocence to him that was nice. Radenko please come back with a new account plz. We miss you.


You want to be in my team? You know what to do. Drop in a message and hop aboard. The crazier the ideas, the more I will spoil you with support 😃


Stop being uncouth, jealous, fault-finding losers and shove some winning culture into your personality. Stop being whiny wimps and do what you want to do. I want to see some quality articles, not just accusatory bullsh1t. Try putting some creative value in it. Don't fall into a pattern. You will become demons or something lol


Will write a whole new article because that is way too awesome for this article where plebses are mentioned. Dioism is a wave that will change your mind. Dioists are leaders. Dioism is Pride, Power, Pakistan!

emphatically yours,

- Nyx Lynx

(The Queen Empress of ePakistan - so rightly called)

PS - Mehmood we are with you 😉 They want to bring you down. I would like to see them try. -weilds my sword-
Also get better soon 🙂

Radenko come back!


Dan Ristesson
Dan Ristesson Day 2,245, 06:43

Voted without reading it : )

Nyx Lynx
Nyx Lynx Day 2,245, 06:48

oh noes it was all about u though 😛

Mehmood25 Day 2,245, 06:56

Voted and thanks.

Nyx Lynx
Nyx Lynx Day 2,245, 07:01

No problem, take it easy and don't stress over it. Take care.

Colonel Dag
Colonel Dag Day 2,245, 06:59

approved by the Colonel ๏̯͡ ๏

Bence Mate
Bence Mate Day 2,245, 07:21

Voted, nice article. You told the truth 🙂

Mehmood we are with you +1

Nyx Lynx
Nyx Lynx Day 2,245, 08:31

-high five-

Dio Maximus
Dio Maximus Day 2,245, 07:28


Dio Ville
Dio Ville Day 2,245, 07:35

Take me right here, right now!!!

Nyx Lynx
Nyx Lynx Day 2,245, 08:29

where? The dioist website is being beta tested 🙂 David will post it shortly 🙂 If you are talking about our forum then, send me a PM, we can discuss plans :>

Dio Ville
Dio Ville Day 2,245, 08:33

I don't like it planned. I like it spontaneous. Surprise me 😉

Poco Curantism
Poco Curantism Day 2,245, 08:40



Muz1 Day 2,245, 08:40

Nyx ❤
Mehmood is a nice guy and seeing as how he won't take revenge on you guys, you're seeing an opportunity to bully him. Get well soon Mehmood, we're with you! 😉

Mohammad Bilal
Mohammad Bilal Day 2,245, 12:25

Queen :heart:3
hvriend Radenko come back! :c

Uzair J
Uzair J Day 2,245, 14:28

That was soo beautiful :') I'm falling in love with your articles xD
shytes?? Irish people use that. don't tell me you're Irish? where are you from anyway? That's the biggest mystery in eRepublik that I had to face and am still facing till now 😛
"They want to bring you down. I would like to see them try. -weilds my sword-" soo touching.. I wish some girl would do that for me someday :'P

btw I never knew Mehmood was sick.. Get well soon bro.. You have my full support.. 🙂

Heart Stealer
Heart Stealer Day 2,246, 07:25

dont flirt with Nyx or any other girl in my presence!!

Uzair J
Uzair J Day 2,246, 12:16

incase you haven't noticed, unlike most of the other guys, I call Nyx and every other girl 'sister'.. so it is not flirting.. just a friendly sibling conversation 😉

Heart Stealer
Heart Stealer Day 2,247, 01:01

Aaah thats a relief but why you like the attitude of a looser 😃

Heart Stealer Day 2,246, 07:25

Comment deleted

S t e i n b r e c h e r
S t e i n b r e c h e r Day 2,245, 18:36

Radenko talking (writing):

I met some really nice people in Pakistan.
What I liked most about Pakistanis was not fighting together with them.
I liked that very much, but ..
The thing I loved more than that was to see them acting like children.
When we win. Together.
Or when we're hvooling around.
I liked that simplicity, you know.
Humble people with their moments of joy.

But ..

I was also able to see all these people turn to .. Ugly persons.
When it comes to politics.
I won't address to any specific party.

I could see Bilal change when talking about these other guys. I don't know the name of the party.
I could see this article .. and some shit about dioists .. how they should leave Pakistan.
I could see some nasty words about some girls.
Eventually, I could see Kual and Jakal arguing.

I understand all that, really.
I insulted so many people back in Serbia, I got like 180 fps, 10-15 temp bans, 4-5 perma.
I have many enemies.

But Pakistan was .. my dream, you know.
I loved Pakistan, truly and deeply.
I was .. happier and more relaxed in Pakistan.

Pakistan is small country.
And weak.
We all know that.

In the day when I was banned, we had 2 rws.
Balochistan rw and indian rw.
I saw pakistani guy shouting to fight for China.
I saw pakistani guy who actually wanted to be a cp tanking for India.

I understand that someone hates dpp. I can understand that.
But don't you have some small amount of respect for all these people (including me and my unit) who left their countries to come and fight for Pakistan?
Don't you have respect for Max who is doing this for like years?
Are we all retards?
Man, we came to help YOUR hvuckin country, and you're acting like stupid egoistic child who lost his toy.
Can it get more pathetic than this?
I clearly doubt.

Thank you all, I enjoyed every moment with you, and these useless cunts like batkid can take my tiny tool and put it in their mouth ..

Wasalam (*

Nyx Lynx
Nyx Lynx Day 2,245, 19:02

come back, u were not just fighting for someone else's country. The moment you are ePak citizen, this is YOUR country Radenko. This is why Dioists won't leave either because we are the protectors of the holy sand. Stupid politics unfortunately is that disgusting module of erep, ive seen worse. It gets into their head and people try hard to bring others down. ePak will be at a BIG LOSS to lose real people like u. come back hvriend, we miss ur osturbation articles haha

S t e i n b r e c h e r
S t e i n b r e c h e r Day 2,245, 20:25

i deleted osturbation articles and moved to sindh to die

Nyx Lynx
Nyx Lynx Day 2,245, 20:36

we won't let u die. -sends u lihve hvorce- resurrect and come back dear hvriend, cuppy is waiting hvor u. The son of Sindh is strong!

S t e i n b r e c h e r
S t e i n b r e c h e r Day 2,245, 20:39

I wont play with this account.
If I make a new one, or revive some that was banned my owner's request, I'll certainly come to Pakistan.

Nyx Lynx
Nyx Lynx Day 2,245, 20:43

Thank you. We will wait hvor u 🙂

S t e i n b r e c h e r
S t e i n b r e c h e r Day 2,245, 20:47

You have no contact with reality, don't you?

S t e i n b r e c h e r Day 2,245, 21:01

Comment deleted

Nyx Lynx
Nyx Lynx Day 2,245, 20:55

hahaha Define reality. your perception, my perception? Conscious mind filters reality and what remains is bias. Look around idiots fighting in RL, wars destroying their own species, stacking up weapons to destroy the planet, wasting resources, hatred, prejudice, meh Thankfully there are positive and happy things 🙂 -pours u a glass half full of wine- salut

S t e i n b r e c h e r
S t e i n b r e c h e r Day 2,245, 21:04

You should speak the truth instead of glorifying everything and everyone ..

That's what i was talkin about ..

I go now.

S t e i n b r e c h e r
S t e i n b r e c h e r Day 2,245, 20:46

I wrote "YOUR country" becuz that stupid hvuck is rl pakistani, and he should care about ePakistan more than hvoreigners ..
But it never was about Pakistan.
It's all about him.
We should all admire him and osturbate when he's hitting.
Stupid kiddo ..

Muz1 Day 2,246, 00:01

Whoever has the Pakistani flag next to the 'country' tab and is loyal to ePak is a ePakistani citizen. ePak belongs not to the RL citizens but only those who are loyal to it, people like you.

Iron Punch
Iron Punch Day 2,247, 23:59

piss off. what have u ever done for epakistan? nothing compared to what i've done. u guys are noobs and worthless shits. 1 guy vs 5 MPP's and u can't win and here u are talking shit about me?
LOL go get a life u losers. u can't do shit and y'all know it 😉
The DarkKnight > all of you niggasssssss

Muz1 Day 2,247, 00:04

Oh, as if you're the overlord of erep and can do everything on your own? Right.. you dipshit.

Iron Punch
Iron Punch Day 2,247, 00:09

I just owned you and all of your country on my own. Hush little baby 😉

Muz1 Day 2,247, 00:12

"what have you ever done for epakistan"
Certainly a lot when you were not here and atleast I haven't tanked against my own country.
"I just owned you and all of your country on my own"
Show how much loyal you are to ePak.

Iron Punch
Iron Punch Day 2,247, 00:22

nigga shhh. i've done more damage for epakistan, and certainly more work for epakistan than u, ur dpp, ur chacha thoku jakal and everyone combined. so b*tch pls 😉 jaa kaam kar maamey

Muz1 Day 2,247, 00:29

Damage? Oh, lemme just steal my dad's credit card and spend it on an online game. tch tch
I've spent more nights without sleeping for this game than you have played the game with the 'new account'. I've donated more to it than you ever will and at-least I won't run away like you did.
Ja bhaag apna kaam kar, serbia main hai tou usse PTO kar, hamari jaan chorr de 😘

Iron Punch
Iron Punch Day 2,247, 00:37

i've been playing since 5-6 years for ePakistan. you?
phat gayi ab chup ho jaa saaleya
uper se tu hai hi waila toh raat ko kuch karne ka hota nahin yehi karega na, and I've always done, and always will do more than u
so husshhhh 😉

TheJakal Day 2,247, 04:57

Uhm, sure in your mind you think you have done stuff. You still owe me 30k oh great fgt tank. Not much of a tank if you are in debt.
As for Pakistan doing shit, you wanna play credit card / credit card?

TheJakal Day 2,247, 05:17

Muz its true The DarkFgt has done more against Pakistan than any other Pakistani. 2.2b damage for India? 2.4 damage against China our ally, similar damage amounts against Greece and Turkey.

JonathanJoestar lives on lies and those who endorse him, would be wise to not to, as he is nothing but total disaster for Pakistan.

As for you winning the war for India, kindly wake up. India wins every 3 months, this was normal and routine. Unlike you, we don't go down without a fight.

Iron Punch
Iron Punch Day 2,247, 15:01

I like how you used to say PTI has no money to spend and no cash and you're the ones with all the money, but sadly now the scenario has changed and now you call this "buying" supporters.
Hypocrisy at its best 😁

Iron Punch
Iron Punch Day 2,247, 16:52

Ps. I would love to play credit card/credit card.

TheJakal Day 2,248, 09:35

You can bullshit all you want and fake ss all you want. Don't forget you took a loan of 30k cc from me, along with another 10k cc for co because you didnt have enough money. If that SS was true, you wouldn't run around begging for money.

This type of shit will impress PTI, not DPP.

Pato Ar
Pato Ar Day 2,246, 05:00

We all hvriend 😉

Abuzar Aslam5
Abuzar Aslam5 Day 2,247, 23:29


Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 2,247, 00:00

Always a pleasure to vote for Nyx the Goddess of ePakistan \o/

Iron Punch
Iron Punch Day 2,247, 00:07

Hush little baby don't you cry.. everything's gonna be alright 😉

Nyx Lynx
Nyx Lynx Day 2,247, 03:46

yes I cried and left to Croatia

Dio Maximus
Dio Maximus Day 2,247, 05:07

so u haev a small d, so u haev to overcompensate on teh interwobs such pitty :<

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