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[DHS Centrelink] New Player Benefits Program

Day 1,945, 00:05 Published in Australia Australia by Joey Development Scheme

Hello fellow eAustralian citizens and especially newer players 🙂 Today i write to tell you about a new and great program aimed at giving new players better access to currency and weapons for completing some simple tasks.

Its called the New Player Benefits Program, for each task completed you will receive a whopping 250 cc equivalent to 1 gold and 10 Q7 Weapons.

Task 1 - Reach level 15, once you've reached level 15, contact Director of Centrelink Wageslave, or Minister of Education Reximus for reward.

Task 2 - Reach level 20, again PM myself or Reximus for rewards.

Task 3 - Register on the eAustralian forums here:

Task 4 - Once registered on the eAussie forums, join the ADF! this way you can receive even more supplies and better get to know your fellow Aussies 🙂

Task 5 - Join a Political Party:

Task 6 - Get on IRC and speak with current Country President Draim Alexander, myself Wageslave, or Minister of Education Reximus.

Task 7 - Earn your first True Patriot medal!

Task 8 - Earn 100 strength points!

Task 9 - Reach the in-game rank of Sergeant!

If you have any questions on how to complete one of these tasks, or you have completed one and wish to collect your reward. Please don't hesitate to msg me on here or my personal account 🙂

Don't forget to vote and subscribe for future articles 🙂 oh and visit the National Library too!

Please subscribe to the Government Department Newspapers for optimal playing experience

~ Director of Centrelink ~



Neptunian Day 1,946, 14:32

These goals are weirdly ordered. I cleared the last 3 goals before I reached goal #2.

RD1234 Day 1,946, 18:34

Task 10: Write an article?

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