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[dCP]Government direction for DoD battle orders

Day 1,846, 23:45 Published in Australia Australia by witherd1

I understand some confusion is brewing in regard to why we aren't fighting RW's against Chile at this time, and instead supporting Brazil against South Africa.

At this point, we are not fighting Chile. We have set some meetings for tomorrow, and it is our intention to talk to Chile before continuing on with the battles. For this reason, we request that all Australian MU's refrain from fighting against Chile. We believe that a halt in the struggle on the battlefield will go a long way in our talks tomorrow and the day after.

Fighting against South Africa was organised with the knowledge of South Africa, who were also assisting Brazil, who were try to retain that region. Please keep a keen eye on Dept of Defence Daily Orders, which are announced at least daily.

Thank you for your time reading, and please dont hesitate to shoot me a message if you have any further queries about our current stance.



roboz Day 1,846, 23:55


infin Day 1,846, 00:06

Why will not fighting in RWs go a long way in your talks with Chile? They are the aggressors.

Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen
Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen Day 1,846, 00:11

why the the dCP releasing a DoD article....

Arfman Day 1,846, 00:20

Has there been any form of agreement in place yet?

witherd1 Day 1,846, 00:21

infin, there is a majority of Chileans that believe that we are the aggressors. Though of course this sounds absurd to us, they strongly believe this, and will not enter into talks while we continue to fight them on the battlefield. Rangers Govt had the same issue, where they would not talk while we continued to fight. So our approach is a new one, stop firing the guns and try and sit down for a chat, and we shall see where those talks lead.

witherd1 Day 1,846, 00:22

no agreement as yet Arfman, any agreements will of course be made public when and if they happen.

Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen
Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen Day 1,846, 00:32

wow again with Rangers Government nonsense. Rangers Gov was not interested in talks with Chile and thus we never tried to.

Do some research instead of just lying to the eAustralian people.

Kami Carmine
Kami Carmine Day 1,846, 00:36

Larni: Because we released a DoD order, and multiple large MUs ignored it, and people generally told us to stfu.

Henry the 8th
Henry the 8th Day 1,846, 00:41

Why isn't there an instant in-game PM MU/ADF thread that lets us all know the grand plans of a government that has has no contact with them/me? (The biggest fighting force in eAustralia)

Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen
Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen Day 1,846, 00:50

Casper, a separate article reminding people would probably had worked better.

Henry nobody cares about the size of the KH MU. If you guys lose funding your people will just move to other groups.

James Rellori
James Rellori Day 1,846, 00:52

Henry, Im James Rellori...

Its my way or the highway honey.

witherd1 Day 1,846, 00:57

Henry, I believe that Greg said he will start a mass PM tomorrow to sort that out. Pretty sure he told you this.

Larni, shame you didnt even know what happened in your own Cabinet sweetheart. You need to brush up on your trolling skills 😉

Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen
Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen Day 1,846, 01:13

obviously I must since AC was removed from cabinet for talking to them.

BOUD1CCA Day 1,846, 01:17

" there is a majority of Chileans that believe that we are the aggressors. Though of course this sounds absurd to us, they strongly believe this,"

witherd were they able to keep a straight face when they told you that?
They are having a lend of you, its a test to see if you believed that, then you would believe anything.
Sorry I will keep fighting for Australia

roboz Day 1,846, 01:23

Louise Brooks your attitude is exactly why talks broke down during Rangers term.
The current government tells the people to do one thing. And people like you disobey and do exactly the opposite.

Nathan Lloyd
Nathan Lloyd Day 1,846, 01:38

Im glad i got out and went to the UK. Sounds like things would have been better under the PTO'er

BOUD1CCA Day 1,846, 01:40

roboz I should not even bother replying to your stupid callow post.
I will state this - I keep up to date on what Chileans are saying - official & unofficial. Some have reservations - so many more are arrogant hypocritical arseholes moaning about bad Argentina while dishing out exactly the same to us & complaining about our treachery & aggression.
Talks broke down - They were not interested in talking you twit - just dictating.

BOUD1CCA Day 1,846, 01:49

In this war game - I relish the conflict - its all I have done since I started.
I don't mind fighting Chile, Argentina NZ whoever.
I do mind lack of spine in our leaders. Cannot you understand that we cannot negotiate, we are too small.
If we start negotiating we end up clinging to a small portion of Aus, the rest we have "negotiated" away to whoever the current "victor" is.
All we can do is to fight to the extent the current enemy gets sick to death of a war that won't die.

Alla Xul cr1so
Alla Xul cr1so Day 1,846, 02:07

^^^ totally agree with louise here! echilean don't what to talk or negotiate! they have so much to lose letting us go on free will. To think they will just hand us over our country just like that is a wishful thinking.

roboz Day 1,846, 02:20

I totally agree with you Louise. All i'm saying is that i'm going to repect the wishes of the current government. If you feel things should be done differently, then maybe you should have run for CP this month.
If you're not going to get involved in politics and be directly involved in how this country is run, then at least be prepared to take orders.

Detroit34 Day 1,846, 02:51

CyberCasper – I have reservations about negotiations with South American countries. However, I will comply with the CP's wish to hold off RWs for the moment.

BOUD1CCA Day 1,846, 02:53

Two chances that would happen roboz, But your point is taken. With misgivings & suspicion but nevertheless I will respect the wishes of the current government. I will take no action against Chile in any way in any battle. Then I will see what will happen.
You can see that this is not just me, there are other eAus players really unhappy here.

Jisugej Day 1,846, 03:21

Sorry to say that, but telling us not to fight when we are occupied, well sounds bad to me..what the government is doing right now is full capitulation: "the act of surrendering or giving up" which I could never do, cause I can not benefit from it for sure!!

infin Day 1,846, 03:29

They think Chile is going to give back our regions ROFL

Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen
Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen Day 1,846, 03:31

I'm prepared to give it a few days but knowing the way they plan on going about negotiations I am simply spending the time stocking up on candy bars....

supereviloverlord Day 1,846, 03:43

Continue doing the daily order (make sure your MU is setting it to *not* fight Chile) and don't go all out in any battles for the time being.

We'll probably have a better idea what's going on tomorrow.

Detroit34 Day 1,846, 04:44

Does someone have the responsibility for updating the daily orders?

Alla Xul cr1so
Alla Xul cr1so Day 1,846, 04:54


Callumh123 Day 1,846, 05:34

It's always worth a try reconciling with the enemy. And when reconciliation is not tangible, war is ON.

pianfar Day 1,846, 06:06

Interesante idea. En eChile se debate si conservamos o devolvemos algunos de sus territorios. Los más antiguos no están de acuerdo, porque eAustralia nos traicionó antes. Los más nuevos estamos dispuestos a escuchar proposiciones.

Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen
Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen Day 1,846, 06:57

pianfar any agreement will be for all regions. That's just the way it works. We showed you what we could do last month, we are giving you guys a chance to come to the table or we will just keep going. 🙂 there is only so long chile can rely on their allies to be paying their bills. Eventually the cash will run out.

marktuki Day 1,846, 08:41

Why we surrendered ?

BOUD1CCA Day 1,846, 09:55

And there it is once again yet another a Chilean spouting shit.
You haven't been betrayed Chilean, there was nothing to betray.

I will state it again - the war I am cool with. Its what eRep runs on after all
Its this "carry on" which is so common amongst Chileans - Australians are traitors, Australia betrays Australia is aggressive.
One would think its an English is a second language problem - but its not they know well the meaning & context.

Majester Day 1,846, 12:55

Damn right we are aggressive, relentless and stubborn. We have bankrupted two countries who have tried to occupy us without provocation and we are happy to extend the favour to a third.

A cease-fire for diplomatic talks is not surrender -- it is a show of good faith and discipline. They broke our friendship when they conspired with NZ against us. Despite this, we have stood up for them against the USA and against Argentina. We are not the coutry that sld them out for eLovers and Blood Feuds.

BOUD1CCA Day 1,846, 13:09

conspiring sounds a real Crusadercarl sort of action. They probably did it at a pub somewhere (in NZ Chile dosen't have pubs I think)

Manrod78 Day 1,846, 17:47

"pianfar any agreement will be for all regions. That's just the way it works"

The way it works? lol. Daenery's, keep it real! you are lying under our boots.

What would you be giving us in exchange to ALL Australian regions? I doubt you have anything worth that value in your hands. Considering strength, you are all just a bunch of premature boy scouts for us. You should really consider something of real value and smart for both sides, as we are quite happy with the status quo.

BOUD1CCA Day 1,846, 20:12

What would you consider of real value then Manrod?
I am not trolling this time (hard as it is to restrain myself)
I am really interested as to what Chile would consider fair & just

Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen
Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen Day 1,846, 22:06

um Manrod dear, you rely on your allies to support you in battles. We can go on for months, you cannot. eChile have Argentina to deal with, they can't afford to be fighting both of us.

So yes we will be taking our regions back under any agreement made.

HootHootHoot Day 1,847, 01:20

What a hoot! A cowardly country runs away from their home & occupies a much smaller country then calls the little guys the aggressors?!? Am I missing something here or are eChileans not only gutless but whiny pansies as well??? Hoot hoot!

Alla Xul cr1so
Alla Xul cr1so Day 1,847, 03:05

^^^ HOOT! HOOT! X100

Binda33 Day 1,847, 04:03

I agree with Hoot.

Manrod78 Day 1,847, 06:32

Louise, a swap of some regions to you in exchange to a REAL NAP, without you guys and girls backstabbing us again. Consider that if you repeat this again, you can go sure, there will never be any NAP intention ever again.

Manrod78 Day 1,847, 06:35

Daenerys... why couldn't we fight you guys forever? Totally opposite... we are in a perfect situation getting you surpressed. With 100% and 80% bonus thanks to Australia, we can afford to fight your little rebellion better than ever, while you got nothing. I am quite sure, we will break a record of australian occupation ever, if we didn't do already. You challenged us and gave us additional motivation 🙂

Manrod78 Day 1,847, 06:40

HootHootHoot... we don't call you guys agressors, we call you guys traitors and NAP breachers, which is totally a different significance. And you deserved occupation, due to your support of Argentina's campaign to get us out of SA back then. We clearly understood this an invitation Aussieland 🙂

Alla Xul cr1so
Alla Xul cr1so Day 1,847, 07:08

mandrod let's face it you talked toughed when it comes down to little guys but on the big centre stage against the big boys of erepbulik you and the rest of your scumbag echileans cowering like a little bunch of sissy, you soft cck!
We might be small to you but you don't intimidate us australians we know how gutless you echileans are. You should be ashamed of yourself and the whole lot you! Imagine when the going gets tough you abandoned your home motherland and ran like hell. COWARDS! ROFL!

Alla Xul cr1so
Alla Xul cr1so Day 1,847, 07:10

hahahaha. As usual mandrod talking like a real bigtime with small pay. If you really think that your too faken good All this time you made no effort to take back your own country and stop living like a bunch of squatters here in australia. Soon as eArgentina kicked your arses out of chile you all ran like a pack of dogs with tails tucked in between your legs claimed australia as yours. Mate you don't know anything about patriotism. Your full of sh1t and that's all you will ever be to us.

Alla Xul cr1so
Alla Xul cr1so Day 1,847, 07:11

i say hoot hoot! hoot! hoot!

Vyrin the First
Vyrin the First Day 1,847, 09:30

Thanks for some information on what is going on finally! Forum posts PLEASE!!!!!

Let me just point out that some actual communication from the government helped stir a good discussion.

And wth? Having a meeting tomorrow? There is a whole layer in this game behind the scenes that is not a game. With all this confusion about Chile - there's no hope that discussion will work.

And Louise et al keep going until they take away the freedom of speech!

Vyrin the First
Vyrin the First Day 1,847, 09:51

Well I'll post it here too - the order say fight for France in the other post which you didn't mention.

And SA fighting for Brazil - so WTH is the fight for then. Really - the explanation only confuses the issue more.

Please for all that's holy start making sense!

BOUD1CCA Day 1,847, 13:34

There should be a topic in our forums explaining these things

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