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Day 1000 and other important updates

Day 993, 08:00 Published in by Plato

Dear citizens,

As you probably know, the last days were filled with events. We will try to cover all the issues from last week in today’s Insider so bare with us because this will be a long road. We know that you've got used to the Monday Question and Answer Insider, but due to this issues we decided to postpone it, but don't worry we will publish it in the following days.
Also, we want to let you know that we are planning to make some changes in the game but we will start with the most important issue:

I . Security breach and its effects

In the last days we’ve experienced 2 major security breaches. Unfortunately, many citizens were affected by these events and we wanted to apologize again for this inconvenience. As we’ve informed you in the last Insider updates, we’ve taken care of this problem right away and we’ve managed to reverse all its effects. Right now we want to be sure that everything is all right with the affected accounts and this is why we ask you to read below:

A. If your account was compromised please send us a ticket at with the following details:
Subject: "Regain access to compromised account"
- Account ID
- Old email address (*before the unfortunate events)
- New email address (*you can choose to keep the old email address if you wish)

B. If your Gold was stolen and not recovered yet please send us a ticket at with the following details:
Subject: "Request of returning lost properties"
- Account ID
- Lost amount of Gold

Please try to send us the tickets as soon as possible so we can solve this issue till the end of this week.
This being said, let’s talk a little bit about some major changes in the military module, which we hope will please you:

II. Food consumption project

We also have good news for those who wish to fight more. In the following two weeks, we will remove the automatic food consumption. This implies that you will be able to manually eat food multiple times a day. More information about this subject will be revealed in a future update/Insider.

III. Day 1000

To end this insider in a joyful manner, we want to remind you that Day 1000 is approaching and this calls for a celebration.

1000 days, this is a lot of time. Every anniversary is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, that’s why the next 16th of August we will celebrate the 1000th day of eRepublik. We've lived together so many things! Of course, many of you are relatively new in this world, but the New World owes its existence to each and every one of you. The community is the very fundament of eRepublik. For this, we thank you!

The New World is constantly changing, constantly moving, constantly improving. The innovative idea behind eRepublik unfortunately has one disadvantage; like almost any other innovation, the lack of previous “success stories” means that the idea must be constantly tested and fine-tuned and your feedback is very important in this matter. This means that it takes a while before it reaches the desired level of quality. We are really working hard to reach that level of quality with Rising.

We want to make this a proper celebration, so there will be surprises waiting for you during all the week, starting the 16th of August. What better way to celebrate eRepublik’s 1000th day than getting to know the people with whom you usually play? Meeting to share all your experiences in these first 1000 days of eLife and to change the future of the New World. We want to offer you an online tool to better organize these meet ups all around the world:

And remember to send us your pics, videos and articles about your meetings to and we will publish them in future Insiders, our blog, twitter and facebook!

What else can we say other than: happy anniversary everybody!

Best regards,
The eRepublik team



FLuRrD Day 993, 08:00


Kutluk Bilge Kul Cito
Kutluk Bilge Kul Cito Day 993, 08:00


Kutluk Bilge Kul Cito
Kutluk Bilge Kul Cito Day 993, 08:00

tüh kaçırdık 😃

Vytautas Didysis
Vytautas Didysis Day 993, 08:00


tomekfaszcz Day 993, 08:01


Fedor_Zeleniy Day 993, 08:01

ф дисятке

cryptos Day 993, 08:01


zou xing
zou xing Day 993, 08:01


Yestic Day 993, 08:01


richie450 Day 993, 08:01


richie450 Day 993, 08:01


Nemph Day 993, 08:01

Delete multies or delete our game accounts

Dishmcds Day 993, 08:02

I call bullshit. You haven't fixed half of the problems that it's caused, and I highly doubt you care at this point.

Ipath Day 993, 08:02

I'm back!!!!!!!!

KK Lau
KK Lau Day 993, 08:02

Please correct the economic module asap.

borissajkas Day 993, 08:02


wal do sznura
wal do sznura Day 993, 08:02

North Korea!

grzegm Day 993, 08:02


vejderr Day 993, 08:02


avenublanin Day 993, 08:02

MW o/

Mr aNiallator
Mr aNiallator Day 993, 08:02


cplpaulliviu Day 993, 08:02

I'm waiting for 2 days to receive gold which i payed for,how long should it take to send me some fing gold?

Azareusek Day 993, 08:03

Comment deleted

Nraz Day 993, 08:03

First page! xD.

IndoBot Day 993, 08:03

Amen !!! 😃

Vytautas Didysis
Vytautas Didysis Day 993, 08:03


mostates Day 993, 08:03

Please allow HTML and images in newspapers

Diamaond Wong
Diamaond Wong Day 993, 08:04

First page!

Haptoh Day 993, 08:04

Comment deleted

avenublanin Day 993, 08:04

Comment deleted

Grzechooo Day 993, 08:04

Comment deleted

stallinn Day 993, 08:04

лучше бы баги починили

Sigmundsg Day 993, 08:04


avq Day 993, 08:04

Comment deleted

Paschoall Day 993, 08:04

Admins I can't send in a ticket, this is the only way I can contact you. When I click CONTACT my page is BLANK !!!
IT's all blank when I try to send "admin" a message !!!
I bought 2 health Kits today and got ZERO wellness healed.
Please fix my contacts page so I can report a few bugs !!!

Dacicus Maximus
Dacicus Maximus Day 993, 08:04

Give back Hun regions and mpps and roll back the events, cause polnad an spain exploited the hacks!!!

stEndEc Day 993, 08:04

ban eden cheaters!!!

Dominoku Day 993, 08:04

Comment deleted

vejderr Day 993, 08:05

Shorter form: we fixed shit, we won't fix anything anytime soon, we will just add another feature which will eat money.


elpollolisto Day 993, 08:05

first page

SidDev Day 993, 08:05


Ahmu Day 993, 08:05

Comment deleted

okaoka94 Day 993, 08:05


Ariakis Day 993, 08:05

Comment deleted

KAshile Day 993, 08:06


Dio Jazar
Dio Jazar Day 993, 08:06

on they 1000 erep will die?

Szithy Day 993, 08:06

fix the game!

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