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~ Darkness Engulfs eIndia ~

Day 1,865, 11:34 Published in India Canada by Roger Griswald

Over the last few weeks I have watched a car crash unfold here in eIndia. That car crash was the EDEN-exit affair led by our current CP. I have seen a number of eIndian citizens call my beloved MU (United Aggression) traitors and EDEN fanatics and a bunch of other things, but mostly I have seen the assertion that we are not actually looking out for eIndia’s best interests. This could not be further from the truth.

While the United Agression is a great MU, filled with some of my best efriends, it hardly has a unified political ideology. In fact many of us are in total disagreement on how and why government funds should be used. And we have had a long history of fighting for our individual beliefs.

On the issue of eIndia separation from EDEN, several of us thought it was a poor political decision, but not for the same reasons. Regardless of our thoughts on the issue, the small number of people that cared enough to vote decided against what I thought best. We feared that without any allies, eIndia would be a sitting duck and be ripped apart in a series of occupations for our resources.

So where do we sit now?

eIndia is about to get a wake up call, all that I feared will come to pass. If it wasn’t enough of a sign that our only really allies are in EDEN already—with Indonesia pushing into our occupied territory without permission from our government—then it will be made crystal clear in about 24 hours when Serbian controlled Thailand declare us as their natural enemy.

Thailand is planning a long-term occupation, to gain resources and as many fights as they can. However unlike Croatia, we should not expect any rental income. No, Thailand could care less about our wishes.

So, we have just said goodbye to the EDEN brotherhood the only chance we had for soverignty, we have traded in long standing alliances (be it that we felt neglected from time to time) for no allies and an occupation by CoT controlled Thailand.

All in all I would say that we are worse off and will be until we remember who are real friends actually are.



Lapraksi Day 1,865, 11:39


LiL Serxhio
LiL Serxhio Day 1,865, 11:40

Second reserved for Bosses 😛

KOSOVA PEYONI Day 1,865, 11:42


Treian Day 1,865, 11:54

With this move from Thailand, it would seem that CoT has no interest in us...... and I could have Sworn that I read somewhere that if we didn't support EDEN that CoT would leave us be......

So much for that one.......

We will soon see where we stand and if we made a mistake....... but sometimes the best way to learn is from those mistakes...... Time will tell.

EtzeL the Hun
EtzeL the Hun Day 1,865, 12:00

voted and subs

send something : (

Srpski Sin 83
Srpski Sin 83 Day 1,865, 13:07

Well eIndia was waiting to join EDEN for something about 2 years now.
many countries got into EDEN alliance on one way or another but only eIndia didn't even tho they never did anything that would harm EDEN alliance or any EDEN member. This decision was really expected... I really expected that decision way before but I guess they sticked around EDEN in hope they finally get accepted.
Also eIndia and eThailand were in war in past even before eCroatia came in Asia. eIndia even tho lost some regions never faced long term occupation. Traning wars were done when needed and were ened when there was no need for them. Real wars were started but yet again ended in a week or two so I really don't get that argument that eIndia is facing long term occupation.

Toverlani Day 1,865, 13:11

Voted Hard.!

Roger Griswald
Roger Griswald Day 1,865, 13:15

@ExZilYon : Thailand is attacking India to head north to get resources bonuses, they will sit on eIndia for as long as they can for those bonuses. This is exactly what Croatia was doing, the difference is that Croatia paid eIndia for the regions they occupied, Thailand will not. There is a big difference here.

FRITZHILL Day 1,865, 13:21

sorry Roger but lol

Roger Griswald
Roger Griswald Day 1,865, 13:23

its fair to laugh at it FRITZ, what an f***** up situation.

Srpski Sin 83
Srpski Sin 83 Day 1,865, 13:36

@Roger Griswald
Please tell me when that happened in past?
Even with total domination at the beginning of ONE eThailand didn't executed that plan. Again eIndia never faced long term occupation from eThailand.
Also I played for eIndia in past and what I learned eIndia citizens like to see their country as whole. When eUSA occupied Karnatka eIndia was reciving 600 gold per month(or more... I don't really remember) even then they decided to end that agreement just because after long time they wanted to see their country with all regions free. That is to me not that good of the reason but you can see why they are not satisfied with current situation.
Also all this is not main reason of eIndian decision to go neutral. It is because they were ignored by same alliance they are trying to enter. They will not stop signing MPP with countries like eCroatia and eGreece for example but will maybe sign MPP with eBulgaria for example.

Mario A Morsik
Mario A Morsik Day 1,865, 13:37

I smell curry

Semper5 Day 1,865, 14:04

If Thailand is controlled by Serbians, you can kiss eIndia goodbye. Maybe you don't know Serbian mentality, by I do. They have no respect for others, they just take what they want if they can.
I'm glad that my origin homeland (RL as well as in-game) Croatia way paying a rent, so I'm not much ashamed. But now you'll meet and get know Serbians. And I can only say - God have mercy on your souls.

As for United Aggression, it has been my MU for a long time and most likely will be again. I guess I needed to get convinced by my own eyes that there is no MU in whole eWorld like UAgg. Not because of MU itself, but because of people that UAgg consists of. People that cares and cherish principles like honor, loyalty, fairness and unselfishness. It's always a pleasure and honor to be one of them.

HemanathanKumar Day 1,865, 14:48

Its a critical situation now and it will be blame entirely on CP and Team. Although things could have been handled little slower to have some reaction and thinking time to see if we can get patched, but that did not happen, since most of us are involved in the arguing about what is Good with EDEN-India and What is bad about EDEN- India.
No one can deny that, India was here with the help of EDEN in the past atleast to my knowledge and this fallout is little sad to accept.
But what we have done wrong is to identify what direction we move in the forward.
Forseeing Thailand Aggression on India, may be we should have tried to get support from other neutral/likeminded countries during the war and see we can get some support.

Im not sure whether that had happened ??

Ethel Rosenberg
Ethel Rosenberg Day 1,865, 14:50

Voted!! Thank you Roger!!

Semper5 o7

fabrikashteterore2 Day 1,865, 14:54


Zinaa Day 1,865, 15:00's really an honor to be part of UAgg

Roger Griswald
Roger Griswald Day 1,865, 15:03

@ExZilYon : So from your Polish perspective eIndia would be better off with no allies then in the flawed EDEN - GEA?

@Semper5 : sadly we will see first hand the harshness of Serbian agression.

@HemanathanKumar: If you saw my comments on the referendum articles, I couldn't agree with you more. While I support EDEN membership, I am open to reviewing other options. What I was not in favour of was the current governments lack of any plan at all on what we would do once we left GEA-EDEN. As time has shown we have no allies and are are facing a hostile invasion by Thailand.

Srpski Sin 83
Srpski Sin 83 Day 1,865, 15:58

@Roger Griswald
I am ePolish and not Polish in RL and I really don't see what that has to do with anything we speak...
And to answer your question. eIndia had little to no support when they would get in war against eThailand. Their damage alone is higher on daily base so they will in long period outlast eThailand. But nvm that. Your statement that eIndia would be without allies is just false. You know that eIndia will probably keep their MPP with eCroatia and eGreece (like I said in my previous comment) and probably some other allies from EDEN. Good side of that is that they wouldn't be restricted to only sign EDEN MMP's. eIndia has many friends in eBulgaria and other CoT nations. It isn't just black and white as you look right now....
Best example for you to see how neutrality isn't that bad is too look at eIreland. They kept MPP's with nations they trust but in same time they have option to sign MPP's with other nations they have good relationship.
Also I would like to get answer to my question...

CFovetS Day 1,865, 16:04

You might want to take a look at India's MPP stack Ex before you talk about us keeping ones we have already. lol

Srpski Sin 83
Srpski Sin 83 Day 1,865, 16:59

That is because if needed eCroatia would use eIndia for land swap like it was done before when they got border with you.... Imagine how much would every swap cost if eIndia had every single EDEN MPP. I mean that is how it is done and will be done in future when it comes to land swapping.
From that you can see that coordination still exists and that eIndia is still good ally to eCroatia...

klop123 Day 1,865, 19:44

Interesting development

Cholan II
Cholan II Day 1,865, 20:15

stop blaming india .... india didnt go for mpp with too many eden nations just because of the missions.... there r missions of doing a certain amount of damage against a NE nation.... eIndian is surrounded by allies and has to NE croatia for a training war to get the NE missions completed for its citizens.... so india would have wasted a lot of money if their MPP got cancelled by having a training war with croatia..
the most important thing is indians moved to china and croatia to fight with for EDEN nations all the time
moreover India had mpp with argentitna , greece , crioatia and other EDEN allies who r at war so that the daily order can be set for those priority battles in indian MU.
how much more u expect more from india?

Wild Quark
Wild Quark Day 1,865, 20:31

Thank you Roger for your pessimism o7

Roger Griswald
Roger Griswald Day 1,865, 22:26

@Arminder I am not blaming eIndia, only its current leadership for taking us out of an alliance with no plan whatsoever for a next step nor a plan for what they had been told would happen (invasion by CoT). That blame rest assuredly on them, not on eIndia.

@Wild Quark, oh don't worry many more dark days are coming... ignoring the fact that Thailand is invading and plans to wipe us is probably not the best policy at this point, though I agree with you... ignorance is bliss.

ashphalt Day 1,866, 00:05

Right Roger. We really appreciate your prophetic claims. Keep them coming this way.

Ind1anMartyr Day 1,866, 00:12

Ah the doom and think that Serbs would actually be walking the streets of my city : D

Lord Krishna
Lord Krishna Day 1,866, 01:22

Hail Darkness.

Vladimir Alexei
Vladimir Alexei Day 1,866, 01:41

Just calm down everyone. Now we need to be united and fight for India...

Khurram Soul Collector
Khurram Soul Collector Day 1,866, 01:51

Baba Dark Raj!!!

Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Day 1,866, 02:59

The lack of information about our current situation and how to remedy it is appalling.

The government and congress need to start communicating.........NOW

We are in a vacuum of information, and when you have a vacuum it tends to get filled with all sorts of things. It's not as if we want to know everything that's going on, just need leadership and guidance.

Is that too much to ask?

Roger Griswald
Roger Griswald Day 1,866, 05:48

@ ashphalt: thanks.

@ Death and Taxes: thanks for stating what my article was aiming at directly.

@Vladimir Alexei: Thanks, we are.

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