[Damage Stats] CODE vs. Asteria (Week 4)

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Greetings, citizens of the World!

another week, another time to compare, how did our strongest alliances fare in terms of their damage, and who were the main heavy hitters of the week. Before we do that though, let's plug some of the great articles from the past week, which you should totally check out:

1. As stated earlier, peace between Asteria and USA has been signed, now published even in the Asteria news: https://www.erepublik.com/en/article/-voice-of-asteria-usa-asteria-agreement-2718326/1/20

2. EBM has written an excellent summary of what has been going on in American regions. With Venezuela leaving Andes this week, Peru going on offensives and South America generally being a mess, it is certainly good to learn more, even if it is written a bit Asteria-sided https://www.erepublik.com/en/article/eventos-geopol-ticos-en-la-regi-n-y-ltimos-sucesos-4569-es-en--2718498/1/20

3. Do you like cats? Check this one then: https://www.erepublik.com/en/article/some-things-never-change-1-2718390/1/20

4. Giant multi-account election fraud in Argentina in a classic attempt of 6th party moving to TOP5 - I am sure we have all experienced one of those as well in our lifetimes, if only there was a way to stop them better 😑 : https://www.erepublik.com/en/article/fraude-de-multicuentas-en-las-elecciones-2718538/1/20

A few general comments on the graphs presented below:

- Graphs always use the damage from the last week as displayed in eRepublik.

- All numbers are archived, so later, it will be possible to create a damage history for individual participants

- Colors of nations are used mostly based on in-game color. Colors of alliances are chosen solely by my personal preference 😉

- Countries, which are not members of any or the aforementioned alliances, are all thrown in the "Rest" category (totaling 30 countries). From this group, two strong pro-Asteria and pro-CODE nations have been specificaly selected due to their higher activity on the battlefields. Ukraine and Indonesia have also been singled out due to their general strong performances.

Aaaand now the graphs. We start with Total Damage again, which is again going down this week, though not as much as it did until now. Will things finally stabilize, or will wars erupt again soon?

Last week, we saw Asterian dominance in both categories. This week, we will see another damage drop for CODE (especially on Ground side, where CODE is almost reaching falling out of their second spot). Of course, a lot of that has been influenced by huge battles of Spain against France, so both of these countries this week manage to surpass several alliances on their own (again atleast on the Ground). Even without Venezuela, Andes is still managing to keep above Hydra in their damage.

We can also look at individual members of CODE and Asteria, and check their contribution to the total damage of their alliance.

On Ground CODE side, Croatia is still keeping significant lead, with USA jumping to 2nd spot (despite them signing peace agreements), and with Hungary and Turkey both falling down a lot. On Asterian side, the Iranian offensives have stopped, which allowed Peru to take the spotlight below the usual SerBulRom trio.

In the Air, Hungary and Turkey are more visible on CODE side, while on Asterian side, Iran is still going strong with Serbia being the major benefactor

Feel free to check pies for other alliances here

Do you like this article? Do you have any suggestions for improvement? Would you like to add some additional references to wars of the eWorld, which I have missed? Let me know in the comments!

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