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[CT] Ponies of war- Today: Quentin Eisler (eng)

Day 1,717, 21:11 Published in Germany Germany by omg_87

Surprise, surprise, another issue of the Ponies of war series introducing you to the Ponybrigade-Squad of FSK. Today with the famous Quentin Eisler!


<CT> Hi there, I'm omg_87! I will do the interview with you.
<QEisler> Oh hai omg, nice to speak with you in person :1

<CT> Tell me abit about the RL-Person behind this account.
<QEisler> This eRepublikan is a ... eh ... 22 years old student of the high and arcane art of procratination from hesse.

<CT> So tell me a bit about you. When did you join eRepublik and where did you come from?
<QEisler> My profile says it was the 6th of january in the year of the lord 2010. As far as I remember I read a post in a forum dedicated to a game I used to play. It was like super-poland overruns tiny midget germany and I was like wth - poland? Whats next? Lesotho? Anyways I like to turn things upside down so germany as a 'third world country' seemed to be fun.
Btw: The guy that posted this post was a douchebag so I didn't ref him and had to grow up without eFather. Your pity is very much appreciated. This is my profile link.

<CT> What was your first experiences with eRepublik? What made you stay untill today?
<QEisler> At first the invasion mentioned above. In the good old times invasions were a thing to remember not like the crappy ones nowadays. It was very exciting and emotional. I think Konrad Neumann was CP back then. He wrote articles trying to give the ppl hope. When we had lost he congratulated the polish and requested them to be fair. He organized the evacuation.
Maybe not all by himself. Anyways I had a nice stay in Russia. And there is only one event I witnessed as iconic as this one which was mogaba's campaign in russia. But thats another story.
At this time I felt like everyone no matter how tiny and weak makes a difference. It's fascinating to see how masses of ppl are organized. How organization and moral make the difference either for victory or failure.
Now that I'm more active it's also the community - mainly FSK but also the opportunity to talk with ppl from other countries.
Ppl from countries you'd otherwise prolly not even care about.

<CT> What are your current goals in eRepublik?
<QEisler> To try and make my way. I'll prolly never be a person with power. Be it as Tank, Idol, Politician, Media Mogul, Financial Genius or Advisor. But I can try to be part of the whole thing. Make contacts. Meet interesting and useful people. Do things as good as I can. I believe there is a place for everyone - at times quite hard to find thought. Still all of us have a chance for 15 minutes of fame as andy warhol would prolly say. In eRep it's rather like 15 seconds but thats better than nothing.

<CT> Do you have political ambitions?
<QEisler> When I come back to germany I'll run for congress I think. Maybe I'll try to get a placement in a ministry or as an ambassador before. Or maybe I just try to get involved in party politics.

<CT> Why did you join the FSK?
<QEisler> Back to the beginning. When Germany was occupied there was a organization named TDO which commited acts of sabotage. This seemed fun and so I joined up. TDO as you may already guess was the predecessor of FSK.

<CT> So you're in the Ponybrigade. Are you a Brony? If so, do you admit it IRL or is it just an Internet thing.
<QEisler> Tbh I think I'm just a bit brocurious. I watched some of the movies but not to the extent as real bronies do. Besides prior to eRep I thought Brony is a synonym for browncoat :3. However I've always been fond of creatures acting different than you'd expect. In the game I played before I used to be a bloodthirsty ewok. Sometimes it's more fun sometimes less. So at the end of the day I'm just a werepony. Yet I think there is still hope for my soul.

<CT> What was the most memorable battles you fought in or most memorable situations in yor eRep life?
<QEisler> Liaoning, Rhone Alps, Saarlingrad and the russian invasion of polish soil to liberate BBB but prolly and more recently Saxony (1616) and Manitoba.

<CT> Is there something else you wanna tell the world?
<QEisler> Don't be sad because of ppl. They'll all die (:



omg_87 Day 1,717, 21:13

Först denied, Rechtschreibfehler gehören QEisler!

Michael Igor Peschkowsky
Michael Igor Peschkowsky Day 1,717, 22:49


chickenwing Day 1,718, 00:16

vote und hier

Chocoflo Day 1,718, 02:20


Edna Uebel
Edna Uebel Day 1,718, 03:20

thx for learning term of "arcane art of procrastination" o/

Satyre Reynes
Satyre Reynes Day 1,718, 03:49

scheint ein fescher typ zu sein dieser Kwentin 😕

Leuch Day 1,718, 03:52


Otis84 Day 1,718, 06:35

<QEisler> Don't be sad because of ppl. They'll all die (:
*lol* indeed!

and cool, I didn´t know that we study the same, what a surprise! quite experienced at it I am already. ; 3

Also I liked this: "How organization and moral make the difference either for victory or failure."
(esp. the part of moral) So I know Quentin, and it´s so true. That´s an interesting part of the game. To see in national and international politics. F.e. the alliance ONE seems to fail now because of these 2.

moonburn Day 1,718, 06:35

deutsch bitte 😐

or google translator thats what the kool kids do

omg_87 Day 1,718, 08:50

I won't google translate into german because we have a wonderful language and google shall not destroy it. Googlegerman sucks hardcore.

Otis84 Day 1,718, 12:06

That´s it.

moonburn Day 1,718, 17:47

it´s not the algorithm´s fault it´s the damm grammar everyone as it´s own grammar

Otis84 Day 1,719, 01:34

yeah ; ) but it´s nice variable to write in german (well, it´s my mother tongue, what should I say.. ^^), just: we´re the people of poets and thinkers man says, we have Goethe and Schiller and so on : P
Once German should have been world language - English won with just ONE voice more ;. )

omg_87 Day 1,719, 02:55

Blame ONE .... simple as that.

Herr  Lehmann
Herr Lehmann Day 1,719, 03:20

@otis: you mean the vote for the official us-american language, and it wasnt just one vocie.
this is an urban legend.

or post a source!?! 😉

Otis84 Day 1,719, 05:14

ok, you seem to be alright with that, I also "just heard it" ; )
this link strengthens what you said:
it sais it WAS one voice, but it was just about US-laws in second language, far away from world language.
just: - German was science language since middle 19th century.
well whatever, "the more you know"... ; )
g´day : ]

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