[CSD] We stand here - Charter [EN]

Day 2,851, 11:16 Published in Czech Republic Czech Republic by John Locked

In recent weeks, members of Czech Social Democrats have been working on the creation of the charter of our party. We believe that we can not continue to grow as a politically organized group if we have no clearly defined our origin and objectives. That is why today, before all the people of our country, we present our charter.

Charter of Czech Social Democrats:

Czech Social Democrats is a political party in the Czech Republic whose main purpose is to serve as a space in which Czech citizens can express their opinions, discuss and carry out their ideas and projects about social development in the Czech Republic. Development of society is the way to stability and growth of our country. We strongly believe that the only way to make our country a strong and independent one is working hard, discussing democratically and performing sincerely and efficiently the assigned tasks.

Our party is positioned on the left side of the political spectrum, as we believe that the only way our nation can be great and prosper is through the creation of a strong and responsible society which cares for the needs of all of its citizens, especially beginners.

Our main political tenets are:

- Political Sovereignty: We can not build a great country if we are not ourselves, the czech citizens, those who carry out all the necessary arrangements.

- National Industry: The safety and freedom of the country depends on our economy. The food gives energy to citizens. The weapon gives more strength to fighters. Developing the economy by social democratic principles is an ensuring of all the requirements for active participation in our society. A strong industry must provide daily requirements and allow society to look forward.

- Solidarity: We strongly believe that the only way to develop our society is by supporting the most in need, especially beginners. Our party makes all available efforts to make beginners into full-fledged, informed, and equal citizens.

- Interculturalism: We are a group of players of different nationalities around the world, we believe that multiculturalism bring to this country new ideas and innovative projects.

It is for these reasons that today, we as members of Czech Social Democrats, make this charter, a new political space in which everyone is invited to participate, contribute ideas and work together for the good of our country and our nation.