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[Croc4CP] Announcing my Candidacy

Day 2,351, 09:10 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Ayame Crocodile

Good afternoon everyone,

As you’ve probably guessed from the title I am looking to run for Country President this month. It’s going to be a busy month and this race will be an interesting one for sure, Due to the fact that as a nation we don’t really want to be splitting the real eUK vote amongst several candidates.

It’s for that reason that myself and Adastros have come to an agreement to campaign hard and fast early on and see which of us garners the most support so that the other can drop out and consolidate support behind one candidate.

So yeah...

It’s a well known truth that this coming month is vital for the eUK community's long term success, independence and cohesion. We’re fighting battles on multiple fronts, Both militarily and politically. And it’s for these reasons that I have decided to bring forward my campaign, having originally pencilled in June to run.

What we need now more than anything is a President that can bridge the separate ingame communities whilst providing a steady and experienced hand. And that is precisely what I intend to offer.

First and foremost

Whilst this is merely an introduction article I think it’s best to outline the basics of what I wish to achieve and what I have to offer.

First and foremost I am not offering any grandiose ideas, no major overhauls and no big projects. When President’s come with long term projects and ideas they go one of two ways; They’re either pushed to the side and forgotten when the reality of the workload kicks in or they’re a huge distraction from achieving the basics to the best of their ability.

Neither of these are what we need for this next month. Instead I offer my time, activity, knowledge and connections and importantly my drive to get everything up and running at full speed and to stay at that speed for as long as is necessary.

If you want a nation to do well than everyone needs to feel invested in it’s success. It’s all well and good having good organisation and putting out the right orders but it’s meaningless if people feel no investment in helping achieve them.

For that reason it’s vital we have more transparency in the decision making process coupled with the best team we can assemble from the entire eUK community. Understanding why we’re hitting a certain battle and not another could potentially make all the difference, Both on the battlefield and perhaps even with activity and our general morale.

I won’t be leaving the article writing to the ministries, though they will of course be harassed into keeping everyone upto scratch, and so promise here and now at least 2 articles each week covering every going on within government as the Country President.

As for the rest of ministry business I will cover that in my next article, For now I will say again there are no major overhauls, Just a refocusing on getting the essentials done correctly and regularly.

Now comes the part that everyone dislikes the most, The eCV. Although hopefully this gives a good background as to why it is I feel I’m the right choice for the month ahead.

Firstly I have a wealth of experience to pool from; Having been CP exactly a year ago this coming election, being elected by a coalition of almost every single eUK party. Drawing together even the divided TUP and NE.

During which time we managed to keep hold of (the then occupied) eIrish nation against a resurgent resistance there. Alongside that we also conquered eGermark with our allies eLithuania. This was without doubt a huge national effort but in doing so I made some great contacts in many nations whilst looking for the necessary extra damage we needed to succeed.

Having been CP before I understand what is needed and the workload required (and trust me it isn’t all that glamorous either 😛 ) what should be ready to go on day one and who to get in touch with where if help is required.

I’ve also worked in every ministry now, having been a minister in each one except for MoD where I have been a deputy.

Finally for the last 2 months I have been fighting the Cipelici at the last 3 elections (Congress and PP) and with that I have garnered understanding of how to combat PTO’s and will of course bring that to the fore and officialise the ATO effort. We face many threats but as a single nation we can be successful.

Almost as important as the experience I have though is the fact that I put the eUK first and foremost every single time and have always tried to remain respectful of everyone unless they have shown hostility towards our community as a whole.

Now I could be wrong but I don’t believe I’ve ever shown hostility towards anyone or any group that doesn’t fit that description above and so I hope that I can be seen as a candidate that can be not just accepted by the true eUK community but perhaps even liked. (fingers crossed 🙂

Thank you

Well I’ve waffled on for long enough, I hope this gives you a general outline of who I am, what I intend to do and why. And that you’ll consider voting for me in your party primaries for CP backing.

And of course any input and correspondence will be responded to, So feel free to message me 🙂

Thank you as always,


Addaway. Day 2,351, 09:19

Good luck mate o7

Ayame Crocodile
Ayame Crocodile Day 2,351, 09:22

You too 😃

Aleksandar.V Popovic
Aleksandar.V Popovic Day 2,351, 09:26

Wish you iAdastros best of luck.God luck to both of YOU(iAdastros&Ayame).
Greetings from Alex.

mittekemuis Day 2,351, 09:22


Aleksandar.V Popovic
Aleksandar.V Popovic Day 2,351, 09:24

Very informative and readable article.I"ll hope you"ll win Ayame,cose I am with you and certainly not against you 🙂. Good luck my dear friend Ayame and go kick them,where it hearts them more.Voted,subed.Hope that you"ll get me in your cabinet,cose I have certain exeprience and enthusiasm,also I am active as active I"ll be.Gretings from Alex Popovic.

Ragnell Day 2,351, 09:25

Best of luck! o7

CheetahCurtis Day 2,351, 09:33

How about the one with the most support is CP and the other is vCP?

Ayame Crocodile
Ayame Crocodile Day 2,351, 09:36

Sounds good to me, Already enjoyed working with Adrastos for a month \o/

Addaway. Day 2,351, 09:40

Sounds like a plan o7

kimmy96 Day 2,351, 09:39


mwcerberus Day 2,351, 09:41

you should really make sure the one that garners the second most support gets 2nd hence is back up in case of disasters

klop123 Day 2,351, 09:42

ACroc4CP ~_^

Spite313 Day 2,351, 09:52


Sir Rex Fleddington
Sir Rex Fleddington Day 2,351, 10:06

bagsy ministry of disco fever

Destriant Day 2,351, 10:15

A sensible choice

Huey George
Huey George Day 2,351, 10:24

Best of luck, Ayame

You've made a great CP in the past and I'm sure you would once again!

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 2,351, 10:24

Good luck mate, it will be sad to see you as the CP of the eUK that I wipe when I launch the Australian airstrike against you guys 🙁

JiminyChristmas Day 2,351, 12:39

Just try it, we have Poland, USA, Chile and now even Ireland all lining up to bail us out when we're too shit to fight off airstrikes for ourselves.

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 2,351, 12:54

Wayne Kerr do you want to answer this one?

Ayame Crocodile
Ayame Crocodile Day 2,351, 12:59

Maybe we can just swap?

The lack of sun here makes everyone really pissy 😛

Frank J. Underwood
Frank J. Underwood Day 2,351, 10:26

Good luck.

Yossarian Afudyakno
Yossarian Afudyakno Day 2,351, 10:46

ACroc4CP iAdrastos4vCP \o/

Mr. Wonka
Mr. Wonka Day 2,351, 11:28


Bohemond4 Day 2,351, 11:43

whoooo \o/

Major Lee Hung
Major Lee Hung Day 2,351, 11:44

acroc once killed an enemy


K to the izza Mo Fo
K to the izza Mo Fo Day 2,351, 12:09

This is exactly what the eUK needs. ACroc has all the required tools to start building bridges and laying a foundation for a revived and reunited eUK.

I wish Adrastos luck and good fortune but ACroc4CP

JiminyChristmas Day 2,351, 12:42

Good luck, it'll be hard to choose between you and iAdrastos, but it'll be a good kind of hard...yeah, I'm going to stop that sentence there before it descends into the gutter. 😕

Maximus.Decimus.Meridius. Day 2,351, 13:01

First mission I will do when elected is MPP Ireland


isaacrv97 Day 2,351, 13:03

:0 \o/

Good luck.

Invalidation Day 2,351, 13:08

Best graphics by far. Whoever drew the crocodile in the smoking jacket must be very handsome.

Adolf.H Day 2,351, 13:16

gl \o

Massacar Day 2,351, 13:30

Yay ACroc

Bardokva Day 2,351, 13:40

Good luck.

Talon Karrde
Talon Karrde Day 2,351, 14:03

Best candidate... Best crocodile. Vote Acroc!

You can have that shout for free 😉

Sexagenarian Day 2,351, 14:58

Of the two, the clear winner

rey282000 Day 2,351, 16:04

In Ayame we trust!

SolomonRothschild Day 2,351, 17:05

Believe in Ayame!!!!!

MaryamQ Day 2,351, 18:20

This sounds like a win for eUK!

Rusofil74 Day 2,351, 22:12

full support

surferdude Day 2,351, 23:48

you got my vote... if you continue the PCP Olympics :3

Mr Woldy
Mr Woldy Day 2,352, 02:27


Luke Braferd
Luke Braferd Day 2,352, 03:53

you have my support.

Perry Rhodan
Perry Rhodan Day 2,352, 07:56

Good luck!

ClairV0yance Day 2,352, 08:04

I would like to talk to you... As PP of a party that is in top10...

Send me igm o7

Thanks o7

Mario RIO Smerc
Mario RIO Smerc Day 2,352, 11:28

Cccrroooccckkkkk!!!!!!! YOU RULE!!!! 🙂

ToniJR Day 2,352, 13:32

o7 ACroc

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