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[CPF] Running for congress, my history, ideas, and opinions

Day 1,796, 21:09 Published in Canada Canada by chriswen

I'm chriswen. I want to represent the Canadian Progressive Front next thursday

for the congress elections. I want to be part of congress for the month of

november. I am running because I agree with the CPF's tenets. Here are the

CPF's tenets:

1. Uphold the equality of all active Military Units
2. Make the accounting of government funding more open and important
3. Ensure Canada is a reliable and selfless ally
4. To respect, recognize and uphold the supremacy of the mechanics of the game
5. Develop a positive political sphere
6. Bring in Canadians to eRepublik
7. To encourage growth and stability to the eCanadian economy.

My eRepublik History and Political Experience

I started playing eRepublik well over a year ago. I really enjoyed playing eRepublik because it contained such an awesome community and I also loved the concept of eRepublik. The whole idea that eRepublik was a virtual world with its own nations and governemnts and economies was just fantastic. Sadly, I don't think eRepublik is this good yet, and it has a lot to improve on if the admins want to make this game great. I started out in the CPP and I got elected as a congress member in my second month playing. As a congress member I was really active. At the end of the term I had one of the top post counts in the government (100+)(it's in some article written by someone). So, I was very active as a congress member. I also have ideas that I want to share and help implement. I will be covering those ideas later.

I am telling you that I was active because I want to run for congress for Novemeber. And I know that I will be an active member of the Canadian community, Canada needs active congressmembers. After, that one time I got elected I just somehow didn't get elected again. When, CPP got PTO'd I moved to EPIC, when EPIC got PTO'd, I moved to the AFK, which was sort of a joke. And finally, I'm now in CPF, which I can say that I truly agree with there motives. I'm just asking for a chance to be a congress member, and become and active member of eCanadian politics.

My opinion on:

Foreign Affairs

It seems to me that mainly the country president is in control of foreign affairs. But it is a matter of congress also. I admit that I haven't been totally following recent FA and all the new alliances. But, I do know that after we have finally flushed poland from our lands we were faced by another attack from Poland. I really wonder what makes Poland want to pick on us like that. We really need some stronger foreign affairs. To ensure economic stability and growth canada needs to be able to not be attacked by Poland every month. Secondly, I see no reason in attacking countries like the UK (attack on spain is also justified). We seem to have beat them in the past and they have oil which is quite useful.

With the low budget that congress has, I believe that we need to make each MPP efficiently. We need to take in alliance impact (stronger ties, negative consequences), active citizens (more specifiacally, citizens that will likely fight for canada (not some other ally)), and new battles (our citizens need battles to fight, allies which have a battle to keep us busy).

Financial Sustainability

"7. To encourage growth and stability to the eCanadian economy."

I think that we need to change Canadian tax rates. Right now we just don't have the right formula. Canada has to stop thinking old ideas and we need to adapt to the economy. Currently, I do not have a stance on import taxes. It does bring in revenue and it also makes prices cheaper for consumers. But, does food and small quality weapons really need to cheaper? Right now financial sustainability is just horrible in eRepublik. Q1-3 weapon companies are unprofitable. Also, eCanadas high tax rates create higher prices for canadian consumers, this may cause some consumers to move to foreign markets. At the same time business owners are making less money than foreign business owners, this leads to business owners selling their products on the black market. I believe that a high VAT tax (20%) is damaging to canadian tax revenue and the
canadian economy.

As I said before Low quality weapon companies are becoming inprofitable. This is just not sustainable for new generations. A solution to this would be communes which are already implemented in many MU's. Canada needs growth, we want higher growth rates than foregin countries. We need to pull forward. High quality weapons communes allow citizens to invest in a ROI+ investment. This will lead to more growth in new citizens. This can be supported by individual military units or the government.

Another point is new citizen growth. This is really important. Back in the day they had the construction program which I think was very beneficial for new players. This also relates to Military units. The CAF new citizen mentor program sounds useful and provides new players with capital to start off. This is promoting fiancial sustainability.

MU Improvements

MU's are mostly run at the discretion of MU leaders. I think it would be wise to sort regiments by division allowing for more strategic daily orders. Also, I must note that military units must be prepared for a decline of money in the future. The economy is in deflation, less tax revenue will be earned. Another idea that I have, would be a more conservative governemnt. This is just an idea. While it would result in less allowances for MU's all citizens will be able to make more revenue and save more money.

Game Recruitment

I stated this before. Communes and mentor programs promote new citizen growth. Also and active community will retain new citizens.

Internal Party Activity

I agree with the party chats. Builds conversation into the party. And the unofficial voting is very good also. We need to be PTO-resistant. So, many other parties have been PTO'd. We are up against Rolo and the coalition.



Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,797, 05:25


Auk Rest
Auk Rest Day 1,797, 14:13

Good luck (:

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