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[CPF] Financial Report of Canada

Day 2,147, 19:09 Published in Canada Poland by TheSmoke
This one is for Tom Joad,

CPF Financial Report of Canada

Hey everyone, thanks for taking the time to read this, and to those who don’t, well I am sure your life will continue to be the drab colourless cage you know it to be…

For the past 10 days I have been collecting a range of data pertaining to the eCanadian eEconomy, eEh? I am presenting this information on behalf of the Canadian Progressive Front, to help provide some basic information and data to the ePeople. There have been many arguments about taxes lately, sadly, most keep it to that. Our Seventh tenet is “To encourage growth and stability to the eCanadian economy.” And to do that, we need actual knowledge and understanding of what is going on to ensure it remains stable, and has room for growth. We believe that the top parties have some simple, but important duties to complete, and as such, present our own findings below.

Tax rates and revenue.

For over a month, Canada has had our taxes across the board at 1% to help provide some relief to our citizens, and to attract immigrants to help spur growth to our economy. This holiday has also relieved our citizens from paying extraordinary prices for food and weapons during the Epic, and Pacific Clash tournaments. A vote in congress has been passed to change all taxes to 2%, you can find the vote here:
with discussions here: -

At 1% tax rates across the board, Canada generated on average, $1,447. This is based off of 10 days revenue, with consideration to the $120,000 donation to the treasury. So as it stands we were generating roughly $43,500 a month, enough for only 4 MPPs if we wish to remain “stable”. However, we are now currently voting in game to change all taxes to 2%. Rough estimates will put our daily tax revenues at $2,800 a day, or $84,000 a month. I think enough for 6 MPP’s, while still putting away some money for the future.

The first chart is the projected balance of the treasury for the month of October at a 1% tax rate. The second chart is a projected balance at a 2% tax rate, earning $2,800 a day. Our expected expenses will be MPP’s with Mexico on the 7th, Russia on the 8th and a Combat Order transfer of $20,000 to the Canadian Civil Defense on the 17th of October if approved in the budget coming out on the 15th. We can see that by only signing the two mentioned MPP’s our alliance stack will drop down to 4 at the end of October, when our MPP with Bulgaria expires.

It is quite obvious then, that keeping our taxes at 1% was not sufficient for keeping a reasonable MPP stack of 6 - 8 countries, barring no other expenses, aside for the initial donation to the CCD account.


Along with the revenue stream, I have been keeping a rough track of the market prices for food, weapons, RM, wages, and gold. From my initial records starting on the 27th of September, almost all market goods have dropped significantly, food in particular. As long as these prices continue to fall to levels similar to that before the Epic Warfare tournament, we should expect that government revenue will also decrease. This does allow players to save more, and thus potentially spend that saved money and pay taxes, however the players who were able to generate well over 10,000 energy a day because of mission rewards, can no longer do so. Markets were bought out which drove prices up and helped boost the percentage of taxes per each transaction. Now as markets have resettled, our numbers should reflect “normal” circumstances.

Food Prices:

Weapon Prices:

I hope this article is informative and helpful to the Canadian people. As for all today in the field I was thinking of this song, mainly in part because of our seventh tenet, but also cause they are a kick a$$ band!

Seventh Son of a Seventh Son



Auk Rest
Auk Rest Day 2,147, 19:16

This was a lot of work, Smoke, thank you for this information.

TheSmoke Day 2,147, 19:26

Thanks buddy, images now work too 😉

Comment deleted

klop123 Day 2,147, 19:40

Great work here Smoke o7

carlos14can Day 2,147, 20:01

Well done o7

JonathonEdwards Day 2,147, 20:01


Lance Lucky
Lance Lucky Day 2,147, 20:18

Well done Smoke o7

Lordjas Day 2,147, 20:32

awesome stuff sir. o7

Sal T. Balls
Sal T. Balls Day 2,148, 01:34

thanks man you're a true artist

Addy Lawrence
Addy Lawrence Day 2,148, 08:28

Thank you TheSmoke, a progressive financial report at the front of its class!!!

Exalted Druid
Exalted Druid Day 2,148, 17:50

The events appear to be monthly so we should get a monthly boom every month.

John Greywolf
John Greywolf Day 2,148, 18:30

great work

Evil.Elvis Day 2,148, 20:49

I especially like the transparency in the tax revenue, well done guys.

Wilfie Day 2,149, 01:31

Sucks that holidays have to come to an end. But it makes it easier knowing there's some reason and clear numbers behind it.

Pat Harper
Pat Harper Day 2,149, 04:37

I think CPF is the only true Canadian party which isnt corrupt and produces total garbage in their media... You have my respect o7

Fitisin Day 2,149, 05:09

Really informative! V+S

the grinch
the grinch Day 2,149, 06:29

Excellent objective work smoke.

My only suggestion would be to combine the first 2 charts together and use 2 colours, one for each level of tax so we can compare directly rather than look at 2 separate charts. Makes for an easier comparison of existing V projected @ higher tax rate.

Utat Day 2,149, 08:42


De'ath Day 2,149, 10:11

The benefits of lower taxes are yet to be experienced with more and more players being willing to relocate here or current eCanadians expanding their company base. Im not a rl Canadian but the low taxes are the player-friendly-Plato-middle-finger-showing way to do things in this game and I would gladly use all my available produce/damage to defend such status quo.

Micevhel Day 2,149, 12:09

Thank you Smoke this was a very well made report.

Alto Deraqwar
Alto Deraqwar Day 2,149, 13:56

Can't we just issue money to make up what we need without raising taxes?

Mike Littoris
Mike Littoris Day 2,149, 18:33

well done

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