[CP] Whoops

Day 4,370, 11:15 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by 10 Downing Street

'Welcome to the eUK...'

Good evening gents o/,

Apologies for the wait as admins confirm the results and Huey updates the org passwords; appears this one has had little use since I last logged into it…

Audience: and even then **** all

A bit of an awkward/surprising one; the Obama candidate of the moment randomly losing to a token toff in a coffin.

No doubt to the delight of all bar the loony brigade, and despite a valid manifesto that I have a habit of ‘frightening the life out of citizens’, he has agreed to prop me up for the month as a fellow inmate in gov.

Not that it really exists - usual suspects should soon find themselves in a new random message where all and everything will be discussed for the month.

Never fear - Huey and Alfa will be left quite alone. It is actually this principle of ‘stepping up’ I’d like to focus on the month as a way to solve a problem like the CP.


Leaving aside the several libraries full of my own personal faults on the above - I’d like to talk about the role. Chiefly: how do we as a community properly take responsibility for the functions of gov given our (proud) history of weak and burnt out Presidents?

And I speak with much experience from both categories over my many failings to what is now term #9...

My solution is to make the rather daft but lazy decision to trust (most of) you and try and handle all bar financials together; what’s left of us.

As we’re in a strategic position where we may as well invite the Mongols to join the party, and our dear occupiers have given no indication this will change - the Good People of the eUK™ will be overjoyed to hear I may after a late night accidently ask them to **** off again…