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[CP]Valka s Polskem/War with Poland

Day 1,765, 11:02 Published in Czech Republic Czech Republic by Flamendr


Aby jste vedeli co se deje tady mate moji debatu s Polskym MoFA hned po tom co jsem objevil ze nam dali NE. Budu ho aktualizovat po celou dobu co jsem dnes tady. I ja nevim jak to dopadne takze drzme palce ze dobre.

To let you know what's happening here you have my debate with the Polish MoFA after I saw the NE proposal. I will update it the whole time I'm here today. Even I don't know how this will end, so let's just hope.

19:32 Flamendr Hello
19:32 Prophet009 hi
19:32 Flamendr I'm the CP of Czech Republic
19:32 Flamendr Why does Poland declare us NE?
19:32 Flamendr I don't understand it
19:33 Flamendr We didn't do anything against Poland or ONE
19:33 Flamendr and still..
19:34 Prophet009 we
19:34 Prophet009 would like to take Southern and Northern Bohemia in order to create 2-way to our resources
19:35 Flamendr again?
19:35 Flamendr just beat Germany
19:35 Flamendr we're proONE
19:36 Flamendr and Poland has HUGE resources, is the 2-way so important?
19:37 Flamendr and another question, to which resources? Germany didn't attack saxony
19:37 Flamendr so there is no problem
19:37 Prophet009 Yes, since 1 rw in Saxony can screw us all
19:37 Prophet009 we cannot take any region with Germany since they are fulfilling our deal very precisely
19:38 Flamendr but why have we to be the dupe?
19:39 Flamendr you didn't even attack Germany
19:39 Flamendr only us
19:39 Flamendr That has no sense too
19:39 Flamendr try at least to take their regions, and not ours
19:40 Flamendr Brandenburg and Sachsen-Anhalt
19:42 Flamendr If Germany is stronger, they will win one day, if you take our regions or not
19:43 Prophet009 we'd have to change whole deal with them
19:43 Prophet009 which wont be fair for them since they really respecting the treaty
19:44 Flamendr and attacking us, another proONE country is fair???
19:45 Flamendr just for your own bonuses?
19:46 Prophet009 why shouldnt we do this?
19:47 Flamendr how would you feel if the roles where changed, and we would attack and occupy you to have Germanies bonuses?
19:49 Flamendr we're an alliance, and I thought ONE respect their allies
19:49 Flamendr *ally
19:49 Flamendr *we're an ally
19:52 Flamendr we're not interested in YOUR bonuses
19:53 Prophet009 we havent got even mpp since long time
19:53 Flamendr and if they are fulfilling the deal, why are you afraid that they capture Saxony?
19:53 Prophet009 not them, EDEN
19:54 Prophet009 eden didnt sign this deal, so they can do whatever they want to...
19:54 Flamendr ok, we're afraid of EDEN, so we capture proONE states?
19:54 Prophet009 and inst it better for you as anti-pto threat or so?
19:54 Flamendr but know it wasn't fair
19:59 Flamendr and how long will you occupy us?
20:04 Prophet009 rather long 😕
20:04 Prophet009 Sorry for not informing you.
20:37 Prophet009 thanks for leak
20:37 Prophet009 nobody wil ltalk with you from now on
20:38 Flamendr I have to inform my Czechs
20:39 Prophet009 Farewell
20:39 Flamendr That's my job as president
20:39 Flamendr Farewell

A jeste na konec:
myslim si ze v tomhle kontextu se to k tomu hodi.




Drobcek Day 1,765, 11:10

du blejt ctihodnosti

Jelcekk Day 1,765, 11:11

Boha, to jsou kokoti.

Jelcekk Day 1,765, 11:11

20:04 Prophet009 Sorry for not informing you.

A kecám, jsou to fajn kluci. Ble.

xdxm Day 1,765, 11:23

ved Poliakov zaujímajú iba bonusy , čo ste čakali , a nikdy neberú ohlad na spojencov .
teraz úplne odignorovali TW so Slovenskom

Qw1n Day 1,765, 11:24

ach jo... co na to říct...

Mast3R.B0Y Day 1,765, 11:30


RESPECT 0 for you

Kaileene Day 1,765, 11:30

Prophet009 you dissapointed me for not involing them in discussion .. I will hit against Poland now 🙂 Day 1,765, 11:32

nothing new..

Maced0n Day 1,765, 11:32

fail poland... czech republic doesn't deserve that !!!

Aminta Makedonecot
Aminta Makedonecot Day 1,765, 11:33

hmmm not good

MidnightShade Day 1,765, 11:34

polnad sucks

Mario A Morsik
Mario A Morsik Day 1,765, 11:36

OK. Nemyslel jsem ze prijde tento den.
Vyhlasuji osobni valku ePolsku a budu proti nemu bojovat. Ikdyz jsem jen 2-klik, mozna me to trocha z toho 2-klikani dostane.

montaigne Day 1,765, 11:37

Fail Poland, bunch of arrogant people. I hope I will see their country screwed.
Although I am pro-one (or whatever called nowadays), I will fight whenever possible against Poland.

AlexSkopje Day 1,765, 11:37

no comment

bezicni Day 1,765, 11:38

poland sucks

S V A R O G Day 1,765, 11:40

Česká republika si nezaslúži to!

kuthesh II
kuthesh II Day 1,765, 11:40

fail poland

selfish as always

x d x m
x d x m Day 1,765, 11:41

it's faux pas in diplomacy...

delete this
delete this Day 1,765, 11:43


Ivan Terible
Ivan Terible Day 1,765, 11:43

loland one more time

Kaileene Day 1,765, 11:45

lol and at the end Prophet is mad because he informed his people ..

the sentence: "nobody will talk with you from now on" is quite funny as you havent talked to him even before...

teXou Day 1,765, 11:45

CTRL deserves a lesson ! : s

Touche Awaay
Touche Awaay Day 1,765, 11:48

hail poland o7

ave michal
ave michal Day 1,765, 11:49

Poland FAILed. pffffe

Colbushi Day 1,765, 11:49

CTRL deserves a lesson !

OINGKY ABeRi Day 1,765, 11:49

Fail Poland, bunch of arrogant people.

EddieJoe Day 1,765, 11:49

It's all about money and resources after all

armbeno Day 1,765, 11:50

Resources are more important than allies!

ave michal
ave michal Day 1,765, 11:51

Fail Poland, bunch of arrogant people.

Don Pedrokus Nerod
Don Pedrokus Nerod Day 1,765, 11:51

Fail Poland... Its time to stop the fight between Pro-exONE and EDEN to attack CTRL

Dellodas Day 1,765, 11:52

loland says give us your resourses and that is an order junior.

All hail loland !!!

Surgeon106 Day 1,765, 11:52

Maybe it is best option for EDEN and ONE to delete CTRL together xD

Hail allies! xD

Termonuklearni Pazuh
Termonuklearni Pazuh Day 1,765, 11:54


LANCHALOCA Day 1,765, 11:54


.. . .. . . . . .. ..
. . . . . . . . . .. . . .

. . . . . . . .. . .. . ..

bouque Day 1,765, 11:55

trzeba bylo to zalatwic bardziej dyplomatycznie, a przez takie zachowanie wychodzimy na samolubow 😕

Ukrainian Dream
Ukrainian Dream Day 1,765, 11:55

deja vu

BacoST Day 1,765, 11:56


xSteviex Day 1,765, 11:57

Unsurprisingly, it poland and resources.

Btw attack proONE, allied countries for resources big fail.

Shame on Poland!

Leuch Day 1,765, 11:57

This is Poland, this is CTRL

Bonuses > all

serhio buskez
serhio buskez Day 1,765, 11:58

hail Poland xD

Exalted Druid
Exalted Druid Day 1,765, 11:58

Out of CTRL. Time to unite against tyranny.

Duh sa Sjekirom
Duh sa Sjekirom Day 1,765, 11:59

Hail ONE!!

kikooo Day 1,765, 12:01

'19:54 Flamendr ok, we accept'

who asked you?

Luka Rahowa Kroat
Luka Rahowa Kroat Day 1,765, 12:01

Hail ONE
Hail Poland \o
you're the best aly in the erep \o/ NOT

Sunmannus Day 1,765, 12:01

What a shame....

AronMacedon Day 1,765, 12:02

loland and resources,love story since v1

k0stek Day 1,765, 12:05

After what you did to us you can't be proPl so we can attack you whenever we want to.

Darth Zejdr
Darth Zejdr Day 1,765, 12:06

19:59 Flamendr and how long will you occupy us?
20:04 Prophet009 rather long
20:04 Prophet009 Sorry for not informing you.


Fabius Day 1,765, 12:06


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