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[CP] The Graubunden Treaty + Party Election Results

Day 2,370, 14:20 Published in Switzerland Switzerland by Swiss Federal Chancellery

Hello dear Swiss citizen,

This article has information about the agreement signed with Paraguay and the results of the Party Presidential Elections.

Agreement with Paraguay

Recently I contacted the Paraguayan MoFA. The goal of our discussion was increased mutual cooperation between Paraguay and Switzerland to aid incombatingt internal threats, and it was asked that Switzerland retain only one region for Congressional elections. Thus Switzerland will have only 10 congressmen, maintaining a safe and organized congress.

The Graubunden Treaty
Agreement between the Swiss Confederation and the Republic of Paraguay.

1. - Paraguay will propose NE in Switzerland on 17th.
1.1 - On 18th Paraguay should attack Deutschschweiz and win;
1.2 - On 19th Paraguay should attack Romandie and win;
1.3 - On 20th the war is over and Switzerland should release Deutschschweiz via RW;
1.4 - On 25th Switzerland should release Romandie via RW.

2.0 - Paraguay agrees to return the money collected from Switzerland by taxes throughout the whole month.

We thank the government and Paraguayan Congress for accepting the agreement.

The government would love the feedback and opinions of Swiss citizens on the agreement. For this you must be registered on the forum and open the following tab:

Party President Elections + Multiple accounts

Most parties obtained favorable results and in accordance with the government's plans through the Anti-Take-Over spreadsheet. But there were problems in the SFP.

Since this article is from the Swiss government, we will not mention the advertisements that some members of the SFP, taking advantage of the situation, used to damage the image of other parties and citizens who are here working for the good of the nation.

The SFP Party Elections ended with the victory of Lady Celine, a citizen many of us had considered reliable. To our surprise she was banned, and with her, many members of the largest Swiss parties. Thus, this higher rank of SFP assumed the presidency of the party, he is a citizen of extreme confidence and current Minister of Defence: El Reto.

We thank the administrators for the great work done in the fight against multiple accounts. To Swiss citizens, remember: there is no evil that can not be fought if we are united.

Regarding this intriguing event, the Swiss government will leave the members of each party to make their own decisions and if necessary, the government is prepared to intervene to help against multiple accounts.

Country President of eSwitzerland



Swiss Federal Chancellery
Swiss Federal Chancellery Day 2,370, 14:23

For Shout:

[CP] The Graubunden Treaty + Party Elections Results

Vote and shout!
Hail Friends o7

Tulkatar Day 2,370, 14:33

I am pleased to see this agreement. strategic agreement. 😃

jensenn Day 2,370, 17:40

Where's the strategy when the biggest parties are full of multis?

Rican Day 2,370, 19:29

it's a very, very secret strategy with espionage agents, double agents and triple agents. I just can't remember what number I am. : /

Walen II
Walen II Day 2,370, 14:33

Important: Help Serbia!

They suffered one of the biggest natural disasters in their country due to heavy rain.
Support and pray for Serbia.

Respect o7

Chewbacca2.0 Day 2,370, 15:36

Same is in Croatia,Slovenia and Bosnia and Hercegovina 🙁

Keep fighting,you are not alone !!!

jensenn Day 2,370, 15:37

This is unfair for small parties with real people.

GoopyPants Day 2,370, 17:44

or small people with real parties

Rican Day 2,370, 19:30

absolutely pee'd my pants

Ishu007 Day 2,370, 22:18

Release regions via RW?
Please make me understand.

Rican Day 2,371, 07:52

Switzerland has 4 regions. two are being occupied by evil imperialists.

AlexFran Day 2,371, 10:06


Walen II
Walen II Day 2,371, 11:14


Sisk Day 2,371, 02:36

Also Advance had the same number of banned accounts

Rican Day 2,371, 07:53

yeah.... but we are the ones that sent the tickets to admin and got them banned.

Sisk Day 2,371, 07:57

then how came that they only got banned after my report 🙂))

Rican Day 2,371, 08:00

because your article frightened us so much. we were crazy with fear.

Sisk Day 2,371, 08:02

😁 go and kiss someone else

Lorcema Day 2,371, 08:10

Sorry to use your article, but this needs your attention if you want a fair game 😃

About regions... a single but powerful shout


DoDrew Day 2,371, 08:51

Thank you very much Government! It's good to know that we have Advance in Switzerland to steal our money and take our right to decide our own faith. 😃

Walen II
Walen II Day 2,371, 11:13


chris jonadicus
chris jonadicus Day 2,372, 13:50

well, great idea federal palace!

now we can lose our regions+the congress in five easy steps!

and all that to ensure there is no internal enemy in the political parties? ha!
we better change our course of actions quick, or we shall always be conquered by others.

Sisk Day 2,372, 23:57

all they want is for this to be a small country so they country ... so they will never need to many votes to win.. 😛 so they will not be needed to make a lot of multies 😃

Imkimiii Day 2,374, 12:09


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