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[CP] The First Week

Day 1,786, 11:59 Published in Belgium Belgium by

Dear citizens,
5 days after you voted, you might be wondering, what happened already?
The answer is simple: Both a lot and nothing

A lot has happened, new ministers have taken a place, the gov talked and talked and talked to each other, plans are made and within the government it is more clear what can and can't happen.

Nothing has happened that directly effects you (besides a MoD strike that is still busy at the time of writing), so you might have the impression that everyone still has a hangover from the party we had after election night (more than 70% of the vote is, after all, worth partying)

In order to keep the curious informed what has happened already:

😉 The Blue Ribbon Commission has been formed. It has 5 members that represent our population. Unfortunately, not every person that was approached answered the request to take part of it and some refused it.
The BRC consists out of Jofroi, Critically, Don DiegoF, p0lluxx, BelgiumGeneral and their discussions will be done with attendance of the CP.
Together we will try to optimise our citizen programs to everyone's benefit.

😉 CoT members may think that eBelgium is full of people that are always online. We have frequently contact with the different members and realise that soon we will be able to make an announcement. Due circumstances beyond the control of our beloved nation, this announcement couldn't be made yet.

😉 Two of our citizens donated Q7 guns to the MoD Department in order to do a MoD strike that doesn't influence our budget. All eBe citizens are/were welcome to join and received the weapons they needed to hit in a CoT-battle chosen by the MoD.

😉 A new immigration officer has been selected, Kiyonori Dragnier, who already showed his value with the fast responses and topic creations. While he still is being coached (it is his first active role in eBe), he is one of the key-figures in order to make some immigration guidelines. We hope that these guidelines, binding for the gov-appointed IO, will be finished before the end of the weekend. Then they will be presented to congress, who is free to adopt them as well.

That was it for today,
I hope you all enjoyed the first days and see you all around




BrunoCND Day 1,786, 12:03

Voted Hard 🙂

Duke of Flanders
Duke of Flanders Day 1,786, 12:44


M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter Day 1,786, 12:54

finally a serious CP for eBelgium again, voted

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 1,786, 13:26

Fail Belgium
Fail COT

Olv007 Day 1,786, 13:28

Stop joking van Spijck. This is not funny anymore.

Kylero Day 1,786, 17:32

What NLSP doesn't tell you is that eBelgium is on an unsustainable economic trajectory that will bankrupt the State.

GoopyPants Day 1,786, 17:46

Wait, so what happened?


GoopyPants Day 1,786, 18:01

Oh, and articles don't have footers any longer?


MaryamQ Day 1,786, 19:31

You know, it wouldn't kill you guys to give some constructive comments once in a while. This is 5 days after election. You have a report of activities of the government, and honesty that things have not yet progressed far. This is better than most governments give you. Why not give this one a chance, or do you really just want eBe to become worse and worse until everyone who can or will do anything for it leaves in disgust?

M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter Day 1,786, 19:42

Exactly what I mean; give the guy a chance! Yes ofcourse there are problems on the horizon. But I don't see NLSP going into cover, no, he's going to deal with that. Don't blame a CP and or his crew, they are not the sole ones responsable for a country. Imo all citizens have that responsability.

JdlF Day 1,787, 00:37

Seems right to me as you obviously can't rush into action directly.

Jammy17 Day 1,787, 05:28


Cooke4444 Day 1,787, 07:31

Migration guidelines? Not again. How many times this has been tried? I was pro guidelines but there is no thing you can do against accepting the "wrong people". (I don't count forum ban under real punishments).

Jeiry Day 1,787, 07:31

Good luck to the Blue Ribbon Commission.

GoopyPants Day 1,787, 07:36

"This is only 5 days after the election".

"Oh, but it's only 10 days after".

"Well, you can't really expect people to do much 15 days after the election...."

In five days he has published one article that the article itself summarizes as "Nothing has happened".


GoopyPants Day 1,787, 07:37

20% of his CP term is now over.

And nothing.

Kaad Day 1,787, 10:36

My party vote for you because you were the only candidate with enough experience, friendship and qualities to lead eBelgium. Time to act now. You do better than Belgian real governement (5 days to create the governement) but 70% of eBelgians beleive that you can do more. Keep it going.

NLSP Day 1,787, 10:47

Hey Kaad,
the government was actually already formed before the end of the elections.
We are already acting, however like the article says, this is not that visible for everyone 😉
It is often better to concentrate on getting things done, than to spend time exaggerating what you are doing.
The gov is however confidential that many of the topics that is on the mind of the eBe citizens will be put on the agenda and solutions will be sought 🙂

Kaad Day 1,787, 13:34

My comment was positive for you... But eBelgians don't want hide actions but actions that can help themself

NLSP Day 1,787, 13:44

I know it was 🙂
I wanted to make sure that people that are genuinely interested , do have all the information they would like 🙂

J O J I N Day 1,787, 20:10

voted o/ greetings from chile.

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