[CP] Thank you, Australia!

Day 1,599, 08:37 Published in Australia Australia by Arfman

My dear fellow Country men and women. This is a new dawn! Our nation has spoken. At the end of intense and hard fought campaigns by all the political parties, our people have spoken through the ballot casting their votes and their hopes.

I want to thank you for the great honor and responsibility of electing me to serve you as President of this great nation for the next month. I also wish to extend my thanks to everyone who has helped to make this election a clean one, my campaign team in particular. I would like to take this opportunity to quote JFK ; “as we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them”. There is a clear mandate for the Greenman administration now - to not goof up and actually deliver to the people of Australia.

I also hope to be able to communicate to the Senate and to the People of eAustralia, as this would make all our goals possible and let us we work together well. I will publish my final cabinet line up in the next 24 hours. In the meantime, I be doing all the administration required in taking over the office (forums, IRC, org passwords, etc).

In the last month, we have seen the constant presence of Argentina and the radical shifts in global alliances. Up in the north, Indonesia has risen again, Chile has fallen and there are more threats on our doorstep.

Who knows what lies ahead in the next 30 days?

The upcoming storm is unavoidable and we must face the brutal facts of our reality. We are a great nation, we have survived countless PTO attempts yet still we stand here free and united, and we will continue to do so long after I am gone. I believe we will do great things together this term. I believe we will make eAustralia even greater!

We will face the brutal facts, look reality straight in the eye, and never bow down to threats. We will prevail.

Tonight, as we stand here, we have to understand that we face challenges more daunting than the ones we have already surpassed. There are people today right now who are as skeptical about the future of eAustralia as they were at the outset. There are people who are saying that the country is too divided, that we have elites running the country and that there is no possibility that anyone can ever make a difference. They do not believe that we can provide a better future for eAustralia. I look at them, determined to prove them wrong.

For those who doubt that two presidents are going to serve eAustralia well, I ask that you give us a chance to prove that the people have not misplaced their trust. A new world is forming now. New tactics need to be used to face the new world stage and the CP must always be prepared and available. This is why two will have the tactical advantage that one will be unable to provide. This is what we offer, what we promise and what we will deliver.

A strong, experienced, united team for a strong, free and united people. eAustralia, Greenimp and I salute you.