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[CP] Stay Calm, There's only 8 days left

Day 1,897, 12:23 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by BigAnt
[CP] Stay Calm, There's only 8 days left

Howdy Ho.

So just over a week left of BigAnt Terror! Its been a blast and although I've not won you all over with my methods. Some have said I keep my cards to close to my chest, I Do not deny that - But I have my reasons for it which are only to protect the UK. I have done what I set out to achieve, Have more war and improve Foreign relations this month.

Firstly to clear some confusion as to matter from yesterday.

A congressman in his eager state of being newly elected hit the "Declare Natural Enemy" Button against the Netherlands.

This resulted in a counter NE from the Netherlands to protect themselves. I contacted Netherlands late last night to clear some of the confusion and to tell them this war was in fact rogue. I stated that we would vote down the proposal to avoid opening a new war. The Netherlands did the same.

I'm very happy with the current position we have, currently we have 2 Norway regions. So every other day we are likely to see an attempted RW to claim them lands back. I plan to hold these regions, they offer us for more benefits in keeping them. Easy TP medals for our population and keeping all our active fighters sharp. The gold is just an added bonus for you all.

Chile & Indonesia

Bascially in short Chile and Australia made an agreement for peace 3 weeks ago. On that basis we opened our hands to Australia and gave them a chance of becoming a new friends of the eUK.

However it is now apparent they have been braking parts of this agreement with Chile and as a result Chile attacked Australia. AS the UK shared an MPP with both nations we lost our MPP with Chile (Attacker) and now only have Australia (Defender) MPP with others.

I'm 100% committed to my good friends in Chile, so ask that no UK'er gets involved with this conflict. Once a clear conclusion is found, I will stress to congress and the next CP to allow the Australian MPP to expire and renew with Chile. Chile are our friends and have helped us many times, and we have equally helped them with food campaigns to save their babies. We owe nothing to Australia we gave them a chance.

Also Any rumors of Australia attempting to join TWO are complete boll@cks and if they did attempt I would personally Veto the attempt in respect to our Chilean friends and CoT.

** Indonesia Have now launched an attack on Australia which will pass, again we are going to lose this MPP which is highly frustrating. But rest assured these MPP's will be back up soon.

Useful Links

Congress Increased VAT tax recently - See the effective here

Despite Tax going up it has only really compensated for a continued drop in market prices and gold prices.

Congress now use this doc for ALL CS applications - See it here

This Gdoc, has been updated by myself and others. I have personally added the new "Alert List" so give warning of potential dangers to our nation. Some who are already in the UK aswel.


Things are going well now for TWO and the HQ, things have settled down and we are winning our majority of daily battles. We will continue to fully support TWO and our allies for the remainder of my term. We have seen our fair share of support for our own campaigns, so its only right we now stick our damage where it counts.

Relationships across all our foreign friends has been completely different this month and a huge success I must say. Having a good active and calm MoFA team has helped and I want to send some credit to the current MoFA team for a sterling job and clear communication so far. Not only have we strengthened ties with our friends and allies we are talking to several other nations in regards to beginning new friendships. It's these said new friendships that I think we ensure the continued security of our nation and although some of them will take more time then others. I think I will have setup our national image on good stead for our next country presidents.

Ministry of Defence

With the unplanned war against 3 different nations the "MU League" completely got shelved as we supplied to save our lands from foreign invaders. I hope to give you a small taster of this league before the end of my term.

We are no longer supplying for Wars, we have spent a little less then 200k this month. This of course was never the plan, but I didn't expect Rylde to be supplying whilst Canada slept to maintain his push into UK. To counter this cash flow problem, We have already begun discussing methods of reducing our outlays for next month with congress. A few MPPs WILL be cut next month, but of course the details of that won't be made public until the final decision is made.

"Ministry of Health" Report

The MoH has had a new donation system involving the MoH org ( and it's worked really well! We've raised a lot of donations with this new system.

I'm including links to the MoH documents in articles for transparency. The MoH team has been great too - they pretty much always do their fair share of donating. We've missed hardly any days, it's good fun bossing people around 😃

New Congress

So a new congress has been elected this month and all players have been set-up on the forums and ingame Mass Mails to increase communication etc.

I want to congratulate them all and look forward to breifly working with you. I'm sure they will best represent the nation on all our behalfs, good lucks guys.


SageGoku, has stepped down after a long 2months as MoLA (Burning out). I want to thank him personally for his efforts during my tenure as CP. A lot of people underestimated him in my book and he proved them wrong and made a clear statement. So thanks Goku!

Moving on However, I have selected Talon to replace him to cover the post for the last week of my term. New congress will be settled and the usually Mass mail and forums/irc access sorted.

Kind Regards,
Big Ant
UK Country President


BigAnt Day 1,897, 12:25


Thedark ace
Thedark ace Day 1,897, 12:27

Nice update ^__^

Rfeist Day 1,897, 12:27


Delete acc
Delete acc Day 1,897, 12:31


CptChazbeard. Day 1,897, 12:32


Sir Humphrey Appleby
Sir Humphrey Appleby Day 1,897, 12:33

8 days left!

lancer450 Day 1,897, 12:35


yurigavin Day 1,897, 12:38

nice update

gsfdgfs Day 1,897, 12:50

Chile broke the treaty not Australia

lancer450 Day 1,897, 12:57

^ True.

AndrijaSrbija Day 1,897, 12:59

High level of transparency! Nice role model for other CPs!
Regards from Serbia! o7

Alphabethis Day 1,897, 13:01

BigAnt, enough time to spoil our relationship with Chile, Australia, and waste some thousands in useless MPPs , I think you can "crown" your term with a good "move".

Jimbojoy Day 1,897, 13:13

Wooooo go MoFA Team xD

FightAndProduce Day 1,897, 13:31

MoFA and MoH are the best! (Obvious bias is obvious)

HAMlDREZA Day 1,897, 13:39


Jimbobfrey Day 1,897, 13:49

Woot! MoH!

FragUK Day 1,897, 14:25

nice update , o7

klop123 Day 1,897, 17:57

Disappointed by the reaction towards the eAus-eChile conflict...

of course I may be expecting too much from a TWO nation ^__^

On Guard

shipamogli Day 1,897, 20:36

So you are figthing for eAustralia?

(I didn't complete the DO there, I completed it before changing).

john GB
john GB Day 1,898, 12:08

Time drags.

Michael Crookes
Michael Crookes Day 1,899, 08:28

Why not NE the netherlands...they tried to hit us while we were down even though we were not on bad terms with them at the time.

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Day 1,899, 10:05

We aren't fighting for Aus, anyone who is is an ill-informed muppet going against government orders.

Nathan Lloyd
Nathan Lloyd Day 1,899, 11:50

@Big Ant just because of your Keep Calm Poster i didnt read the article. nice way to kill a article 😃

Bardokva Day 1,901, 11:35

Voted 07

Vilh Smecwald
Vilh Smecwald Day 1,902, 00:29

Are people voting for this article because they know TinyAnt's days are numbered, or is because they approve of him?

DynamoScarlet Day 1,928, 10:15

UKPP: current member!

Hey, as a new eRepublik citizen I'm having trouble getting set up - I want to be able to play everyday because t's become quite a ritual XD

If anyone can donate Gold, Weapons, Energy Bars or GBP please, I'll apreciate any you can offer! Here is my profile link:

Thanks so much, in advance!

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