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Day 2,144, 15:42 Published in South Africa Poland by El Reto

Long time no see, fellows. Welcome in the latest CP article.
Sorry for this absence, but my internet provider tagged erep as site which steals passwords and has blocked it, lol.
Some stuff has arisen, so feel free to be informed.
Congress Elections
First time in two months congress elections had came to fruition.
We needed this. We needed few active people willing to make eSA a better place.
Congrats to all of elected congressman. Good luck.
Moreover, in effect of coordinated action, it's Brazil now who is left without congress. Finally, it's their turn to suffer.
Unfortunately, few "Lazos" got into congress from list of National Party. Now, they are back here and slowly recovering their power.
Their are growing like a snowball. But already we had taken some steps, we're ready for avalanche. Nothing can break us.
Due to serious threat, we decided to transfer all eSA funds away from national orgs. There is nothing left, our money is completely safe.
Moreover, we are still hunting multies. Check latest Ejdatful article with all banned multies and with updated list of suspicious cits.
Epic Warfare gold distribution
I'm happy to inform You all, that Congress has accepted on distribution of 90% gold [1,800G fighters / 200G Treasury] from CT to fighters.

Gold Distribution has begun.

all soldiers with 10g below has been donated.

Soldiers over 10g were donated 10g and will be donated over a few days until completed.

Spreadsheet can be seen here.


and more infos from Grim:
2nd Gold Drop done!

87% of soldiers have received gold owed to them. Still 17% of soldiers left to receive gold in numerous drops.


New episode
Last but not least. We had started a debate on setting new course to eSouth Africa. We want to get into ship called TWO and sail along with them to the end of the world (which can be ours!).
Cape of Good Hope awaits for new set of sailors and allies. We are on the verge of achieving great success - joining alliance which conquered world.
Our fate is in Your hands. Go to forum and decide!
Slowly retiring but still alive,
Country President of South Africa,

El Reto


AdUnit Day 2,144, 18:00

Welcome back El Reto! Nice informative piece

Wilpanzer Day 2,144, 23:05


Enriche2Ribeiro Day 2,145, 00:29


Luc Praetor
Luc Praetor Day 2,145, 01:21

Voted. o7

kuckuck Day 2,145, 02:08


kacper5422 Day 2,145, 11:58

Makumba, Makumba...

Pierre Dzoncy
Pierre Dzoncy Day 2,146, 01:04


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