[CP] Our Nation

Day 4,853, 17:27 Published in Canada USA by Thedillpickl

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Any role playing aside, I come to you today with storm warnings. The current situation demands that I describe, as best I can, what is likely going to transpire over the next few weeks. I will say in advance no one in the leadership team saw this coming.

TW Shuffle

Currently Romania is sitting on Northwest Territories. You'll recall this is where we encouraged everyone to put their Weapons and Food Factories. We recently went through a lot of bother to replace the Romanian presence with Lithuania as the regions determination was so high a RW was sure to mess things up.

Because of recent events Lithuania has removed themselves from our regions. Iran continues on, as well as Poland who has recently expanded to a conventional TW to protect more regions.

Currently we have an arrangement with Ireland to do a TW in their region, Mayo. Currently we ping pong with Canada attacking Northern Ireland which is a core region of the UK. To be good neighbours a discussion has been started with the UK and I'm happy to report it is going well.


Because of the unstable circumstances caused by admins actions toward Asteria you should be forewarned that we can no longer guarantee 100% weapons or food bonuses. Be aware that Croatia is now able to AS Canada once again. Croatia has proposed and passed an AS on Serbia. The AS begins in about 13 hours. Unsure about the outcome. In 14 days after this is finalized they may turn their attention our way.

Although we plan for the best outcome, next time we won't have the "friendly wipe" option, at the very best it will be extremely hard to pull off.

We will continue to search for a country with 100% bonuses that we can entice to guard our ability to make a profit.


We look into various possibilities to CYA. As mentioned, with several key Asteria players missing it is unclear what we will do. Orion are definitely our friends and will continue being our main allies. We continue working with Orion and others to provide Canada with the best defense possible.

Here's the link: https://youtu.be/zwDvF0NtgdU

Oh Canada, we stand on guard for thee!