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[CP] One Week Down: Update

Day 1,819, 14:50 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Talon Karrde

My Friends,

Today’s news is added in with my usual announcements. Make sure you read and vote this article!


Did you know, oh young players, that you can receive free health every day, courtesy of the NHS? Simply send a private message to Bigant and he’ll sign you up! If you want more info on it and how it works, he’s your port of call. The latest NHS article can be found HERE.

Did you know you can receive your NHS supplies while staying in any military unit of your choice? Being in the NHS unit is not compulsory! So, you could receive supplies from both sources!

AND THIS JUST IN- THE CAP FOR THE NHS IS NOW LEVEL 29! So, if you're level 29 or below, message Bigant and sign up for your free food!


If you are new to the game or just need a hand or some advice, our mentoring system is up and running and as strong as ever. If you need some specific help, please fill in THIS MENTORING FORM GDOC THING . Likewise, if you would like to help out the same form is what you need.


Beta released an article HERE on the Irish region swap and explained the incoming referendum on whether to restart it or not. Look out for that and respond!

The latest MoD orders article is HERE - well worth a read.

If you missed Emergy’s Call to Arms update or have some ideas to contribute, comment on it HERE!

Thomas765 has continued strongly with a MoFA article about the current world Alliances. If you’re interested in foreign affairs, you can read that HERE.

Finally, here’s Carlini’s latest MoF report so make sure you read that to be clued in on our finances.


Here’s a brief report on what each minister has been up to in the last few days

Count Drakula- Managing the MoFAs and MoDs, preparing a podcast for you, going great. CD will also be picking up a couple of the youth first guys to mentor in his areas and give assignments to.

Madacaion- Managing the MoH, MoE, Governor and MoLA, and preparing to embark on a project to update the UK wiki. Working very hard! Madacaion will also be picking up a couple of the youth first guys to mentor in his areas and give assignments to.

Thomas765- MoFA media, really informative and excellent reading material. Also contacting foreign dignitaries.

Kravenn- Managing relationships with many countries and ensuring MPP renewals are negotiated smoothly

Jamesw- MoD orders and guidance, a review of how we do our orders to be the most useful possible

Boer Charel- strikes, coordination, and has set up a board of commanders message to discuss long term strategy, train up new military leaders, and help set orders. This ‘war college’ of commanders should prove useful for our military future!

Carlini- Pulled our money out of the MM for safeguarding, we’ve hit a threshold where gold temporarily isn’t profitable. If last time is anything to go by, it’ll take about ten days for the market to adjust and be profitable again.

Betafoxtrot- His daily articles in the guide to and UK today series’, and preparing the Ireland referendum. Over the next few days he’ll be PMing the link.

Bigant- NHS supplying, reporting, mentoring, the works. Totally in his element!


The MoD would like to inform you all that we’ll, for the time being, be continuing with our Wednesday and Sunday strikes, all taking place at 8pm GMT (12:00 Erep time) in #eUK.strikes. All UK citizens are welcome to attend and get free supplies.

That’s it for today, stay tuned for more announcements in the future.

We will do what is hard and we will achieve what is great.

Talon Karrde
Country President

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Talon's UK CP Update!


WayneKerr Day 1,819, 14:52

Where was the vital news?

Madacaion Day 1,819, 15:00

Needs moar sith...

Niemand Day 1,819, 15:02

Hard work done and still going hard. Thanks & good luck!

ZygaLTU Day 1,819, 15:25

o7, greetings from Lithuania!

BigAnt Day 1,819, 15:51

NHS Cap Raised YEAH! Message me to apply.. oh no more work 😛


lancer450 Day 1,819, 16:00


mittekemuis Day 1,820, 07:47


the biggest reformator in eRep

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